Top 10 Best Mini Washing Machines in 2018 Reviews

Mini washing machines are a great deal when it comes to small laundry works. Nowadays, these machines come with incorporated dryers and soap dispensers. Besides, the market offers either top or front loading washing machine depending on your preference. Looking for a tool to make your laundry a breeze, check these top 10 best mini washing machines in 2018 reviews.

Our Best Pick for You!

Giantex Portable Mini Washing Machine, 17.6lbs

Wondering what the best machine to choose for your laundry is? I can confidently say Giantex Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini-Washing Machine is a top choice. In fact, personally, I would go for it anytime without a second thought.

Check the reason I recommend the machine to clear the air:

  • First of all, it’s a compact washing machine that is easy to carry when going for a camping trip on RV. Although even others are portable, this one has excellent performance.
  • By visiting other blogs and sales sites, I found this machine performs impressively. Almost any website that deals with portable mini washing machine rank it either number one or two.
  • Back home, the customer reviews on Amazon are appealing. With over a thousand reviews, it has been able to garner over 4.2 out of 5 stars rating. Therefore, I guarantee it’s a sure bet once you invest in this machine.

10 Best Mini Washing Machines Reviews:

10. Pyle Upgraded Version Pyle Portable Washer

Pyle Upgraded Version Pyle Portable Washer
Product Highlights:

  • Top loading
  • Rotary control
  • Installation free
  • Quick washing

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The time when you used to struggle with washing your light clothes especially when outdoors are over. These days, Pyle has made to clothes washing easy within minutes wherever you are with this mini portable washing machine. It’s one of the smallest and highly portable washing machines you can find on the market.

The era when mini washing machines were large and immobile is far phased out. We are in an age where you enjoy cleaning without a struggle to carry a laundry machine. This is possible mainly when one acquire this Pyle mini portable washing machine. With the ability to quickly wash your socks, underwear, and other T-shirts, it’s easy to operate machines.

Unlike other portable mini washing machines, this one is super compact. Besides, it accommodates up to 4.5 pounds capacity of clothes at a go. Equipped with 19 liters water tank and translucent washing tub, you can easily monitor your apparels they get cleaned. Notably, for ease of use, the machine doesn’t need any installation or special parts. Thereby, once in your home, it’s ready for use.


  • High power motor
  • Quiet operation motor
  • Easy to monitor cleaning process

9. Costway Mini Washing Machine Compact Washer

Costway Mini Washing Machine Compact Washer
Product Highlights:

  • Smooth operation
  • Control timer
  • User-friendly

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Why wait until you move to a large house is the time you will buy a washing machine? The time to have efficient time when doing laundry is now. With Costway mini portable washing machine, you can enjoy continent and fast cloth cleaning. With a sleek design, the appliance keeps its users enjoying efficient cleaning.

Cleaning your clothes should not be a headache anymore. The best ways to ensure you have easy time is looking for Costway mini washing machine. Even for people with limited space, the machine proves useful since its compact and portable. This makes it ideal choice to have when space is causing a headache. On the other hand, with user-friendly lid, it lets you correctly monitor the water level.

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Forget about the cheap washing machines that need you to keep monitoring. Once you add this one in your home, it has a time that is programmable depending on your needs. Due to the ability to set time, it eases operation while improving the performance.


  • Clear cover for easy monitoring
  • Easy to program timer
  • Efficient water monitoring window

8. Della Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine

Della Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine
Product Highlights:

  • Inbuilt drain pump
  • Twin tubs style
  • IPX4 waterproof
  • Quick wash

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Della portable mini washing machine is another great product that helps you quickly wash your load of clothes. The amazing thing is, it enjoys compact and portable design. Amazing appliances dedicated to light washing duty, it leaves with easy time.

With just loading clothes in this machine, you are ready to enjoy an unmatched performance. Despite its compact and light duty construction, performance is outstanding. Operating this machine is simple, it only needs you to load dirty clothes add water and set timer. Equipped with washing and spinning tubs, you get clothes clean and dry.

Notably, the creation of these mini washing machines are different from others. It can wash while spinning at the same time due to dual function. Each of the functions is enhanced with timer, with wash having 15 and spin 5 minutes. Although the washing machine is compact, it has the capacity to fit 19.8 pounds and has a waterproof design to prevent damaging electric components. With an inbuilt water pump, it allows efficient drain from the washer.


  • Convenient water drain
  • Transparent lid to monitor washer operation
  • Plumbing free operation

7. Pyle Electric Portable Washing Machine

Pyle Electric Portable Washing Machine
Product Highlights:

  • High -quality materials
  • 2-in-1 design
  • Water economical
  • Translucent tub window

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The Pyle electric mini washing machine is an ideal way to have small loads of delicate clothes cleaned quickly. Be it swimsuits, socks, T-shirts and other soft attires, it efficiently clean and dries them. Featuring premium construction, installation-free, energy and water efficiency everyone is going to love this appliance.

A compact washing machine is essential since it’s a space saving. Pyle electric washing machine is a compact appliance that is perfectly dedicated to cleaning delicate clothes. With a load capacity of 7.7 pounds, the machine gives easy time once the clothes are loaded. The inbuilt timer enables setting washing and drying time.

Forget about other mini washing machines that come with only washing ability. This has 2-in -1 function, meaning it cleans as well as spin dry. Besides, the high technology used engineering of this machine allows it to be water and energy efficient. Thus, no high bills as with the full-size washers. For improved convenience, the washing machine comes boasting top loading mechanism for easy access.


  • Economical to run
  • Cleans and dry
  • Great for delicate fabrics

6. Giantex Portable Mini Washing Machine

Giantex Portable Mini Washing Machine
Product Highlights:

  • Eco-friendly design
  • Clear monitoring windows
  • Spin wash and dry

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Giantex usually never fails you when it comes to assisting in washing clothes. With a variety of mini washing machines, this portable one with twin tub is among the best. It’s a 2-in-1 appliance meaning, washing and drying clothes. On the other hand, with compact design, it perfectly fit in small spaces. Therefore, space shouldn’t be a hindrance to convenient laundry.

With its compact and high portability, the Giantex twin tub washer is here to give your life a new taste. Whether you are working on packed space at home, the machine is super compact meaning it doesn’t need a large area. In fact, due to its small size, the appliance is mostly used in RVs, dorms and other environments. There are no complicated processes when utilizing this washer since it only needs clothes loading, water and switching it on.

Unlike many of the portable washing machines that lack advanced technology, this one features an eco-friendly design that allows water efficiency and less detergent use. Furthermore, it utilizes less electricity than rivals hence saving you money. Created from propene polymer, it’s sturdy and lightweight to ease portability.


  • Water and power saving
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Elegant construction

5. Della Mini Washing Machine Portable Compact Washer

Della Mini Washing Machine Portable Compact Washer
Product Highlights:

  • Built-in drain pump
  • Clear lid
  • Dual functions

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When you want to have smooth cloth washing, a compact washer is the best choice especially when space is a constraint. Della mini portable washing machine with dry spin cycle brings delight in your life. With its small size, high performance and other impressive features, you are going to love this compact washer.

Della mini washer is a user-friendly machine dedicated to improving the ways washes your clothes. Designed with minimalistic design, it enables you to have an easy time when operating without hard setup. As a result, whenever you need to wash small loads of clothes the washer is a convenient way. For smooth washing and monitoring, it has a clear lid that eases water level checking.

No more trials and error or when cleaning clothes once you have this washer. Equipped with timer control, it has 15 minutes washing bucket timer and spinning timer for 5 minutes. With hands up against rivals, the machine has an inbuilt water drain pump that removes water automatically from the washer.


  • Non-rusting spin tub
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to monitor process

4. Panda Counter Top Washing Machine, 5.5lbs

Panda Counter Top Washing machine
Product Highlights:

  • Single tub
  • Spin dry bucket
  • Lightweight materials

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Worrying because of not having a washing machine? The best ideal is to look for this compact and portable one by Della. Not only it’s a compact machine but also keeps your light clothes clean without hassles. Designed with countertop design, it is perfect for use in all limited space places.

When moving out for a camping trip, don’t let laundry be a headache for you. Here is a compact machine from Della that is a superb choice when it comes to washing light load clothes. With its compact size, its suitable for use in dorms, apartments, and store in your rooms without causing space headache.

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Unlike other portable washers, this comes with a spin basket that is easy to install. The basket is effective in removing excess water. Operating this machine is minimalistic, unlike the large one that needs programming. This has a timer that enables you to have an easy time since once clothes are loaded, it offers 15 minutes and they are clean.


  • Easy to fit spin tub
  • Travel-friendly
  • Clear construction

3. BCP Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

BCP Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine
Product Highlights:

  • Quiet motor
  • Space saving
  • Dual tub design

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Best Choice Products is one of the leading makers of a range of products. This twin tub mini portable machine is the right pick that can ease your laundry. Compact design, quiet operation, and sleek design render the washer perfect for light duty washing.

Forget about the other mini washers that come with only one tub. This one features dual tubs, washer and spin cycle tub to effect washing and also move clothes to spinner promptly afterward. Moreover, with the ability to run a washer and spinner cycle simultaneously, it gives improved performance. Apart from being compact, the machine is lightweight, measuring only 12 pounds, it’s simple to port.

The compact construction isn’t only crucial for travelers, but it’s also a space saver. This means even for people living in small apartments, college dorms among other can have a solution to washing their clothes without struggling. Equipped with sturdy motor, it delivers 1300 rpm meaning efficient cleaning with less time. Moreover, the motor is quiet hence no annoying noise.


  • Fast cleaning
  • Fully assembled
  • UL certified

2. Panda Compact Portable Washing Machine, 7.9lbs

Panda Compact Portable Washing Machine, 7.9lbs
Product Highlights:

  • High portability
  • Cleaning and spin drying
  • Powerful performance

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Panda is another brand that is dedicated to producing exceptional household appliances. Specifically, this mini washing machine is one of the products that even the space-constrained users should have. Its compact size and lightweight design render its excellent choice. Therefore, it’s ideal for use on different occasions.

Panda compact & portable washing machine is small enough to be used in dorms apartment’s recreational vehicles and other places. Weighing only 28 pounds, the appliance is excellent when it comes to portability. Consequently, when going out with your family, there is no need to strain to do hand washing.

The construction features tough but strong plastic materials to make sure it lasts for long. The construction materials also facilitate weight reduction and don’t rust like with metallic ones. Operating is a piece of cake since it has clearly indicated knobs. Combining washing and spinning compartments, you get your clothes while they are almost dry.


  • Compatible with any décor
  • Durable rust-free materials
  • Fast cleaning and drying

1. Giantex Portable Mini Washing Machine, 17.6lbs

Giantex Portable Mini Washing Machine, 17.6lbs
Product Highlights:

  • Compact design
  • Lightweight: 17.6 pounds
  • Programmable Timer

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Avoid the hassles of hand washing your clothes. If you can’t be able to accommodate a full-size washing machine, this compact and portable one from Giantex is the jackpot. Offering the same qualities like a large machine, it helps to speed up your laundry whether at home or camping. In fact, it’s a versatile machine dedicated to make your washing a breeze.

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Are you tired of washing your clothes by hands? It is now simple to own a washing machine that will perfectly fit your available limited space. The Giantex Twin Tub mini washing machine is one of the best choices that bring joy and ease of cleaning clothes in apartments, dorms RVs and any other place that has space challenge.

Despite the compact size, this machine is rated to accommodate up to 11 pounds capacity. This means you can wash your clothes faster and easier than hand washing. Besides, the twin tub washing design ensures smooth laundry without touching the apparels. Has a washing and dryer to enable cleaning and drying for hence minimal time are needed to dry your clothes completely. The integrated timer helps you to set laundry and spinning time.


  • Easy to operate
  • Sleek and compact
  • Large capacity

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