Top 10 Best Microfiber Mops in 2018 Reviews

Microfiber mops are high tech product designs to make your work accurate and less time-consuming. Whether you need a dry or wet mop, all this features in our top 10 best microfiber dust mops in 2018. Make all those impossibilities possible by choosing one of these models!

Best Microfiber Mops in 2018 Reviews – Top 10:

10. O-Cedar Microfiber Flip Mop

O-Cedar Microfiber Flip Mop

  • Double as a dry and wet mop
  • Machine washable microfiber pad
  • Ideal for hardwood floor
  • Weighs 1 pound

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Are you looking for a way to make your house sparkling clean after every mopping with a chemical-free cleaning session? We got your back here at O-Cedar industries. The O-cedar microfiber mop is a premium quality product that gives accurate and precise results after every mopping.

Reasons why you must consider this product is; it is a money/time saver, durable and user adaptable.

Speaking of its economic value, this goes right from the pricing to its functionality. The mop serves to do dusting on your floor, windows, and celling while for the stubborn stains, dampen its reality and you are on the go.

Better, the microfiber mop pads are reusable, and machine washable thus not only will you maintain hygiene to your floor but also the tool itself needs a thorough cleaning to ensure it offers the best services.

Unlike those regular microfiber dust mops which instead of doing justice to your floor bring disadvantages, the o-cedar edition is different. How? Whether using is in a dry or wet state, the mop will always protect your hardwood floors any other surface you working.

Don’t miss out on this impressive product and you will leave to praise it.

What to Expect:

Choosing this model, you have 100% assurance to your satisfaction. The package comes at an affordable price; it serves double work which otherwise you would g back to the market to look for an extra mop and above all its lightweight and lifetime durability uphold its efficiency.

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  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Multi-functional
  • Has a low pricing
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain


With the microfiber dust mop In your homes, this will help cutting low on your expenses; it’s a money saver since it will do more than one task.

Who wouldn’t want a product that offers quality services and in turn cares for his/her wallet? Of course nobody!

9. Markee Commercial Grade Microfiber Floor & Dust Mop

Markee Commercial Grade Microfiber Floor & Dust Mop

  • Suitable for all surfaces
  • Washable and reusable mop pads
  • Has an height-customizable aluminum handle
  • Weighs 1.8 pounds

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Have you found yourself throwing away the most you just bought a few days ago just because it couldn’t sustain all those cleaning endeavors? This can make your life quite expensive and hard to a point you are giving up on the purchase of the new microfiber floor mops.

Relax! Here is a genuine product for you which will never be a disappointment like those traditional mops: the markee commercial grade microfiber mop!

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Being a business grade model, this means the microfiber mops will withstand the harsh cleaning moment even ion daily use and still maintain its quality. Better, Markee microfiber floor/dust mop engineers from durable material; aluminum pole and trapezoid mop frame.

Besides the durability, this metal is lightweight which translates to the comfortable handling by the user thus you wouldn’t feel the weight of the tool the entire cleaning process.

Additionally, the mop puts you in control of your compatibility, i.e., with the telescoping handle; you have a chance to adjust the height to your preference. No more struggling with our microfiber dust mops to a point the tool will leave you extremely tired before the actual task.

Remove the mop pad, stick in the machine washer and replace it on the frame smoothly. All this is easy to undertake, and you will enjoy the long-lasting services to a point you will never regret spending your money.

What to Expect:

Markee microfiber mop is 100% premium quality product. With this, you have all floor in your house or restaurant took care for hence saving more money and time. Plus users comfort is incomparable.


  • The mop works on all floors
  • Constricts from quality and durable materials
  • The package offers a tremendous economic value
  • It’s lightweight


The microfiber mop will serve on all floor type and still give outstanding results. Use it on a daily basis and even it maintains its quality. Isn’t this great and worth taking home at such a peanut price? Make the brilliant decision today!

8. O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Sweeper Dust Mop

O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Sweeper Dust Mop

  • Weighs 15.5 ounces
  • It’s a dry mop
  • Features a flexible head section
  • Constructs with high-density chenille and microfiber tech
  • 50 times machine washable

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No more struggling to reach the corners and under your furniture when cleaning when you purchase the o-cedar dual action microfiber dust mop. If you are only on the hunt for the best dry mop, then here is your number one option, buy it without hesitation!

The o-cedar dual action model will serve to pick up dirt, hairs, and dust from the floor, therefore, functioning as a sweeper and a dusting mop.

The mop head is flexible. This means you can twist it to the direction you are cleaning to wipe out those corners and on the brighter side, no more bending throughout the cleaning process, sounds entertaining right? All your sweeping completes within minutes while in turn, you will require less energy input.

What about its construction? It’s unquestionable! Why? O-cedar dual action microfiber dust mop engineers with high-density chenille and microfiber tech. This is 100% assurance of its durability and working efficiency in that the material provides better dust absorption and hair attachment leaving no faults behind with every single motion of the sweeper.

Impressive, you can wash the mop pad in the machine washer and re-use it over and over.

Also, weighing only 15.5 ounces which is less than a pound the user is at utmost comfortability. No more hand muscle pains due to struggling with weighty mops which always make your work cumbersome than usual.

What to Expect:

The microfiber mop is convenient to handle, its quality chenille & microfiber tech construction improves the working efficiency and to spice up the game, its flexible head will always ensure every bit of your house receives a magnificent sweeping/ dusting.


  • It’s inexpensive
  • Doubles as a sweeper and dusting mop
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Features a flexible head
  • It’s economical


The o-cedar dust mop is every customer’s song in the town today for its quality performance and durability which sets it as a top-selling model. Make your order and enjoy all these advantages!

7. LINKYO Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop

LINKYO Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop

  • Material usage; aluminum, ABS plastic and stainless steel
  • Two-years warranty cover
  • 360 rotating mop head
  • Has a sizeable metal frame (14.75″), with clips
  • Handle extensible to 70 inches
  • Includes free mop pads

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Are you a regular floor cleaner? Then it’s a must for you to have the LINKYO microfiber mop. Why? Firstly, the product constructs from durable materials; stainless steel handle, ABS plastic frame claws and an aluminum metal head frame.

These materials are an assurance of a lifetime functionality hence enhancing the economic values of this mop. Secondly, the package includes an additional handle extension. Attach it readily to the handle, and you will grow it up to 70 inches.

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The adjustable handle makes it capable of reaching those far corners, and under the furniture thus every part of your house will remain clean always leading to accurate and precise working. Adding to the cleaning efficiency; the mop head swivels to all directions smoothly thus do more mopping and less bending/ turning every time!

More, its large metal frame offers an excellent surface coverage after every move thus cutting low the total time you would spend otherwise using the regular floor mop.

Uniquely, LINKYO models serve as a dry and wet mop. So no need to run to the shop to get an extra product that will do either the dry or damp works hence you can save that money.

Still, the package sells at a neck-bending price which will always tempt you into making this the number one choice before considering those great features will blow up your mind.

Start working right away once you purchase the mop since it contains s everything you require. i.e., in the package, there is three reusable, and machine washable head clothes thus do the miracle. More, the clip design make put you at ease to set up the pads plus you can also fit it with any other cloth.

Lastly, LINKYO microfiber floor mop purchase isn’t risking thanks to the 2years warranty guarantee.

What to Expect:

The product is quite versatile. That is it features a clip design which besides accommodating he inclusive premium mop clothes, it welcomes any other pad as long it’s correct to size.

Use it dry or wet to work the office, and home floors and your witnesses will leave to praise your incredible cleaning prowess.


  • Comes with free three mop pads
  • It is pocket-friendly
  • The product is easy to set up and use
  • Suitable for use as a dry and wet mop
  • Has an extensible sturdy stainless steel handle


This product makes mopping an entreating task unlike before where everyone was running from this chore. How? Its 360-degree swiveling head, its low pricing and the fact that you won’t have to bend to clean those hard-to-reach corners and beneath the furniture.


6. O-Cedar Dual Action Microfiber Flip Mop

O-Cedar Dual Action Microfiber Flip Mop

  • Functions as a dry and wet mop
  • Has double-sided microfiber& chenille head
  • Mop clothe is 100 time machi9ne washable
  • 360-rotating design
  • Mop white integrates scrubbing strips
  • Weighs the only 1 pound

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Improve the sanitary standards in your house, and this will lower the dust/ pet hair sensitivity among everyone leaving in your compound. This is a possibility only when you purchase the O-Cedar dual action microfiber mop.

Convenient, durable and multifunction! Doesn’t this stand worth your consideration shopping for the modern high tech mops to modify all your cleaning experiences?

What’s outstanding about this product? The mop is quite versatile in that you will utile it for all dry and wet mopping activities. This is possible thanks to the dual padding design; that is a blue chenille section and a white microfiber side.

Use the chenille part to duct the entire home and the solid fabric stitching will do justice to picking up the cat/ dog hairs lying on the floor, debris and dust.

On the other hand, the white microfiber section includes scrubbing strips thus on your wet cleaning, make use of the scrubber for a deep cleanup. Worry not about those sticky stains on your hardwood floor or all surface you will use the o-cedar tool.

Exciting, the product designs with user comfortability in mind. That is, you won’t have to bend anytime while using this impressive mop since its adjustable ergonomic handle will make you reach every part of the house smoothly.

Plus, the head rotates to all directs giving less turning, but in turn, every bit is be done accurately even under the tables, beds, and the cupboards. Spicing up the game; the duster weighs only 1 pound, any adult, and our older children can bare this weight undoubtedly and still have a comfortable grip on the tool the entire working period.

What to Expect:

In the purchase of this product, your mopping will be a walk in the park. The product is durable, its user efficiency and still versatile to allowing you do more than one job that calls for an extra package.

Therefore, choose this incredible version and leave all floor types in your house office or anywhere you working your number one witnesses to its awesomeness.


  • It’s lightweight
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Doubles as a dry and wet mop
  • Offers accurate and precise results
  • Easy to handle and maintain


Featuring as a two-bodied model, it is in incredibly outstanding and advantageous to you like the cleaner. The tool will work efficiently on every floor to welcome it to while in turn, you save time and much of your energy.

5. O-Cedar ProMist Microfiber Spray Mop

O-Cedar ProMist Microfiber Spray Mop

  • Hardwood floor safe
  • The mop is machine washable
  • Easy bottle removal
  • The spray bottle is refillable
  • Weighs 2.1 pounds

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If you are among the group that is always on the know-how to make sure they get the new arrival in town, then you are home by choosing the o-cedar Pro Mist spay microfiber mop. The modern innovation by our trusted o-cedar manufacturers comes with added features that aim to make your cleaning experience better and easier, in turn, leaving you feeling energetic after every cleanup.

Wipeout dust, pick up hairs and do deep cleaning comfortably with this spray mop. Interesting, being a spray type, the water bottle is refillable. This gives you a chance to customize all your mopping solutions. i.e., you will use the detergent you wish and also change it regularity to your preference wherever you are using this premium quality tool.

What about its operation? Mostly some would scare away trying out a new product with the fear that it would be a nightmare to use, but with the ProMist version, this is just a fiction. Buy the microfiber mops will full confidence that you have the best and user-convenient tool that will never make your work harder.

Why? PromMist spry mop allows you remove the reservoir with a one-touch twist so you won’t have to call for the whole family help out puling that bottle of the handle. Plus, to enhance its working efficiency, you have simple refills with the solution of your choice.

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Additionally, these microfiber mops feature a washable and reusable cloth. Wash it in the machine washer 100 times, and still, it maintains its quality up to a point. Plus, there are disposable and recyclable refill thus you got the chance to play your card well in making your choice.

A bonus, the mop features a scrub zone that takes care of the notorious greasy stain on all surfaces. Add it to the cart right away!

What to Expect:

The mop is long-lasting, simple to handle and quite versatile allowing you to use it on all surfaces without any limitation. In buying this package, expect greatness and money-saving advantages and more than you can imagine.


  • The item is cheap to maintain
  • It’s machine washable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Features at an affordable price


A modern model in town that will give outstanding accuracy and precision on all floors inclusive of the hardwood!

4. Microfiber Wholesale 18″ Professional Microfiber Mop

Microfiber Wholesale 18 Professional Microfiber Mop

  • Suitable for all floors
  • Features three premium mop pads
  • Weighs 3.2 pounds
  • Has an ultra-large head frame

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Clean like a pro anytime whether doing it for commercial purpose or home-based general cleaning moment with the microfiber wholesale 18″ professional mop. The product is quite versatile in that you will use it on the hardwoods, laminate, tiles, and stone and concrete floors comfortably.

In the package, it includes two wet mop pads, one dry pad, and 6′ stainless steel handle plus a heavy-duty metal frame. Assemble all the part smoothly with no need for tool assistance or special skill and get working on the sport.

Besides, you get extra two premium pads that will serve as replacements once your current ones wear out. What else do you need to assure you of the products’ unlimited performance? You got everything at your disposal at a very affordable price which will even scare you thinking this would be a fake.

Additionally, the mop features quality microfiber makeup that is by far better than the typical cotton clothes. How? The cloth will pick up dry debris, dust, and hairs without hesitation. On the brighter side, it including a scrubbing zone that provides ultimate profound cleaning results on the hardwood floors.

Moreover, detach the pads from the frame readily and stick in the machine washer which helps bring the economic value in use of the microfiber wholesale product. The user adaptability isn’t a mess too as the handle gives a firm ergonomic grip which prevents ant muscle fatigue on your palm plus its lightweight spices the game.

Wait no longer, make your order and have the package at your doorstep within less than a week.

What to Expect:

Featuring with such a large size, this tells you that the mop will work exceptionally fast leaving every stone turned in the entire cleaning process.

More, the durable construction ensures you never get back to the market soon in coordination with the premium microfiber mop pads. Make it’s a prime in your must-have product.


  • It’s pocket-friendly
  • Has substantial area coverage on a single motion
  • Easy to use and handle
  • It’s multi-functional


Using the microfiber wholesale edition in your cleaning, this means you are receiving professional results. Who wouldn’t want to get such praises for the work they do? Nobody! Therefore it’s your chance too to sail in the boat of awesomeness, and you will leave to tell tales.

3. Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop

Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop

  • 180-degree swiveling head
  • Bucket features two handles and wheels
  • Adjustable 56″ stainless steel handle
  • Has free two mop heads, scrub brush and soap dispenser

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Mopnado is the best microfiber mop for you if you are looking for greatness regarding functionality and pricing. Why?  With this mop in your possession, no more dirty floors, ceiling, and windows in your house.

The mop head features a sturdy customizable handle which allows you to move from ground cleaning up to the roof wiping out those cobwebs and dust, so you don’t have to climb up on the risky ladder which you not even sure of their safety.

When it comes to its convenience, Mopnado is incomparable to those spin models. Firstly, the mop plate facilitates the rinsing process making it easier than before. Also while mopping, you won’t have to keep carrying the bucket to the next location, no!  It fits some wheels that mobiles it as you move around the house.

Spin-dry the mop in the stainless steel basket which is far much superior to the regular plastic available in most models.

Purchase this product, and you cease going to the mall to get a new package! Why? Our great microfiber mop head is durable; are machine washable and reusable for years, and you have a one-year warranty cover.

Additionally, in the package, you have a free scrub brush attachment and soap dispenser thus you got all you need to get mopping on the go. Finally, the pie comes in the no-bending, no wet hands benefit when using the Mopnado mop. The head will rotate 180 degrees to your command when doing over those hard-to-reach areas, and the adjustable handle allows you do your work in an upright position all through.

What to Expect:

In the purchase of this package, you are walking in the world of greatness. By this, we mean durable product, user-convenient, multipurpose and above all a pocket-friendly product.


  • Has a robust adjustable handle
  • Accessory kit includes; scrub brush, soap dispenser and two mop heads
  • Bucket features wheels and stainless steel spin basket
  • The mop is multi-functional


Remarkable convenience, durable stainless steel construction and easy to use! This is what you get from buying the Mopnado microfiber mop.

2. Twist and Shout Microfiber Mop

Twist and Shout Microfiber Mop

  • 54″ long handle
  • 1800 swivel pivot and 3600 rotating head
  • Mop is self-wringing
  • The mop head is machine washable and reusable
  • Super-adsorbing microfiber floor mop head

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Wow! This stands out to be your ultimate choice from the crowd. Why? Twist and shout microfiber mop is a gross award-winning product that will work with full dedication leaving those floors sparkling clean within minutes. In the package, it includes a mop and a lightweight bucket plus two mop heads.

Unlike other microfiber mops, twist and shout feature a quality aluminum telescoping handle which you can adjust its height from 44-55 inches. Plus, no more foot pedals that at times fail in wringing the mop to correct wetness instead push the handle down and the self-wringing mechanism will do the wonders leaving its two times drier.

A money saver and time saver! This product will leave your work done within minutes, and the results are overwhelming. On the other hand, the manufactures design it with user satisfaction a priority. I,e the package is available at an affordable price, includes free two extra mop heads plus a lifetime warranty.

This will serve you to greatness even on daily uses thus offering an economic value thus complying with the quality to price ratio rule.

Better,  this microfiber mop features 180-degree swivel pivot which in coordination with the 360 rotating head will allow you to work on those corners and under the furniture. More, the super adsorbing mop head leave the floor super dry thus you won’t have to surpass it again to dry those wet spots. Wash the pad in the machine washer and maintain their quality after every use.

Finally, not only does it function in damp mode but also can work as a dry mop to collect the debris and duct. Above all, twist and shout model is multi-purpose as you can use it for the cars, windows, wall, and boats.

What to Expect:

The mop designs to keep the user in ultimate comfort position with telescoping handle plus the lightweight bucket that will make your work effortless. Plus the self-spin wringing mechanism, superior adsorption, and durability are still among the key benefits you will enjoy from this package.


  • Works with high precision and accuracy
  • It’s user convenient
  • It’s pocket-friendly
  • Features two free mop heads
  • Has a lifetime warranty guarantee


Why it’s a must-have product, twist and shout microfiber mop is quite economical and offer years of greatness.

1. O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Map

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Map

  • Includes a bucket with an internal spin mechanism
  • Has a splash guard
  • Bucket features a built-in wringer system
  • Has a high-quality foot pedal
  • Weighs 5.35 pounds
  • Triangular-shaped mop head

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Bid bye to backaches and wet hands after every house cleaning section. This is possible with the O-Cedar EasyWring and bucket system premium quality mop. This product is every mopping freak dream coming true if you want to make you work fast, less tiring and super accurate. How?

Firstly, it sells at such a low price which will always call your attention on the shelves. Are you looking for how to scrub out all those deep sticky stains on the hard floor? Then with this fantastic mop, all your worries get mopped away ASAP!

All these thanks to the thick- microfiber designing which will allow it to absorb that stubborn dirt and grimes.

Interesting, O-Cedar microfiber mop model will always put you in control of the amount of wetting on the mop.  Just step on the super foot pedal on the bucket, and this will automatically activate the spin wringing leading to mop moisture control.

Adding to this; the built-in wringer will provide a hand-free wringing thus you have a chance to maintain your hand as dry as possible the entire cleaning process.

Speaking of accurate mopping, this is un-doubtable with O-Cedar spin mop. Why? The tool integrates a flexible 360-degrees rotating head that will do miracles under your furniture without calling you to bend like those traditional models.

Spicing up it functionality; its triangular-shaped head will always give a touch to those hard-to-reach corners. No stone remains unturned! A bonus, all the sprays, and water maintain in the bucket, i.e., no spills or splash as you wring the mop thanks to the splash guard available.

What to Expect:

With O-cedar easy wring spin mop wait to get a smooth fat cleaning section, high accuracy, and precision thanks to the flexible triangular head, and the tool will always care for you. i.e., enjoy a hand-free wringing and no wet hands plus bending.

Doesn’t this sound incredibly sweet? Then purchase with full confidence


  • Lightweight
  • Features an automatic spin wringing system
  • User-friendly
  • Ideal for deep cleaning section


Most interesting property of the O-Cedar microfiber model is the flexible triangular shaped head that allows you to clean those hard-to-reach corners plus its automatic spin wringing mechanism. Enjoy!


Cleaning your house is a critical task and call for much of your concentration to ensure every bit gets a thorough touch. Whether dusting or scrubbing those sticky stains on the floor, the best working tool will ease all this.

Therefore make the perfect choice by settling with one or more product from our top 10 best microfiber mops in 2018 reviews. Don’t hesitate longer, instead grab your savior today!

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