Top 10 Best Outdoor Showers Reviews to Buy in 2019 [Buying Guides]

These days, the trend of installing and using outdoor showers is getting higher. For the reason that here we are going to share with you the top 10 best outdoor showers review.

To begin with, such a kind of shower remains in demand during the cold and hot weather times. Mostly they are installed in the backyard pools. Furthermore, people have started to consider them as an essential part of their outdoor swimming pools.

Moreover, they give you an instant relief while getting a relaxing shower under them. They are easy to install. And you can use these outdoor showers for other multitasking tasks as well. As an example, cleaning your lawn grass. Thus, let us check out which one is the highly recommended outdoor showers.

Benefits of Outdoor Shower:

Want to know the best part or important benefits given by these outdoor showers?

  • Delivers an Instant Refreshness Relief

Most importantly, by making the best use of these outdoor showers, you shall be going to experience instant relief. There is no need to go indoors in order to take a shower. Simply install this shower type in your backyard poolside area. And enjoy your shower time every single minute.

  • Children Tend to Shower Frequently and More Often

These outdoor showers have become the most favorite item among kids. Most noteworthy, they let you experience less mess and also less stress. If you want that chlorine smell to remain to stay away from your house. Then it is important for you to take a shower outside your home premises.

You can do that by using such an outdoor shower at your poolside.

  • Outdoor Showers Offer a Multitasking Job

Apart from using these outdoor showers just as a shower. You can use them for different purposes as well. As an example, you can simply use them for a cleaning job. Like, cleaning the sand or dirt from your poolside zone. Or cleaning the grass from ice blocks.

Top 10 Best Outdoor Showers in 2019:

10. Giantex 7.2Ft 2-Section Solar Heated Shower

10. Giantex 7.2Ft 2-Section Solar Heated Shower
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Giantex Solar Heated Outdoor Shower is the best outdoor shower which you can install in the backyard zones of your home. It offers easy installation procedure.

It is in the black color option that you can have it. Most probably, it is its solar heated design which makes it a popular version these days.

This shower manages to warm the water by making use of the sun’s energy. It comes with a neat and also modern appearance.

No doubt, this shower is a great and one of the ideal additions in your swimming pool.

Most certainly, you may pick this outdoor shower because it offers large water capacity. It gets quickly connected right to your garden hose.

And it can easily and conveniently hold and carry 9.3 gallons of water. We are sure this free-standing design shower may come on your expectations.

It has this non-corrosive brass and too PVC construction which makes it durable.

  • Solar Heated Design.
  • Large Water Capacity.
  • Free Standing Design.
  • Easy To Assemble.
  • None.

9. Festnight Wooden Outdoor Shower Stand

9. Festnight Wooden Outdoor Shower Stand
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You might be wondering why you should pick this Festnight Wooden Outdoor Shower, we will tell you. This recommended outdoor shower can easily withstand rain, frost as well as sunlight.

As it is made of wood, for the reason that you will always experience cool refreshment from its side. In addition, you can simply and easily install it in your home backyard areas.

Or use it for your camping times. Besides, it is made by using pure hardwood and too fir wood.

The best part is that both of these materials are characterized and known for their absolute and genuine weather resistance traits.

Beyond, this product comprises a rotatable shower nozzle. It offers and delivers adjustable level settings. It is totally up to you how much water pressure you need and require.

Hence, this product is designed in a manner so that a person can experience convenient usage times only. Moreover, the actual product size is 29.5″ x 29.5″ x 87″.

And this product is going to be shipped from the United States.

  • Easily withstand sunlight and rain.
  • Offers absolute and genuine weather resistance.
  • A rotatable shower nozzle.
  • Offers a convenient use.
  • It lacks a large water capacity.

8. Yescom 7 FT Pool Spa Solar Base Shower Outdoor Backyard

8. Yescom 7 FT Pool Spa Solar Base Shower Outdoor Backyard
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Yescom Outdoor Shower comes with a sprinkler. And no doubt this is the USP part of this product. It heats water by utilizing and availing the solar energy.

Furthermore, by buying this shower, you shall experience no energy costs. Moreover, this is a reliable product because it can easily hold 2.3 gallons of water.

You may prefer to buy this one of the suggested top picks. It is due to the reason that it successfully heats water completely up to the ideal temperature range.

Thus, if you are looking for an outdoor shower which offers handy settings, then try this out top pick. By using its handy settings, you can easily control the temperature and also water pressure.

Lastly, this is an easy to assemble product. It takes an extremely less time to install and mount it. You can connect it to any sort and kind of standard garden hose.

Even more, there is no need to involve yourself in any additional plumbing task.

  • Holds 2.3 gallons of water.
  • Handy settings.
  • Adjustable water pressure settings.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • No rotatable shower nozzle.

7. Nantucket Camping, Pool, Jacuzzi Wood Outdoor Shower

7. Nantucket Camping, Pool, Jacuzzi Wood Outdoor Shower
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However, you are free to order this Nantucket Outdoor Shower for yourself as well. Most probably, this shower may come out your top pick and favorite recommendation.

It is due to the fact that it is made by using solid Eucalyptus wood. You can assemble it in just 20 minutes which is great. This shower pipe base is about 25 deep.

And at the same time, it is 30 1/2 inches wide. It is in the medium dark stain shade that you can buy this outdoor shower.

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It comprises a simple on/off shower valve. And its weight is just 30 lbs. This shower kit has all those things and items which you are looking for in a reliable outdoor shower.

Most certainly, this shower can withstand all weather phases as it is induced with a solid Eucalyptus wood material. Install it either at a campsite.

Or you are free to use it at your swimming pool hot tub. Hence, try using this refreshing outdoor shower and share your feedback.

  • Assembles in less time.
  • Simple on/off shower valve.
  • Constructed by using a solid Eucalyptus wood.
  • None.

6. Solene K786CBX Outdoor Poolside Solar Heated Shower

6. Solene K786CBX Outdoor Poolside Solar Heated Shower
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Solene Outdoor Shower comes on the sixth spot. This is an extremely and genuinely sleek outdoor shower which has become a trendy item these days.

We suggest you buying this solar-powered shower because it instantly gives you a soothing and refreshing shower. Use it before taking a dip in the swimming pool.

Or make the best use of it after taking a pool dip. Most importantly, it easily holds 4.5-gallons of water.

And it manages to give 13-gallons of warm water if you are going to mix it with natural water supply.

If you want to constantly enjoy warm water showers. Then try this one of the best outdoor showers. Its installation process is so quick and fast.

And this is the eye-catching trait of this shower. Most noteworthy, it is better to install and mount it on any kind of solid wood surface.

You can even anchor and emboss it into cement. Or look for any kind of solid outdoor surfaces for the sake of installation.

  • Sleek design.
  • Holds 4.5-gallons of water.
  • Installs easily.
  • No additional plumbing is needed
  • Limited guarantee.

5. Boohugger Bamboo Outdoor Shower

5. Boohugger Bamboo Outdoor Shower
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Boohugger Bamboo Outdoor Shower is one of the sustainable as well as handmade showers which you should try. It is 7 ft.

Tall and handcrafted by professional and skilled bamboo artisans. In addition to, it is only because of its natural bamboo construction that this product has become such a popular pick and choice.

This all-natural and sustainable Bamboo construction make this shower reliable and durable. Besides, all of its pipes are pre-assembled. And these pipes are inducted inside the bamboo pole.

The package comes with a valve along with a bamboo handle. You will get a fitting either for the handheld showerhead or for the mountable shower head.

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Thus, what’s the bottom line? Try to use this outdoor shower for one single time. It is one of those exclusive versions which is composed of removable outdoor shower heads.

This same Bamboo Shower also constitutes a removable shower head. You can simply remove and take off the spray-head. And conveniently hold it in your hands.

  • It is handcrafted and made by skilled bamboo artisans.
  • Its pipes are pre-assembled.
  • Removable shower head.
  • None.

4. Wuyue & Buding Outdoor Solar Heating Shower

4. Wuyue & Buding Outdoor Solar Heating Shower
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Besides, you may love using this Wuyue & Buding Outdoor Solar Heating Shower too. You can seamlessly connect it to your garden hose.

Moreover, it successfully and manages to heat the cold water completely up to 140°F temperature zone. This is a perfect and an ideal outdoor shower as it comes and accompanied by a handy faucet.

Even more, it allows and let you adjust the water pressure settings and temperature settings. The package of this product is encompassed by 4 mounting screws.

In this way, you can easily attach and connect the shower base to any kind of flat solid surface areas.

Consequently, using and buying this outdoor shower is a great idea as it carries a sleek, trendy and modern design. For your garden zone premises or for your swimming pool premises.

This is a great and appropriate addition! Hence, if you have decided to buy this Wuyue & Buding Outdoor Solar Heating Shower, then gives us your rating too.

It is high time to take and enjoy refreshing showers every single day. Lastly, the total size of this product is actually 6.3″ x 77″ (W x H).

  • Easy to connect.
  • A handy faucet.
  • Adjustable temperature and pressure settings.
  • Comes with an updated and modern appearance.
  • No removable shower head.

3. Island Retreat NU1630 Rapid Flow Outdoor Shower

3. Island Retreat NU1630 Rapid Flow Outdoor Shower
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Island Retreat NU1630 Outdoor Shower is assigned the third spot. Most probably, picking this outdoor shower shall give you the best shower time.

It is encompassed by large water capacity. Also, it is housed and packed in a black and silver color shade. It is its storage reservoir which can hold up to and approximately 5.3 gallons of water.

Moreover, it is extremely easy to refill. You only have to attach and connect a hose. And then turn on the water settings.

This portable poolside shower comprises a temperature-adjustable nozzle. Every unit of it offers adjustable settings. You can either go for convenient foot wash times.

Or you can enjoy a rain-style shower time.

Try using this solar powered outdoor shower and feel free to give us your feedback. Most certainly, you may further recommend this product as it let you kick back and relax by taking a shower under it.

Even more, its rapid flow’s basin is going to absorb all solar energy. And eventually gives you warm as well as relaxing water.

  • Large water capacity.
  • Gives a rain-style shower.
  • Solar powered.
  • Easy assembly.
  • None.

2. Southern Enterprises Curtis Outdoor Shower

2. Southern Enterprises Curtis Outdoor Shower
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How about using this Southern Enterprises Curtis Outdoor Shower! This is an oiled eucalyptus shower. It contains and surrounded by stainless steel piping.

It is also composed of and packed with an element of the shower head. In addition to, this is a universal and one of the contemporary rain style showers which you are going to love.

Just connect its head to some water hose. And enjoy your shower time. You need to keep in mind its overall dimensions and measurements too.

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Like, this reviewed product which is Southern Enterprises Curtis Outdoor Shower. It is 31.5 inches wide x 32.75 inches deep x 94.5 inches high.

Thus, this is a handy shower version because it is lightweight. It approximately weighs around 35 pounds which is pretty amazing. And it can support weight up to 300 pounds.

As it is constructed by using an Indonesian eucalyptus and also stainless steel material. That is why we have suggested this best version and marked it as a top pick.

  • Comes with a stainless steel piping.
  • Universal rain style shower head.
  • Constructed by using an Indonesian eucalyptus.
  • None.

1. Canditree Outdoor Poolside Shower Wood with Shower Head

1. Canditree Outdoor Poolside Shower Wood with Shower Head
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Lastly, we have Canditree Outdoor Shower for you. This is one of the popular wooden garden shower versions.

It is made with the help of hardwood and fir wood. Moreover, this is a weather resistant outdoor shower kit which completely assures durability.

It can withstand sunlight and rain times. Besides, this outdoor garden shower is the name of giving cool refreshment. It is a great option for after outdoor swimming times.

If your home backyard zone is empty, then do install such an outdoor shower in that area.

Furthermore, it has a rotatable shower nozzle. To adjust the water pressure settings, this option is conveniently given out and delivered by this reviewed product.

We are confident that this Canditree Outdoor Shower will always serve you ease and convenience. Keep in mind the product size too which is 29.5″ x 29.5″ x 87″.

  • Extremely durable.
  • A rotatable shower nozzle.
  • Great design.
  • None.

Best Outdoor ShowersBuyer’s Guides:

  • Solar Heated Design and Sleek Appearance

Most importantly, your bought outdoor shower should have a solar heated design. It should instantly heat the water by utilizing and fully availing solar energy.

Furthermore, look for that shower which is embossed by sleek and modern appearance traits.

  • Large Water Capacity

Moreover, your shortlisted outdoor shower should deliver and be encompassed by large water capacity. It should conveniently hold and store a maximum number of gallons of water.

  • Easy To Assemble

Besides, look for the model which is easy to assemble. It should give you options to either mount and install it on cement.

Or it should give you the facility to install that outdoor shower on some solid outdoor surface.

  • Immensely Durable

Lastly, your purchased outdoor shower should withstand sunlight, rain and harsh weather times. Search for the option which is characterized by weather-resistant property.

Lastly, if it is durable, then it shall offer you other exceptional traits as well. Like, its rotatable shower nozzle will let you adjust water pressure level settings.


To summarize, we hope our recommended outdoor shower fixtures are going to deliver you amazing shower time. As they carry such a sleek design.

And most of them are also solar powered. That is why they are an ideal option in order to enjoy a soothing rinse before you get a dip in the pool or after that! Moreover, you can freely let us know which outdoor shower has become your top pick.

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