Top 10 Best Portable Ballet Barres (2019) for Home Use [Reviews]

If you are a ballet dancer, sometime you may feel pain on muscles when you are stretching. But while you are using a ballet barre, you can do these hard exercises easily. The stable construction and the correct height of a ballet barre help to increase the strength of a dancer and improve his or her flexibility. So you should include this in your must-have list if you are deeply in love with ballet.

Here we are providing you a review of 10 best portable ballet barres which are leading the industry this year. You just have to choose the best one among them according to your requirement.

Top 10 Best Portable Ballet Barres for Ballet Dancers (2019):

10. Softtouch Ballet Barre 4 ft. Portable & Adjustable Dance Bar

Softtouch Ballet Barre 4 ft. Portable Dance Bar - Adjustable Height

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  • By: Soft Touch

This Soft Touch ballet barre has a sturdy construction which allows you to do heavy training on a daily basis at your home. It can hold more than one hundred pounds of weight easily. Each leg stand has a bronze coated texture which makes it more durable. Moreover, the safety lock ensures your safety by locking the barre in place.

The non-skid rubber caps at the end point of every foot increase the stability as well as protect the floor from ruining. The 46” wide bar of this ballet barre allows more than one people to practice or workout together. The 1.5” long rail and height adjustable features enhance the best experience while dancing.

Even you can adjust its height from 31 inches to 49 inches according to your need. This freestanding barre is absolutely light in weight and takes a few minutes to disassemble or assemble.

Extra Features:

  • Support up to 300 lbs weight
  • 4 ft in height and 46” in length
  • Strong and durable
  • Portable 

9. Vita Vibe Aspire Series 4ft Freestanding Ballet Barre

Vita Vibe Aspire Series 4 FT Double Aluminum Freestanding Ballet Barre Stretch

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  • By: Vita Vibe

Vita Vibe produces the best portable ballet barres for practicing the ballet dance or other workouts. Dual freestanding stands and 4 ft wide handrails give you strength and heavy duty. It has a strong construction of powder coated aluminum. However, the silver finish makes the construction more sturdy and durable than usual barres.

By adjusting the height of the barres, you can make it a perfect practice tool for all ages and height of users. The flat feet stabilize this barre from front and back equally and the hinge joints on feet make it freestanding. You can assemble it effortlessly also it does not engage much space due to its freestanding storage feature.

The feet come with a cover of non-slip rubber to protect the floor from scratching as well as the dancer from slipping. Already we say that it is portable but it also offers you enough strength for doing heavy workout regularly at home or studio. This height adjustable 4-foot long barre gives you full satisfaction guarantee with its various smart features.

Extra Features:

  • 1-year Warranty
  • takes less space
  • Rubber feet grip
  • Lightweight

8. Klarfit Barre Double Ballet Bar/Free-Standing

Klarfit Barre • Double Ballet Bar • Free-Standing • 43 x 44 inches • 2 x 1.5 inches Ø

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  • By: Klarfit

If you want to practice a different kind of moves, strengthening exercises or numerous stretches with a barre then this Klarfit barre will be a smart pick for your gym, home, dance school or studio. It has two wide and height adjustable bars which allow the teacher and student both for practicing together. The height adjustment feature makes it one of the best portable ballet barres without any doubt.

You can adjust the height of the bar up to 44 inches to continue the dance or exercise training in the proper way.The wooden lock ensures your safety during dancing or training by locking the height. This barre can stand freely at any spaces without any support as it has 31 inches broad bow feet.

It also takes a small area and saves space. The rubber coated feet give you a good grip while it is in use and also protects the floor. The powder coated tubular steel construction makes it sturdier. This product is extremely lightweight but enough stable and sturdy as well.

Extra Features:

  • Flexible and portable
  • Multifunctional
  • Extra safe

7. Barres&More – 4 FT Double Portable Freestanding Ballet Barre

Barres&More - 4 FT Double Portable Freestanding Ballet Barre - Multiple Colors

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  • By: Barres & More

This particular ballet barre will spice up your daily dance practice or exercise routine and will also fulfill all of your needs. The lightweight construction of this ballet barre makes it absolutely portable and durable at the same time. You can set up this free-standing barre at anywhere as it occupies a small space. As usual, the non-skid rubber-coated wide flat feet ensure great safety and stability to the users.

The wide bars allow more than one person to practice together on this barre. This barre has aluminum as the main ingredient which does not become rusty easily. You can use this barre at home to practice more and more without being worried about anything. So, this ballet barre of Barres & More Company will be the best choice for beginners.

Extra Features:

  • Adjustable double bars
  • Silver/Pink/Purple color
  • Portable

6. Vita Vibe Traditional 4 Ft – 5Ft Wbbood Ballet Barre

Vita Vibe Traditional Wood Ballet Barre - Portable Double Bar with Carry Bag - Freestanding Stretch

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  • By: Vita Vibe

This is another product of Vita Vibe which is considered as one of the best portable ballet barres for its sturdiness and versatility. The stand has a construction of aluminum which enhances its durability with the anti-microbial powder coating. The horizontal crossbars have smooth polishing with wood ash, so your palms do not skid or feel rough.

You can adjust the height of these bars from 6 to 46 inches according to your requirement for exercise or dance practice. The swivel joint on feet makes it freestanding and stabilize. You can easily store it in a small place. The rubber cap on every foot of this barre provides an excellent grip to the users and protects the floor surface from being damaged.

The composite clamps lock these bars in a fixed place or height and you just have to adjust the height of the bar by locking knobs. You can easily assemble the ballet barre within a few minutes without buying any tool.

Extra Features:

  • 10-Year Limited Warranty
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Hardwood Ash dual crossbars
  • Includes storage bag

5. BananaBarre Pilates Oak Hardwood Barre

BananaBarre Ballet Barre, Pilates Barre, 4 ft x 1.5Diameter Oak Hardwood Dowel

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  • By: BananaBarre

You can use this Barre for keeping balance while exercising or doing ballet dance. You can easily adjust the height of the oak barre. The design of this barre is very elegant as it has hardwood dowel. It is very light in weight, portable, sturdy and easy to store.  The metal stands of this product make it sturdier than the common barres. You can lock the height of the bar from 26 to 47 inches.

The 32 inches long base feet stable it from both the front and back side equally and keep it straight. The rubber caps cover on each foot provides an excellent anti-skid feature for the safety of users and the floor. You can assemble or disassemble the 3 parts of this barre easily within a few seconds.

Extra Features:

  • Includes elastic stretch band
  • Brownish or greyish black in color
  • Freestanding storage

4. Costzon Portable Ballet Barre for Dancing Stretching Ballet

Costzon Portable Ballet Barre Freestanding for Dancing Stretching Ballet Workout Exercise Equipment Easy Assembly Sturdy

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  • By: Costzon

Costzon freestanding Ballet Barre will satisfy all of your requirements with great functionality. It has a stable and sturdy construction of high-quality iron. The rustproof varnish paint enhances the sturdiness of its iron material. This environment-friendly paint does not spread bad smell or harm your body and also keeps the surface smooth.

It offers double dance bars and the middle one is detachable also. Moreover, you can adjust the height of the middle bar from top to bottom within 46 inches. The sturdy stand bars along with the wide bottom feet keep this ballet barre steady without any support. Each foot comes with two anti-skid rubber caps which prevent this ballet equipment from shaking during the workout.

These rubber caps of the iron feet prevent the damaging of your precious floor. This ballet barre is available with all the parts for easy assembly. If there is a problem or defect in any part you can replace the parts easily.

Extra Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy triangular structure
  • Simple assembly
  • Replaceable body parts

3. Modern-Depo Double Freestanding Ballet

Modern-Depo Portable Double Freestanding Ballet Barre for Home

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  • By: Modern-Depo

This ballet barre comes with two adjustable crossbars which are perfect for every ballet dancers. Also, the height and age of users do not bother during practice or training as you can adjust the height of the bar up to 4 ft according to your need.  The coloring bars have the finishing of hardwood ash which does not harm the environment as well as your skin. Moreover, if you want you can detach the second bar during the dance.

Silver finishing touch enhances the durability of the powder-coated aluminum frame and makes triangular structure rustproof. This Modern-Depo Double Freestanding Ballet offers a sturdy triangular structured ballet barre which is simple to use and assemble and makes it the best portable ballet barres.

This product has wide feet and non-skid rubber cap which make this ballet equipment more stable. Furthermore, the pivot axis on the feet also makes it freestanding for saving the storage space. This ballet barre is extremely portable, lightweight and gives you 100% satisfaction.

Extra Features:

  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Wider double crossbars
  • Save spaces

2. Vita Vibe BNB4 Wood Ballet Barre

Vita Vibe Traditional Wood Ballet Barre - BNB4-W 4ft -Portable Single Bar w Carry Bag

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  • By: Vita Vibe

This USA made ballet barre gives you full support during exercise, stretching, ballet dance and more. It comes with traditional design with a single wooden bar and aluminum frame. The powder coating and silver finishing touch make the aluminum stand durable and rustproof when the hardwood ash varnish makes the crossbar smooth and glossy.

Like other ballet equipment, it also has rubber capped stable feet which protect the studio floor and make it non-slippery during use. The pivot joints of the feet allow you to keep this ballet barre in a freestanding position. You can easily set up this ballet equipment and also carry it easily. It is not only durable but also lasts for a long time.

Extra Features:

  • 10-Year warranty
  • Includes carry bag
  • Height adjustable

1. Softtouch Ballet Barre 5.5ft Portable & Adjustable Dance Bar

Softtouch Ballet Barre 5.5ft Portable Dance Bar

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  • By: Soft Touch

This ballet barre provides single or double dance bars with different length and height. This ballet barre is extra long with 5.5ft height and the height is adjustable between 31” to 49”. The crossbar is 66 inches in length and longer than the usual ballet barre. This ballet barre offers more than one safety features like safety lock, non-slip rubber cap on feet, etc.

The adjustable height does not shift downward while using due to the safety lock. During use, this barre does not slip for having the rubber covered feet. As usual, you will find pivot joint on the feet for freestanding storage. Moreover, the cleaning and set up technique are easier than other wooded dance barres which makes it one of the best portable ballet barres for sure.

For these safety features, customers have favored the Soft Touch ballet barre more than other available ballet barres. Though, this ballet barre is very simple in terms of look and the copper bronze color makes it more attractive. The antique bronze coated texture makes this equipment more durable.

Extra Features:

  • 5 ft height and 66” wide
  • High-quality and rustproof material
  • Portable, sturdy and strong


While searching for a ballet barre, you will find several types of brands with various features. But you must check the basic features like portable weight, sturdiness, safety features and all at first. Always keep in your mind that a ballet barre supports the full body weight of the exerciser or the dancer so it should be enough strong and sturdy.

It must have one or more height adjustable horizontal bars which keep your feet and ankle easy or comfortable during dance or workout. However, if you find some extra safety features in a ballet barre then just go for this one. Because we all know that always safety comes first. So, before purchasing, keep your eyes on these 10 best portable ballet barres which can fulfill your need and priorities.

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