11 Best Outline Trimmers Reviews – Buying Guide Updated 2019

We know for a fact getting the best outline trimmers especially if you have sensitive skin can be quite hectic. For this reason, we took the initiative to save you the hassle by compiling this list of the top 11 best outline trimmers in 2019. With this list, it’s time you tossed this half-baked flops which leave you with bumps, irritations, ingrown hair and damaged skin.

List of Best Outline Trimmers Reviews to Buy in 2019:

1. Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer with T-Blade

Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard:Hair Trimmer with T-Blade

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  • By: Andis

This T-outliner is the best on the market. Of course, scooping the top position comes with some demands. And yes, this Andis Outline trimmer meets them to the letter. First, it’s equipped with patented blades which offer years of service without breaking or getting rust. Also, the blades are self-sharpening some you won’t even be required to sharpen then after each shave.

Perhaps the other thing which caught my eyes are the excellently curved edges. They make each and every shave or outlining seem effortless. Of course, the nature of the blades is always very crucial when it comes to outline trimmers. The blades are made using a tough carbon-steel material which makes them quite durable. Also, thanks to the material used in the construction, the blades never get rusty.

The fact that there’s no adjustment needed might seem a more of a drawback but trust me, this is an advantage. Built to last a lifetime, the GTO 04710 outliner is arguably the best t outliner trimmer. It is engineered with a high-impact polycarbonate casing to help protect its powerful and handy interior.

Thus, you rest assured to use it to create numerous new styles for years because it offers you with the same result year in year out. Of course, just like usual barber comb, one is required to switch the comb to suit different hair lengths. So, with this blade, you can achieve customized results.

  • The top-speed motor guarantees ultimate performance.
  • It features a contoured housing designed to offer a firm grip.
  • The trimmer might not work well with too long hairs.

2. Wahl Detailer Powerful Rotary Motor Trimmer

Wahl Detailer Powerful Rotary Motor Trimmer

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  • By: Wahl Professional

Coming solidly in the runners-up position is this trimmer from Wahl Professional. This is what you need if you want to keep your facial hair looking good. Of course, some people have more facial hairs than others. While some of us prefer keeping those hairs well groomed, some people prefer cutting them off completely.

Of course, this trimmer is ideal for both. In fact, this is a 3-in-1 masterpiece which can be used for outlining, shaving or even creating perfect fades. It is precisely what you need to keep your facial hair looking well groomed. This is simply because it is an all-in-one grooming kit. Also, the fact that the entire package is backed by a 5-year warranty offers total peace of mind for the buyer since any mishap is catered for.

Moreover, this 5-star rated detailer is engineered to offer a precisely sharp outline and a great shave. Of course, being good for your barber, the trimmer is definitely good for you. The extra-tough and wide adjustable blade offers a closer cut thus achieving ultimate results. Also, the product is reasonably priced. Given the quality and its price, this outline trimmer is a real bang for each buck!

  • It features many accessories.
  • It entails a solid American construction.
  • Guide design is lacking in quality.
  • The On/Off needs to be improved.


3. Andis 04603 Go Professional Outliner II Square Blade Trimmer

Andis 04603 Go Professional Outliner II Square Blade Trimmer

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  • By: Andis

Closing the top three positions is the Andis 04603 outline trimmer. Just like the other models from the same company, this is a top-grade product which guarantees ultimate performance. First, the powerful magnetic motor guarantees a top-speed and high performance. Also, the fact that it works in a whisper silence makes it a great option for any family person. Of course, you don’t want to wake other people up early in the morning as you prepare to leave for work. So, this extra-silent machine will ensure you don’t disturb anyone else. The curved carbon-steel edges add to this outline trimmer’s top features. In a jiffy, the machine offers value for your money.

Being a versatile tool, the machine can be used for all purposes including trimming, shaving or just outlining. So, you won’t need to buy more options for each of these functions which would mean an extra cost of your part. Also, the heavy-duty cord for delivering power is made long enough to offer convenience. Like, you can easily move about and also reach those areas which would be hard to get to if the cord was short. Lastly, the contoured design conforms to your palm for extra comfort.

  • The fact that it can be used for dry shaving makes it ideal for those who want to shave in the outdoors.
  • The fine teethed blades make fading, trimming or shaving quite easy.
  • It is not cordless.
  • Blades and clippers might get hot during use. However, this is common to almost all clippers and trimmers.

4. Wahl Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper

Wahl Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper

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  • By: Wahl Professional

Like earlier pointed out, Wahl and Andis go head to head on this list. That is because the two companies have shown an unparalleled resilience in the manufacture of top-grade trimmers and clippers. First, this particular trimmer from Wahl features a stainless steel construction which guarantees years of rust-free existence. Also, the dual voltage aspect makes the machine and international masterpiece.

Of course, it can be used with 110V all the way to 250V. Thus, this clipper is ideal for travelers and those intending to visit countries with varying recommended voltages. Of course, you also get to choose the most appropriate adjustment for different hair lengths. With this feature, you can cut your hair to different styles for ultimate grooming.

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The high voltage motor works at a high speed thus ensuring that you get work done with the shortest time possible. Also, the self-sharpening feature eliminates the need for regular sharpening of the blades. Speaking of blades, this machine features curved carbon steel blades which offer top performance. Again, the entire package has four different attachments which are ideal for different functions. For instance, you can use some attachments to trim nose hair or ear hairs. Also, others are for fading and others for trimming. In short, you get whatever you need!

  • Comes with two voltage settings for international use.
  • Features a lightweight design for a convenient shave with your hands.
  • The trimmer is ideal for lining and artwork.
  • The charging system may have issues if not well-taken care of.

5. Andis 4775 GTX T-Outliner Trimmer

Andis 4775 GTX T-Outliner Trimmer

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  • By: Andis

Once more, Andis features into the list. Just like the previous model, this one boasts excellent features which make it a real bang for the bucks. Designed to offer unparalleled strength and efficiency, this trimmer guarantees excellent fades and top-notch outlining. Also, the tough construction guarantees ultimate durability. So, if you want value for the money, perhaps this would be a perfect choice. The other feature worth noting is its top-grade blade which lets you trim beards with added precision. With the blade, you can cut hair to different heights thus is ideal for different styles.

Perhaps the fact that this trimmer can be used for dry shaving makes it ideal for travelers. Also, you can use it on the outdoors like when camping or when hiking. This is because you might not be required to carry other shaving accessories like the foam. Also, the powerful magnetic motor offers a close cut and ideal fades. The motor works faster than most of its competing brands thus making the clipper ideal for quick grooming.

  • The unit is ideal for dry shaving.
  • It is versatile; can be used for trimming necks, mustaches, beards, and edging around ears.
  • The trimmer heats after prolonged use.

6. Andis Professional Styliner II Beard/Hair Trimmer

Andis Professional Styliner II Beard:Hair Trimmer

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  • By: Andis

Once more, we have Andis taking the 6th position. This powerful hair clipper is designed to offer excellent outlining and unique fades for that ultimate grooming. The close-cutting blades offer an ideal shave while the contoured casing makings shaving a breeze. I mean, the body makes it perfect since it conforms to the natural shape of your hand for that perfect grip. Of course, it’d be quite uncomfortable if you used a poorly shaped trimmer which is either too small or too large for your hands. Also, there’s a conveniently placed switch on the side which make switching the trimmer on or off a breeze. The high-quality carbon steel blades make this product even better.

Ideal for both wet and dry shaving, the machine can be used in the indoors and also on the outdoors. Again, the magnetic motor works fast and offers adequate comfort when shaving. The ultra-grade 8-ft cord makes the trimmer convenient. That’s because you don’t have to be restricted to the area closer to the power socket.

  • Excellent for dry shaving. However, you should use oil blade before every use.
  • Capable of achieving magnetic strokes per minute of 7200, 120V and a frequency of 60Hz.
  • It doesn’t come with any trimmer guides.
  • The trimmer heats after prolonged use.

7. Andis Skin-Close Headliner 11-Piece Hair Clipper/Beard Trimmer Kit

Andis Skin-Close Headliner 11-Piece Hair Clipper:Beard Trimmer Kit

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  • By: Andis

Of course, at this point, you must have noticed Andis has literally dominated the list. Of course, this isn’t out of a bias or something of such sort. We have tried to be as fair and objective as possible while compiling this list. First, this machine boasts a stainless steel construction for extra durability. Also, the close-cutting kit filled with top-grade attachments ensures that you get the required results without a glitch. I mean, there’re attachments for al hairs including which on the nose and those which grow on the ears. Again, the contoured design offers comfort since it conforms to the palm. And, whether you have small or large hands, the machine will fit perfectly.

Something else, this trimmer is equipped with a top-performance magnetic motor which has a high power rating and top speed. The machine is ideal for keeping close cuts or bald hairstyle. The tough and patented T-blade guarantee the closest cut while the versatile construction makes it perfect for fades and shaves. And, the stainless steel construction ensures that the clipper never gets rusty. So, you get years of service upon purchase.

  • The trimmer is perfect for fade designs.
  • The stainless steel construction guarantees durability.
  • The ergonomic shape offers easy additional maneuverability.
  • When used inappropriately, hurt the skin and then cause irritation.

8. Wahl T-Pro Trimmer, Corded Hair and Beard Trimmer

Wahl T-Pro Trimmer, Corded Hair and Beard Trimmer

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  • By: Wahl

This outline trimmer for Wahl is perfect for travel enthusiasts. This is because it boasts a compact and lightweight construction. Also, the fact that it can be plugged into sockets of different voltage ratings makes it perfect for international travelers. Of course, the standard range of power rating is between 110V and 250V. So, the fact that it can be used with anything within that range makes it a global tool. Also, the top-quality blades eliminate sagging or bumps. Also, this trimmer comes with a top-performance motor which guarantees performance and high speed.

Finding an outline trimmer which can make clear outlines, close cuts, and excellent fades isn’t always that easy. With this machine, you will achieve all this without breaking a sweat. Furthermore, the shape makes this trimmer ideal for your hands thus offering added comfort. Also, its price is on the lower side so you won’t have to drain your accounts when making a purchase. In a jiffy, this trimmer offers value for the money.

  • Can make sharp, hard lines.
  • The electromagnetic motor offers perfect edging and trimming.
  • There’re operating instructions included to ensure there are no errors.
  • The transformer plug is rather too big compared to its size.

9. ANDIS Professional Barber Combo – CL-66325

ANDIS Professional Barber Combo - CL-66325

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  • By: Andis

Just like all the other products from Andis, this is a top-performance outline trimmer which guarantees perfect fades and shaves. The hardened patented blades make this a great tool. I mean, with the blades, rusting isn’t an option. Also, the curved edges offer comfort and perfection. Perhaps the other notable feature is the tough carbon-steel body. The body is designed to offer years of service for the user. Also, the fact that one can adjust the blades makes this a perfect trimmer. I mean, you can adjust the blade to your desired level so that you get a personalized shave.

With a sleek housing, the machine fits into your palm regardless of the size or shape. From a personal experience, a poorly shaped trimmer can prove quite annoying. And, the compact and lightweight design also make it perfect for shaving. No one wants to carry something too heavy on their hands for hours. The lever is used to adjust the blades all the way from course to a fine touch. This way, you get a customized shave and styling is easy. Another thing, the smooth and quiet running motor ensures that you don’t disturb others while shaving.

  • You get a number of style options.
  • The ergonomic design makes its use comfortable.
  • No adapter included with the purchase.

10. Andis 05110 T-Outliner, Black

Andis 05110 T-Outliner, Black

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  • By: Andis

On the 10th position is yet another great trimmer from Andis. Ideal for all-around grooming, this clipper can be used for outlining, fades and shave. Also, the contoured design offers added maneuverability since it conforms to the natural shape of your hand. This way, you experience adequate comfort and convenience while shaving. The super-fast motors also make this a great product. I mean, you get faster shaving and also enjoy great results.

One more thing, the trimmer is equipped with an excellent motor which offers a powerful performance. Also, the motor runs quietly and smoothly which is a great thing, unlike most flops. Another thing, the top-grade carbon-steel blades offer years of service. They don’t get rusty and are ideal for years of close cutting. What’s more, the kit is fairly priced given its excellent quality. So, it will offer value for your money.

Perhaps the other thing worth noting is the extraordinary design. The design features an ergonomic shape which makes it ideal for all hands. Of course, it’s not easy to come up with a clipper which can be used by large and small hands. So, the entire engineering process must have really taken stellar designing skills.

  • The excellent T-blade offers close cuts.
  • The fining teeth offer the best close cuts.
  • There’s none as of now.

11. Caseling Hard CASE for Andis T-Outliner Trimmer

Caseling Hard CASE for Andis T-Outliner Trimmer

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  • By: Caseling

Finally, we complete the review with this Caseling outline trimmer. It is crafted of hard and durable EVA that protects your clippers securely in place. What’s more, it also features a reliable, secure zipper closure to make sure that your shaver is always safe and protected from dust, dirt, and moisture that may lead to your shaving gear getting corroded with rust. And that’s not all; you will be pleased with the fact that this masterpiece case is also shock resistant and waterproof too. Thus the casing can comfortably prevent moisture and water spills to get inside your device.

Nevertheless, it features a comfortable hand strap design that is easy to grip and gives you superb convenience during travelling or transporting. Of course, most people want to be able to move about and still have their shaving kit with them. So, if you’re one of those people, then this trimmer is got you covered.

  • Comes with a money back guarantee upon purchase, making it a good value for your money.
  • The trimmer is designed to perfectly fit into your hands.
  • Isn’t the cheapest although it’s worth each extra dime.

How to Choose the Best Outline Trimmers:

  • Your aim: Your personal requirements must come first. Of course, outline trimmers can be put into various uses. So, whether you just want to shave, outline or fade, there’s a perfect outline trimmer for each task. So, ensure you pick the one which works for you.
  • Corded or cordless: We have corded and cordless options. So, if you’re traveling or want to use your trimmer on the outdoors, then you should get the cordless option.
  • Budget: Always go for fairly priced outline trimmers. Of course, we have overpriced options and also some underpriced flops. Just ensure the price is reasonable and the quality is good.
  • Contoured design: A contoured design is always the best. I mean, it conforms to your hand’s natural shape thus letting you shaved comfortably and conveniently. So, when making a purchase, only pick a contoured design.
  • Powerful magnetic motor: The power of the motor is quite crucial. If you want to have the best results, ensure you test the motor and only pick an ultra-powerful option.
  • Wet or dry operations: Most outline trimmers offer both options but we have some which can be used for dry shaving. So, if you plan to use the trimmer while outside the house, then I suggest you go for a brand which offers both wet and dry operations.

Why You Need an Outline Trimmer:

  • Clean shave: Outline trimmers available in the market today prides themselves for giving their enthusiast perfect smooth cuts giving them that priceless clean-shaven look. Trimmers are also great for styling that already short hair or beard which you will not achieve with a hair clipper.
  • Protects Sensitive Skin: Beard trimmers smoothly slide over your facial skin thus offering a smooth cut without causing bumps or irritations. So, if you want to avoid undergrown hairs and skin damage, an outline trimmer would be perfect.
  • Saves Time: Outline trimmers save time and energy. Unlike those large and complicated options, these ones are compact and work conveniently. Also, you won’t need most items like soap and water which waste more time.

Getting the best outline trimmers isn’t a joke! I mean, the market is full of many options. In this article, we have compiled the best brands to make your selection easier. Each of the trimmers listed above is proven to offer close cuts and excellent outlines. So, if you’re tired of those cheap flops which can’t give the required results, ensure you buy one of our top picks!

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