The Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs Reviews (2020) – Buying Guides

Motion sense light bulbs are an advancement of the traditional bulbs which besides playing the primary lighting role, they are a security system. Besides this, they are easy to operate: they sense any human motion in the room and lights up automatically. Additionally, one can take control of these gadgets by use of some wireless remote systems. Find the best product for your needs right here!

Top 10 Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs Reviews in 2020:

Sengled LED Bulb with Motion Sensor, PAR38 Smart Security Floodlight Bulb 3000, 1050 Lumens, Waterproof for Outdoor Use, 1 Pack
Motion Sensor Light Bulbs Dusk to Dawn 5W Radar Motion LED Bulb E26 Base 2700K Auto On/Off Soft White Night Light for Garage Basement Stair Porch by LUXON
Aukora 9W Motion Activated LED Bulb - E26/E27 Motion Sensor Light Bulb Outdoor/Indoor LED Dusk to Dawn Bulbs with Motion Detector for Front Door Garage Basement Hallway Stairs(Cold White 2 Pack)
Vgogfly Motion Sensor Light Bulb Dusk to Dawn PIR Built-in Motion Sensing Activated LED Bulbs Smart Outdoor Indoor Stairs Front Door Lamp 7W E26 Security Night Lights (Warm White, 2 Pack)
Sengled LED with Motion Sensor, Soft White 2700K, A19 60W Equivalent, Indoor Use, 1 Pack
LOHAS Sensor Light Dusk till Dawn LED Bulb, Light Sensor Porch Light Bulbs, A19 6W Daylight 5000K E26 LED Security Bulb(Auto on/off), Smart Indoor/Outdoor Lamp Lighting for Garage, Hallway(4 Pack)
Motion Sensor Light Bulb 5W, 50W Equivalent Smart Bulb Radar LED Motion Sensor Light Bulbs E26 Base Indoor Sensor Night Lights Soft White 2700K Outdoor Motion Sensor Bulb Auto On/Off
Motion Sensor Light Bulbs Dusk to Dawn PIR Built-in Motion Detector Smart Bulbs E26 Base A19 Indoor Outdoor LED Light Bulbs Security Night Lights 6W(Warm White 2 Pack)
LOHAS A19 LED Radar Motion Sensor Light Bulbs, Dusk to Dawn Light Bulb, E26 60 Watt Equivalent, Daylight 5000K, Security Night Lights, for Outdoor Garage Porch Yard Driveway Auto On/Off, 2 Packs
LOHAS BR30 LED Bulb with Motion Sensor Light, 100W Light Bulbs Equivalent(12W), Security Light Outdoor Floodlight, Daylight 5000K E26 Medium Base, Motion Activated LED Bulbs for Garage Porch(1 Pack)

1. Sengled Smartsense LED Flood Light PAR38 with Motion Sensor

Sengled Smartsense LED Flood Light PAR38 with Motion Sensor

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Get the singled flood smart sense LED light bulb and you won’t have to worry of dark backyards and driveways anymore. The motion sensor light bulb is unique right from its appearance to its specifications. How? It features 1050 lumens meaning its brightness in un-despicable.

Though it has such a high illumination capability, this should scare you away, no!  PAR38 smart sense light engineers of the LED modern technology meaning it is an energy efficient product. The bulb will stand up to 25,000 hours running on 0.2V energy rate. So amazing!

When it comes to user convenience, it’s unquestionable! The bulb is easy to use, operate and to spice the game higher; its installation is compatible with the ordinary house sockets thus you won’t have to go an extra mile of rewiring the place. What’s more? The bulb includes a built-in motion sensor that’s able to keep the lights on for 90 seconds in case of motion detection. Place it indoors or outdoors; the choice is yours. With a 30 feet area coverage range, security measures lie within your hands now.

  • Has area coverage up to 30 feet
  • Ideal for use indoors and outdoors
  • Have bright 1050 lumens
  • The bulb uses LED lighting
  • Features 1-year warranty cover
  • The bulb isn’t suitable for use with fixtures that have sensor present

2. LUXON LED Motion Sensor Light Bulbs Dusk to Dawn 5W

LUXON LED Motion Sensor Light Bulbs Dusk to Dawn 5W

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Keep track of who goes in your compound any time of the day with the LUXON LED motion sensor light bulb. LUXON has E26 or E27 installation system thus you don’t have to tire using additional hardware or do room renovation so that you can accommodate your new device.

Dusk or dawn? The motion sensor functions to its limit. Luxon bulb features an LED technology that is an assurance of its energy efficiency. The radar sensor can detect motions, automatically switch on and stays lit for up to 30 seconds. Addition, the detector has a broad distance coverage ranging between 15 to 26 feet plus a 360-degree rotation.

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Moreover, the smart light bulb has a digital LED technology. During the day, the light automatically shuts off to save energy and also alternates the light intensity in the dark giving the battery a lifespan of 30000hours.  Are you planning to install it in the driveway, the gate or your room? The choice is yours to make since the motion sensor bulb is both an indoor and outdoor light. It has 450lumens brightness intensity and to give the customer 100% confidence on its quality; the package comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty guarantee.

  • It is compatible with E26/E27 installation sockets
  • Has distance coverage of 15-26 feet
  • Easy to operate
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses
  • Include sturdy radar sensor system
  • Lasting LED lights; 30000 hours
  • None

3. Aukora Motion Activated LED Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

Aukora Motion Activated LED Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

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The perfect outdoor motion detector bulb that will settle all your lighting problems! Aukora motion LED lights includes high tech PIR sensors that will automatically switch on and stay active up to 60 seconds in case of any motion detection. With an E26/27 installation mode, you can attach this bulb in the standard electricity sockets in your house with no need for more hardware or do a rewiring.

Outstanding, Aukora motion lights have a 9w voltage capacity plus810 lumens promising you great brightness. Nobody would like to have substantial electric bills at any time, that’s why we recommend this light bulb for you. The LED technology allows the device to light on in the dark environment within the detection range of 8-10feet. However, it will automatically shut off.

Our customer satisfaction Is the priority when designing this product, therefore, purchase it without any fear.  In case you are unhappy about its functionally, you got a 100% guarantee to get money back within 30 days. Above all, the package feature two bulb pieces and have 1-year warranty cover from the manufacturer.

  • 30-day money refund and one-year warranty guarantee
  • It is easy to install
  • Includes 810 brightness lumens
  • The package comes with two bulbs
  • Has short distance coverage

4. Vgogfly LED Built-in Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

Vgogfly LED Built-in Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

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Safety and security come first! So it will never be a mistake to choose the Vgogfly motion sensor light bulb. The best replacement you would settle for instead of the tedious conventional lamp that will need the require you from time to time to switch on/off. However, with this new lighting device at your disposal, save your energy, money and time as well. No more fumbling with the switches as you go in the dark garage, preferably, the PIR sensor will detect human presents sending signals to the lighting system, and it will light up automatically.

Vgogfly motion sensor light bulbs have E26/27 installation type able to fit smoothly I the traditional sockets. No extra fixtures required. When it comes to energy conversion, the Vgogfly device is un-doubtful. It is 90% better in energy conservation than the traditional bulbs. Buy today, and you won’t run to the shopping mall anytime soon: it is long lasting with a plastic mask that gives it the benefit of the doubt, unlike glass.

What’s more? The sensor stays light up to 60 seconds when it detects human motion. Besides, light passes with a 30-second interval will human activity is present and the countdown starts automatically when you leave. 100% risk-free purchases! The product has two years warranty cover plus one-year money refund guarantee. Click the order button now!

  • Easy to install
  • Has a powerful built-in PIR sensor
  • 90% energy saving capability
  • Has 13-16 feet motion detection distance
  • 12 months money refund and two years warranty cover
  • It is not ideal for use with lamp covers
  • Requires only downward installation

5. Sengled Smartsense LED Motion Sensor Light Bulb

Sengled Smartsense LED Motion Sensor Light Bulb

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Another product by our trusted Sengled manufacturers! A better alternative to the expensive light bulbs The LED motion sensor light bulb is exceptionally cheap such that you wouldn’t surpass it on the shelves. Although it has such meager pricing, this wouldn’t mean it is inferior in its functionality, No!

The LED bulb will last a lifetime; operating on 0.2W voltage, they will last up to 25000 hours. Its operation is a breeze. How? Switch on the light, and it will send a soft illumination in your house. Additionally, the motion sensor chip automatically gets activated, and you can deactivate it as well. In the case of motion detection, the bulb will switch on and stay active up to 90 seconds. The sensor signal captures a wide range of 30 feet away.

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Buy this fantastic product, and you got a chance to be in charge of the security on your premises. Freely it will connect to the E26 sockets in the house. Plus, you can attach to other fixtures and activate them to be motion sensors. Quite interesting!

  • It is ultra-use friendly
  • Extremely cheap
  • It is easy to use
  • Has a wide detection area range
  • The bulb is durable
  • They are not compatible with fixtures that have sensors already

6. LOHAS Sensor Light Dusk till Dawn LED Light Sensor Porch Light Bulbs

LOHAS Sensor Light Dusk till Dawn LED Light Sensor Porch Light Bulbs

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Spice up the lighting in your house with a modern tech bulb which gives you the benefit of energy conservation. Look no more than the LOHAS LED smart sensor bulbs. No more need to use the switch manually. No! The bulb designs with an auto on/off mechanism; once it detects human presence, the bulb lights on. Unlike the gimmicks models, the LOHAS edition will never let you down, whether, at dawn or dusk, the illumination will be thrilling always.

More interesting, it will manipulate the illumination automatically according to the intensity of the darkness. Save energy and save your pocket as well. How?  In comparison with the incandescent bulbs, LOHAS smart led sensor has 85% better energy conservation capacity.

With A19 6w, 5000k daylight and 500 lumens, LOHAS is the perfect way to give your house a cozy and freshening illumination. Not only at home, but you can also use it o=in other multiple places thanks to its versatility. It is quite durable lasting up to 30000 hours. To wrap the package up, you have a one-year warranty guarantee. Wait no more!

  • It is energy efficient
  • It is multifunctional
  • A19 6W and 500 lumens design
  • Last up to 30000hours
  • None

7. MINGER LED Smart Motion Sensor Light Bulb Auto On/Off 5W

MINGER LED Smart Motion Sensor Light Bulb Auto On/Off 5W

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Talk of convenience, durability and outstanding functionality! The MINGER smart sensor light bulb Is the true answers to all your lighting and security worries. The LED lamp features with a modern technology that serves us a better deal in energy conservation and illumination.

What is unique about MINGER bulb? Unlike the traditional motion sensor light bulbs, MINGER is long lasting. The dawn to dusk bulb will smoothly alternate its illumination in coordination with the darkness intensity. That is, at daytime, the light shuts off but the sensors stay active, and in dark environments, it will light up at a concentration less than 15lux.

Install the bulb on all E26/27 sockets with no difficulties. Where are you planning to set up the white warming lights? The pathways, garage, garden, house or the store? The choice is yours as our multifunctional smart sense bulb is quite versatile. Enjoy a hands-free operation of the illuminating lamps: they will always switch on automatically once they sense the presence of any human. Better, unlike its rivals, MINGER radar motion sensor will detect not only humans but also cars and animals.

  • Simple operation
  • Has an hassle-free installation
  • Features an energy saving dawn-dusk lighting design
  • It is versatile
  • LED lights are long lasting
  • Radar sensor will detect humans, cars and animals
  • It is expensive
  • Have 450 lumens

8. Vgogfly 7w Outdoor Smart Motion Sensor LED Light

Vgogfly 7w Outdoor Smart Motion Sensor LED Light

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Bid bye to the energy consuming traditional motion sensor bulbs by settling with the Vgogfly LED light bulb product. The package comes at an affordable price that will take care of your package. Additionally, it features a PIR in-built motion sensor that will sense human presence within a range of 13 to 16 feet away. The sensor sends an instant signal to the light lumens which will switch on automatically and stay active up to 60 seconds. Not all, the sensor will relay message while the person is still in the site with an interval of 30 seconds until they are out of sight.

About energy conservation, Vgogfly is superb. It saves energy 90% better than any other products so once you install them at all, you are on the right move to cut on the electricity bills. Durability and quality are all that every customer wants when they buy any new product. And to serve you to satisfaction, Vgogfly bulbs have a plastic mask which is unbreakable plus it acts as an insulating medium keeping the bulb cool and safe. Install it on all E26/27 sockets in your house. No need for other fixtures or do a rewiring. Purchase your package with confidence; it is risk-free thanks to the 24 months warrant cover plus 12 months money refund guarantee.

  • Has an easy installation
  • Maximum energy conservation design
  • Have PIR sensor chip
  • Package has two pieces
  • Bulbs install on a downward positional only
  • It is not ideal for use with lamp frames and other covers

9. LOHAS A19 LED Radar Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

LOHAS A19 LED Radar Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

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The LOHAS LED radar motion sensor light bulb is an excellent way to keep track of what happens in your compound at the comfort of your room. Firstly, with the radar sensor chip; it is a high-quality module, unlike the common PIR. Thus you have an additional advantage of quality and high functionality. The LED light is long lasting as well as serves as good energy saving options. Replace the 40 watts traditional bulbs, and you will save energy 85% better. No higher electric bills

What about installation? Well, this would be a common question among the customers. Relax! You won’t have to incur extra expenses doing any rewiring no! The LOHAS bulbs will fit briskly in any E26/27 socket in your house. The bulb features an A19 LED shape which besides giving a soft bright illumination adds décor to your home from its appearance.

The smart sensor will detect any motion within a range of 6 meters away. The signal activates the lights that stay on and steady up to 60 seconds, and they will shut off automatically. Where will I place the bulb? Indoor or outdoor? Well, you can install the device either of the places thanks to its versatility. They are quite durable and reliable since the LED light will serve you for long; 30000hours. Above all, it is free of UV, IR and all hazardous heavy metal. Buy this package, and you get 1yera warrant cover from the manufacturer.

  • Hassle-free installation
  • Long distance signal range up to 6 meters
  • Have 810 lumens and 5000k daylight white light
  • it has a long lifespan of 30000hours
  • It is expensive
  • Has a short motion sense signal duration; only 30seconds

10. LOHAS BR30 LED Motion Sensor Light Bulb

LOHAS BR30 LED Motion Sensor Light Bulb

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Winding up our list is a great product here from the LOHAS industries. The BR30 smart sense light bulb features incredible specifications that will leave you pondering your mouth. Are you curious to know who is entering your compound at any time of the day? Well install the bulb in the pathway or verandah, and it will always send a signal whenever it detects any human motion with the detection range of three meters away.

More, LOHAS BR38, unlike its counterparts, has outstanding illumination; it integrates 1200lumens that will give your house or anywhere you install the bulbs smooth daylight 5000k white light. The bulb has high-quality performance equal to 100watts. However, this should not scare away, no! its power consumption rate will even make you wish you had bought extra packages. The floodlight engineers with a high LED tech energy conservation mechanism thus you won’t have to worry of alarming electric bills anymore.

The bulb will switch on instantly without the need of pressing any switch manually once a motion within 3 meters is detected and the soon the person is out of range, it shuts off. No UV radiations, any toxic heavy metals like lead and mercury or any other hazardous compound emission when you use these bulbs. With a 30000 hours lifespan, you will live to love the decision you took of buying the product.

  • Has high intense illumination; 100w, 1200lumens
  • It is multifunctional
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Light lasts up to 30000hours
  • Comes with a higher pricing
  • Has a short distance coverage unlike its close rival

Buying Guides:

To help you do a proper shopping, we are presenting a list on the primary factor you ought to consider as you do the evaluations.

Product Technology:

The motion sensor light bulbs are advancement, meaning they come in an all-new technology which would be challenging to the laggard customers. We have both digital and analog models, for a digital gadget, it would be the best choice. Why? They are easy to operate, most of then are automatable meaning you won’t have to do manual switching on or off each time. More interesting, the digital bulbs are energy efficient thanks to the LCD fabrication.

Coverage Area:

Choosing on the detection range, first, you need to ask yourself, where do you intend to place the bulb? It is in your bedroom, outside in the verandah of do you need it for commercial purpose? When you note down these footnotes, it would be easier for you to make a perfect choice that satisfies all your needs. The bulbs come in many coverage ranges. Some are 4 feet, and currently, you will get the models covering up to 70 feet distance. Short distance coverage models are good for the individual rooms while for large and commercial use, a wide-range detection motion sensor light bulb would do justice.

Mode of Installation:

Most of us use the conventional bulbs; therefore, when you plan on transiting to the new technology product, it is advisable you inspect the sockets and assess their compatibility with your devices. Get the light sensor bulb which would be an extra problem in the house: requiring you to do rewiring of the entire place. The installation method of the device also needs to be comfortable and flexible: able to fit in different surfaces without complex procedures to follow.

Light Type:

The bulbs are either regular incandescent lights or LED. The LED lighting system is better when we look the terms of energy consumption and heat emission. They consume low power thus saving on the power bills.

  • Conclusion:

Motion sensor light bulbs are must-have devices. They are durable, reliable, convenient and the best energy efficient alternative to other lighting devices. Choose one from our top best product featuring in the reviews above, and you will experience the benefits forever. Make the order without any hesitation.