Top 9 Best Office Chair Covers to Buy in 2019 Reviews

Office chair covers are the angels you need to protect your chairs against dirt and damaging look. When your chair’s life is fading, and its leather hair are flaking, a chair cover is a savior. The covers offer more than just protection for your office chairs. They also provide colorful and attractive designs that add glamour to your office look. So here are the top 9 best chair covers to help you with the right selection.

The Best Office Chair Covers (2019) Reviews:

9. BTSKY Office Computer Chair Covers Medium Size, Black

BTSKY Office Computer Chair Covers Stretchy -Polyester Desk Chair:Rotating Chair Cover, Medium Size (Black)

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These BTSKY office chair covers offer a proper fit for medium size chairs in the office.  The chair covers feature a durable polyester material design that stretches for a snug fit. The cover can fit chairs with 17.7-21.7 inches in seat length and 16.5-20.5 inches in seat width. The cover’s back can also fit chairs with 24.4-27.1 inches in back height, and 17.7-21.7 in back width.

BTSKY has a history of conformable materials in its chair covers, and these were not an exception. The material is sturdy, and they offer a perfect fit for chairs. Since they stretch adequately, they provide a nice fit, especially on the arm’s area.  The good thing is that while these chair covers are wrapping your chairs, your visitor will not even know it.

The sewn-in elastic hem allows them to stretch and return to standard look as quick as possible. With the zippers, these medium-size covers fit even better.

8. BTSKY Office Computer Chair Covers, Large size

BTSKY Office Computer Chair Covers Stretchy -Polyester Desk Chair:Rotating Chair Cover, Large Size (Black)

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These are large-size BTSKY office chair covers that feature a long-lasting polyester material for secure coverage of your office chairs. These best office chair covers can fit well into your standard size office chairs. If your chairs range from 27.6-30.7 inches in height, then get the BTSKY chair covers for them.

The cover will make your chair s look neat, preventing dust from taking a permanent hold of their look. They also offer a secure fit for chairs whose back width measures 50-60 cm. The chair cover is sturdy with the nice stretchy design. BTSKY also include quality zippers for a simple slipcover. The zips also enable you to take them off easily for proper maintenance when due.

No matter how old your chair look, you can now make it new again. Your leather office chairs would find solace in these beautiful BTSKY office chair covers.

7. Loghot Computer Office Spandex Stretchy Fabric Durable Chair Cover

Loghot Computer Office Spandex Fabric Stretch Rotating Chair Covers Washable Durable Chair Cover (High Back, Black)

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These Loghot chair covers offer a variety of colors from which you can choose. The design of these chair covers suggests they can fit most office chair types.  The covers material composes of spandex and polyester. Even from a distance, you can tell these chair covers are durable.

There are five colors from which you can make a selection. However, the manufacturer states it cannot guarantee an exact match in color. Nonetheless, these chair covers will turn your old looking chairs into new ones. You don’t need to spend money on new chairs anymore.

The zippers on the covers allow you to put them easily on your chairs. Once done, they fit like a glove and make your leather chairs look new again. If the back of your chair measures 65-75cm in height, and the back’s width ranges 42-50cm, then you have won yourself a jackpot.

6. BTSKY Back Office Chair Covers Large Size, Black

BTSKY Back Office Chair Covers Stretchy for Computer Chair:Desk Chair:Boss Chair:Rotating Chair:Executive Chair Cover, Large Size, Black(No Chair)

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BTSKY returns with yet another superb office chair cover set. The chair covers will fit any chair with a back height measuring 27.5-31.5 inches. The chair cover will also fit chairs whose back width ranges 17.7-22.8 inches. Again, if your office chairs have a seating area ranging 17.7-23.6 inches, then this BTSKY chair covers is for you.

Looking at the design of these chair covers, they appear with a nice stretchy look. It is this stretchable nature that makes them custom fit for chairs within their size range. Two quality zippers further enhance the snuggle fit these chair covers provide. Once you slip them on the chairs, they render a glove fit, with the zippers matching tightly on the arm. The Velcro is strategically placed to ensure the cover is firmly in place. BTSKY offers the best covers for hiding pet scratches while remaining anonymous to your visitors.

5. Deisy Dee Slipcovers Cloth Universal Computer Office Chair Cover

Deisy Dee Slipcovers Cloth Universal Computer Office Rotating Stretch Polyester Desk Chair Cover C062 (black)

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The Deisy Dee chair covers is a beautiful piece that will make your old chair look new again. When you slip this chair cover over a fading chair; it will immediately appear new. This is down to the 15% spandex and 85% polyester materials that make up the chair cover.

As for fit, the covers can fit chairs with 70-80cm back height and 45-58cm back width.  The Deisy cover also fit in with chairs having 45-68cm seat length and 45-60cm seat width.

The good thing is that this chair cover fits tightly and the material is of high quality. It doesn’t smell of any chemical composition. However, the coves’ material appears a bit too thin in thickness level. Nonetheless, it serves as a cute upgrading accessory for your old office chairs.

4. Trycooling Modern Simplism Style Chair Covers Cotton

Trycooling Modern Simplism Style Chair Covers Cotton Office Computer Stretchable Rotating Chair Cover (Large, Black)

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The Trycooling chair covers are ideal for chairs that are severely damaged or worn out. The covers come in a large size and fit for most standard office chairs. While the material color may look a shade different from what you see on your screen, it is the quality that matters.

The Trycooling chair cover comes with very thick material. Slipping it on a large leather chair is comfortable. It has a stretchy, blend fabric design that looks durable. The two zippers further simplify putting it on the chair while remaining tightly fit. The remarkable thing about this cover is that you can’t see through the material when it is covering your chair. By this, no one will see the embarrassing scratches, wear, and tear that has taken your chairs hostage for a while. Get this best office chair cover, and you will not regret it.

3. Seiyue Slipcovers Cloth Chair Pads Removable Cover

Seiyue Slipcovers Cloth Chair Pads Removable Cover Stretch Cushion Resilient Fabric Office Desk Chair Cover

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Do you have an embarrassing large office chair that you need to cover? Seiyue chair cover can do that for you. The chair cover is perfect for high-back office chairs that towers 70-80cm in height. Also, if the back of your chair measures 45-58cm in height, this chair cover is what you need.

A chair cover should have good material, and this does. It features a stretchable spandex material design that offers a comfortable fit. You can wash the material without fading, and it doesn’t smell foul of chemicals. The soft and perfect nature of this material makes it ideal for covering the shame that your rebellious chair brings to you. Also, the Seiyue also makes this chair to resist wrinkles after a wash or during use. With this chair cover, you can now reprimand your badly flaking leather swivel chair for good.

There are zippers beneath the arm area and also on the back that enables you to remove and slip it on with ease. The softness of the material optimizes the comfort you derived when using the chair. Lastly, there are five color options for you to chose.

2. Meloshow Office Chair Cover –Large Size

Meloshow Office Chair Cover - Universal Stretch Desk Chair Cover, Computer Chair Slipcovers (Size- L)

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The Meloshow office chair cover is a beautiful option for people looking to boost their desk chairs appearance. The size of this particular one is large and will fit most standard swivel office chairs. If your chair has a back height measuring 70-8cm, and 45-58cm in back-width, this cover is what you need. It is also suitable for a large chair size with 45-58cm in seat length and seat width.

This number #2 best office chair cover features a quality-grade spandex material, which is durable and reliable. You can stretch the material to have a snug fit. There are elastic bands and zippers in the cover, which make it possible to stretch and fit properly.

The Meloshow chair cover doesn’t just protect your chairs from scratches and dirt. It also enhances the overall look of your office. While the elastic bands and zippers make it easy to install on your chair, the softness of the material add comfort to your day at the office.

Maintenance is a breeze when it comes to the Meloshow chair cover.  The chair cover is machine washable and doesn’t lose its silky appearance during or after a wash. With the Meloshow, you can now bring back the glory days of your office chairs.

1. CAVEEN Office Chair Cover Black Large

CAVEEN Office Chair Cover Computer Chair Universal Boss Chair Cover Modern Simplism Style High Back Large Size (Chair not Included) Black Large

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The Caveen chair cover is the best office chair covers for 2019 for its intelligent design. The cover excels both in look and feel. Let’s talk about its size support for chairs.

Firstly, take note that this Caveen chair cover is available in small, medium and large sizes. So, when you are placing an order for yours, know the exact size first. This particular one we are reviewing now is a large size.  It can fit any office chair whose back-height ranges 27.6-31.5 inches. It is also suitable for chairs whose back width and cushion length measure 17.7-22.8 inches, and 17.7-23.6 inches respectively.

Caveen uses high-quality spandex and polyester materials to create this durable chair cover. Apart from being durable, this chair cover is also very stretchy. By this, you can simply position your chair and slip it into it. The chair cover also prevails against dust and dirt. The stretchy material makes it resistant to wrinkles as well. If you don’t mind,  you can dip it inside your machine and wash without fear of damaging it looks or fabric.

Caveen makes sure that you will never have to fight a “civil war” when installing the covers. Just locate the arms, stretch them out and give your chair a beautiful looking cover. Don’t run if you hear a “Thank you, sir” from your old but born-again chair.

The Office Chair Covers’ Buying Guides:

  • Size

It will be a waste of fund if you venture to buy a chair cover without knowing the size. To get the correct size, first check out the size of your chair, from the back’s height to its width, and also the seating length and width. This will give you the ideal size to look for when buying your cover. A size that is too small or too large will do your chair no good.

  • Price

Except you’re on a budget, nothing good comes cheap. While office chair covers don’t cost arms and legs, it is always good to invest in something that is not too cheap. Otherwise, be prepared to get a see-through cover that will only make your chair shy.

  • Quality

Since there is no substitute for quality, make sure your chair cover is durable. And that can only be if the material is sturdy. It should also be relatively thick so that it can hide the shame of your chair. Most of the office chair covers are made either with spandex or polyester or a combination of both. Notwithstanding, the material should be resistant to moisture, brace against the sun, and resistant to wrinkles. A cover with good quality material will also stand up against wear and tear, stretchable for a snug fit and machine washable without fading.

  • Design

Go for a nice looking chair cover. This is a no-brainer since you are trying to bring back the glory days of your dying chair. Therefore, the cover should look good, with trendy color. Your chair will never forgive you if you buy an ugly-looking chair cover.

  • Installation

Only buy a chair cover that will not give you nightmares during installation. Also, you should find it convenient to remove them for maintenance. In that case, a chair cover that comes with zippers and stretchy materials would suffice. That is all you need to know.

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