10 Best Motorcycle Backpacks 2019 Reviews For Commuting & Travel

For many bike lovers, it is important to carry their stuff securely. However, or comfort and reliability, motorcycle backpacks are the absolute options. They are specially designed to ensure you can carry and store personal stuff hassle-free. With a variety of styles, designs, and qualities available on the market today, serious considerations are necessary for perfect buy. To have the best motorbike backpacks, below are reviews and buying guides to have an easy process.

List of 10 Best Motorcycle Backpacks in 2019 Reviews:

10. MotoCentric Leather Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack

MotoCentric Leather Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack

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MotoCentric waterproof bike backpack is one of the premier packs. Instead of using regular bags that don’t have additional protection, this gives riders peace of mind. Due to its construction, it can withstand high speed without compromising its safety to your carried items. With both sides back and front strengthened they keep the pack in shape. Additionally, the exterior net pocket is ideal for storing additional items instead of congesting internal compartments. With back section ideal for helmet and soccer balls attachments, and one can carry a spare helmet. The ultra-strong Oxford fabrics utilized in the making of this backpack gives it high endurance.

The construction doesn’t only entails strong fabrics, but, it also ensures they are water resisting. Even when riding in rain showers, the backpack gives your carried items added protection. Apart from keeping splashes away, the pack is exceptionally breathable. In fact, the construction entails high breathable materials to keep your back cool. This means even when riding in hot conditions; there is no excessive sweating. For people with laptops, the bag has a large compartment that can hold 14 inches notebook. For ultimate safety while on the ride, the pack has reflective stripes on the back to ensures high notability to other motorists.

  • Breathable back
  • Extra heavy-duty Oxford fabrics
  • Wear-resistant outer shell
  • Reflective stripes
  • Unideal for large laptops

9. Badass Motogear Motorcycle Travel Backpack with Helmet Holder

Badass Motogear Motorcycle Travel Backpack with Helmet Holder

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The Badass Motorgear motorbike backpack is the absolute pick for riders. It’s a sleek bag that can be used by commuters, biking hobbyist and other uses. Created with riding in mind, it means you can enjoy using this backpack without experiencing any issues especially related to bike aerodynamics. Its slim and streamlines at the back to ensure a smooth ride. To keep it as close to the body, the straps are easily adjustable to keep your ride enjoyable and eliminate bag wobbling in your back. Whether riding at night or low light, the reflective pipings are great in improving your visibility.

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Amazingly, when opting to carry an additional helmet, the bag comes with detachable exterior mesh pocket. Additionally, the mesh holder is large enough to carry soccer ball as the pack can be used as a regular pack. The fabrics used are sturdy to accommodate heavy-duty performance without getting damaged. To keep the stored components secure, the pockets are zipper enhanced. Therefore, even for small items like sunglasses, and other stuff, they can be carried with ease and security. The pack is generally versatile and use as lightweight and/or heavy-duty uses.

  • Expandable mesh pockets
  • Large accessories storage compartments
  • Lightweight and heavy-duty applications
  • Quality fabrics
  • Stitching issues

8. Mardingtop 25/35L Military Traveling Tactical Backpacks

Mardingtop 25:35L Military Traveling Tactical Backpacks 

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Walk, ride and hike like military without worrying about your luggage. The Mardingtop tactical versatile backpack is the absolute pick when looking for an ideal way to carry all essential belongings. It is a professionally designed pack to suit a variety of needs. Despite its large size, this pack is greatly designed to keep your ride smooth without affecting the aerodynamics. The 35 liters capacity is ideal for everyone carrying a variety of components. Unlike the small ones, this fits most essential items needed when hiking, walking and even motorcycling. Divided into various components, it is possible to keep different items without compromising their safety.

Apart from the large internal compartments, the pack also come with internal small pockets. The Molle webbing also is vital in ensuring additional pouches and important components. Whether its tent or bedroll, the 4 molle hooks are essential in allowing simple attachment. To keep weight well distributed, the backpack is enhanced with a stitched waistline. The straps are designed to keep this backpack snugly fitted in your waist. Thus, even when used in demanding places, it keeps you walking without experiencing any problem.

  • Easy to add external gears
  • Snug fitting
  • Comfortable stitched waist strap
  • Large capacity: 35 liters
  • Military grade construction
  • Thinner strap padding

7. Seibertron Waterproof Molle Motorcycle Backpack with Helmet/Basketball Holder

Seibertron Waterproof Molle Motorcycle Backpack with Helmet:Basketball Holder

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Looking for a solution when motorcycling to carry your stuff? Here is this large backpack by Seibertron. It’s a large pack with the ability to hold a variety of stuff. Notably, the pack is ideal for a variety of functions besides being a motorbike backpack. It has aback attachment that can be used for carrying helmet, basketball and other types of balls. Thus, when not in use when cruising, it is also ideal for use in daily activities. The helmet attachment is detachable to render this pack as a regular bag. To make the pack durable and reliable, it features durable and sturdy 900D waterproof fabrics.

The zippers are sturdy, and an alloy made to keep everything inside protected. Their strength is outstanding as they can’t break easily even in an event of a high impact. Besides the strong zipper, the clips are also sturdy as well as straps they ensure it remains in shape. The numerous Molle loops so help in strengthening the backpack to ensures it secures every luggage inside. The compartments are large and expandable to enable storage of bigger items. Furthermore, the zippered smaller pouches are ideal in storing sensitive components.

  • Expandable compartments
  • Detachable external helmet pouch
  • Sturdy alloy zippered
  • 900D sturdy fabrics
  • Broad shoulder straps
  • The bag isn’t waterproof

6. Viking Aero Expandable Universal Fit Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag

Viking Aero Expandable Universal Fit Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag

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This expandable motorcycle backpack by Viking Bags is a classic option to have. It’s a large pack with the ability to enjoy functionality. The sturdy construction coupled with durable materials ensures it can be used to ferry large luggage. Unlike other packs, this features Viking leather and professional stitching to give it absolute dependability. With leather exterior, it means you can always enjoy the great protection of carried items. Besides the undisputed stitching, the pack boasts four sides storage pockets. This gives it the ability to carry and store extra load. The upper roll bag is easily detectable which is ideal when carrying extra items.

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Carrying the pack is easy and smooth than you can imagine. It has detachable shoulder straps which are also adjustable. Depending on you comfortable carrying position, it becomes easy to set straps to your favorite position. For easy straps fixing, they are enhanced Velcro closure and quick releasing buckles. With pockets having zipper closures, it means everything is secure. Moreover, the vintage leather looks clean and complements your bike seat. Overall, the backpack performance and appearance are unmatchable.

  • Expandable pockets
  • Detectable upper rollback
  • Vintage looking leather
  • Easy to fit and detach straps
  • Weak bag clips

5. Osprey Packs Daylite Daypack

Osprey Packs Daylite Daypack

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Enjoy the great ride while securely carrying your items with this Osprey daypack. Perfected for use while motorbiking, the backpack is greatly improved to ensure comfort and reduced drag. When comparing this pack design with others, it has an impressive performance. The smooth exterior allows smooth airflow when riding thereby keeping your bike stable. Thereby, even for bike enthusiasts, it is possible to enjoy an uncompromised ride when due to high drags like in other backpacks. On the other hand, the nylon constructed outer shell is smooth and durable. With the back panel featuring foam padding with die-cuts, it is comfortable and highly breathable.

For people who usually carry large luggage, this pack is awesome. It offers attachment points whereby you can attach extra bags. Uniquely, the fitted hydration pack is important when you are riding or hiking in hot areas. It allows easy access to water while still riding or hiking without the need to remove your pack from the back. The internal compartments design to keep the variety of items safe. With a laptop compartment, it helps in securing your device even when traversing through harsh environments. Besides the mesh pockets offers a chance to carry water bottles and other essentials.

  • Ventilated back padding
  • Integrated hydration pack
  • Easy to add attachments
  • Multiple uses compartments
  • Smaller than regular backpacks

4. ArcEnCiel Water-Resistant Military Tactical Assault Pack

ArcEnCiel Water-Resistant Military Tactical Assault Pack

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The ArcEnCircle is the classic backpack designed to perform a variety of functions. This military tactical rucksack is sturdy and highly reliable to ensure you can carry heavy loads without damaging the pack. The construction features military-grade 1000D nylon fabrics. This makes the outer shell durable and scratch resistant hence a great way of keeping your luggage protected. Besides tough outer shell, the pack has outstanding protection for your items due to thick and lightweight padding. Interior has large and divided compartments to ensure it keeps everything organized. Moreover, with a large laptop compartment, it can easily fit laptops up to 17 inches.

The versatility of this tactical pack is amazing. Its large capacity and durable construction ensure it can be used in various places. In fact, it can be used for daily activities without compromising its performance. The combination of chest belt and adjustable shoulder straps gives this pack ideal comfort to keep your body enjoying the comfort. The convenient D rings are great when it comes to strengthening this pack thus ideal for long-distance hiking and other demanding tasks. Additional mesh pockets are great for carrying water bottles as well as small umbrellas.

  • Scratches resistant
  • Divided storage packs
  • Versatile usage
  • Comfortable chest and shoulder straps
  • Wets easily

3. LOCALLION Cycling Backpack Bike Rucksack Outdoor Sports Daypack

LOCALLION Cycling Backpack Bike Rucksack Outdoor Sports Daypack

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Biking is common among many people. In fact, some will use motorcycles everyday instead of cars. For a bike enthusiast, this Locallion biking rucksack is a preferable pick. Compared to other bags, this one is lightweight yet reliable to keep your luggage safe. It is one of the versatile backpacks available on the market. It is ideal for use in backpacking, biking, and other everyday applications. Besides the daily use, the pack is great options for a variety of sports. Thus, there is no need to use regular bags when this by Locallion is available.

The awesome thing with this pack is the high breathability. It means even when used under extreme weathers, it lows your back to breath and averts excessive sweating. Besides the back, shoulder straps have mesh finish to allow the skin to breathe naturally. They are also adjustable to keep the bag in position. Combining interior and exterior pockets, the backpack offers enough space to carry a variety of items. It has space even for helmet, umbrella and other essentials needed when going out. Safety when on road is guaranteed it has reflective strips on the back. Also, the chest strap is ideal for fitting a whistle for use in case of em, emergencies.

  • Tear resistant fabrics
  • Universal applications
  • Breathable and comfortable straps
  • Reflective stripe
  • Emergency light and whistle straps
  • Straps are extra long

2. OGIO No Drag Mach 3 Motorcycle Backpack

OGIO No Drag Mach 3 Motorcycle Backpack

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The joy of riding a bike without experiencing distractions is what every rider wishes for. However, adding backpacks in your back can greatly affect your stability and performance. With this Ogio backpack, it is a special backpack. Designed to eliminate any drag, it ensures you enjoy maximum fuel efficiency. Unlike the other packs, this one is streamlined. This keeps you riding at optimum sped without losing stability. Interestingly, the shoulder gaskets are effective in maintaining the aerodynamics. Even when at high speed, there is no safety compromise like in non-streamlined backpacks.

Despite the backpack enjoying great streamlining, it has amazing padding. In fact, the bolstered back foam is classic in ensuring proper ventilation. Even when riding for long especially in hot places, the bag keeps your back cool. Additionally, the soft shoulder straps are efficient an soft in keeping helmet safe and free from scratches. Carrying this backpack brings a peace of mind. It has a removable waist belt that prevents scratches to your bike fuel tank. Interior has organized panels enhanced with zippers for proper protection. Overall, the backpack is ergonomic and sturdy for extreme biking.

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  • Streamlined design
  • Breathable configuration
  • Comfortable concealed handle
  • Zippered security pockets
  • Small for a lot of items

1. Seibertron Motorbike Backpack Outdoor Sports Riding Package

Seibertron Motorbike Backpack Outdoor Sports Riding Package

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Having the right backpack when riding your bike is an aspiration for everyone. This Seibertron riding package is all you need to enjoy great comfort and a perfect ride. It’s a large backpack that enables riders to enjoy the great room for their luggage. In fact, with a capacity to hold 37 liters, one can easily carry all essential when cruising. On the other hand, the interior is divided into compartments to allow as much luggage as possible. With proper arrangement, riders can always enjoy easy retrieval and protection of the belongings.

Well, the construction is not a trial and errors. In fact, the designing and sewing of this backpack are amazing. The outer shell boasts heavy-duty 900D materials. The materials are sturdy and reliable as well as waterproof. With this, it translates to an exceptional protection of everything stored inside. With straps boasting broad design and padding, they keep your shoulders comfortable. For proper fastening, the backpack comes with shoulder, chest and waist belts. They ensure the bag remains intact on your back.

  • Extra large capacity
  • Durable and sturdy construction materials
  • Additional external pockets
  • Not waterproof on zippers and pinholes

Best Motorcycle Backpacks Pre-Purchase Consideration:


The capacity of a bag is vital when it comes to the amount of load rider is carrying. In many times, large bags are ideal especially when carrying large loads. Especially, for commuters, it calls for large bags since they allow storage of larger loads than small ones. Besides clothes, they can fit other items like laptops, tablets and other essentials when going outdoors. Ideally, looking for a bag that will fit all your stuff perfectly ensures great peace of mind.

Waterproof materials:

When going outdoors, it is ideal to ensure all your belongings are perfectly secured. Having a backpack with the ability to resist water penetration is always advisable. It means you can carry even water sensitive items without any worry. Most of the waterproof bags come with tough lining outer shells the ability to prevent water leaks. This ensures that interior remains dry and carried stuff doesn’t get soaked. Despite being waterproof, the bag should not compromise your comfort and weight.

Padding and comfort:

The comfort of a backpack is essential under all circumstances. The same case applies to the motorcycle backpacks. They are supposed to be padded to ensures great comfort when carrying. The padding is vital especially when carrying larger luggage. The cushioning is responsible for keeping the bag comfortable. With padding being directly related to comfort, thick cushioning protects your back as well as carried stuff.

Besides cushioning, the comfort is paramount for any backpack. The cushioning should also come hand in hand with breathable material. This prevents your body from experiencing excessive sweating. Meshed traps and back are deal in ensuring you get a comfortable backpack.

Where you are biking:

Where you intend to use your backpack is important in before selecting your pack. This is because they are designed to offer different performance on various applications. For street biking, they will differ from off-road biking. On the other hand, when riding on tropicals, your backpack choice will differ from a pack designed for use in semi-arid areas. Basically, selection of a bag will be considerably be determined by the condition and the style of your biking.

The frequency of your biking:

How often you ride is one way to determine whether you need a bag or no. for people who use motorbikes regularly, it is advisable to have a backpack to ensure you can enjoy great comfort and convenience. On the other hand, for bikers who use motorcycles once in a week, a cheap backpack is suitable. It ensures you can ride a bike without worrying about your carried stuff.

The Benefits of Motorbike Backpacks:

Well, some people will argue any backpack will do when it comes to biking. But, bags specifically designed for biking are suited to the task. Here are highlighted benefits of using bags designed for motorcycling.

Extra protection:

These backpacks are specifically designed for use in motorbikes. This implies that even if unexpected happens, one can enjoy additional protection. Their padded construction gives them the ability to secure your luggage.

Reduced drag:

Carrying a regular bag can cause drag especially when riding fast. Mostly many companies make backpacks mainly to reduce the overall rag. This ensures the rider get a perfect cruise and there is no compromise in aerodynamics. Apart from the design, style and size are perfectly designed.

Element proof:

In most cases, the backpacks for motorbike riders design to resist most weather elements. Compared to other packs, these are created to withstand weather elements. Whether it’s in dry conditions or rainy days, these bags are designed to ensure there is no weather compromise to you the luggage.

Aids during accidents:

Most of the backpacks available come with padded backs. This enables the rider to enjoy the great feeling when carrying these packs. There are a few cases whereby people have been involved in accidents while riding motorbikes. The padding on the backpacks has significantly improved the ability of riders to escape hurt especially on the back.

Extra pocket:

The motorcycle packs available these days come with extra pockets. Unlike the regular bags, these enable people to expand their carrying ability. Notably, some of the models enable expansion through detachable pockets.


The motorcycle backpacks are great ways of ensuring a smooth ride. With their aerodynamic designs, they allow smooth rolling without experiencing any problem. With a variety of bags available in size and design, everyone can get their best motorbike backpacks. Especially, with these featuring packs, no more struggle to get.

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