Best Portable Folding Workbench 2020 – A Complete Review & Buyer’s Guides

Are you a DIYer that wants the best portable folding workbench? The Keter folding compact Workbench is all you need to for your occasional, home, yard, and garage tasks. All workshops need folding workbenches, and this works exactly like that.

Best Portable Folding Workbench 2020 – Buyers’ Guides:

Keter Folding Compact Workbench Sawhorse Work Table Review:

Keter Folding Compact Workbench Sawhorse Work Table Review

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Main Features:

  • Portable workstation
  • 1000 lbs hold capacity work surface
  • Product dimension: 85.0 x 55.0 x 75.5cms
  • 2-12 in. clamps included
  • Double Decker design
  • Weighs 26.9 pounds

There is a reason why the Keter portable folding workbench is the most sought-after, and that’s because of its multifunctional aspects as seen below.

A Versatile Design:

The Keter folding compact workbench is among the best in the world. In fact, the large workstation it offers makes it ‘a must get’ for every form of construction works.

If you are considering a well detailed, portable folding workbench plans, the Keter Folding Compact Workbench will do just fine. The Keter portable workbench provides an excellent workspace that helps in a wide variety of projects. For instance, you can use its flat working area for clamping. You can also employ it as a tool stand for cutting, drilling, assembling of parts. The Keter portable folding workbench is your go-to workstation for commercial construction works to home improvements projects.

Best Portable Folding Workbench 2020 | Keter Compact Workbench_6

Whether you’re looking for a place to rest boards for painting or a sawhorse for cutting jobs, Keter workstation is yours for the taking.

Construction & Reliability:

The Keter Portable Foldable Workbench features top-quality construction. The legs feature excellent steel construction, capped with a rubberized coating on the edge of each leg. This rubberized coating allows it to be placed on the floor without damaging your flooring.  The steel legs are also very durable. These legs are very sturdy and they provide you with the right balance, support and confidence you need while performing tasks. There is also a pair of one-hand clamps that holds and secures your project materials, ensuring they’re in place.

Every piece of the engineering is very thoughtful. The overall construction is of the highest quality. For instance, the workbench also features weather resistant materials. These materials allow it to adapt perfectly to any work environment.

Considering that the Keter portable workbench features a rugged polypropylene resin, it is able to stand the test of time. You can use this workbench for a lot of projects and still remain compact and stable as possible.

The Keter folding compact workbench features carrying handles. These handles have a plastic construction which is very durable and will last for a long time. The plastic design means you don’t have to worry about it getting rust ever.

Performance & Capacity:

All portable folding workbenches Amazon are designed to function like workhorses. The Keter portable folding workbench does exactly that.

First of all, the Keter portable workbench comes with a work surface that is capable of holding up to 1000 lbs of weight. That is, you can place all sorts of heavy-duty tools and construction items on top of the table, provided they didn’t exceed the weight limit. The workspace it provides is very portable yet sturdy. Space readily accommodates lots of projects without any form of difficulty. The workspace has a lot of room which measure 33.46 inches in width and 21.65 inches in surface diameter.

If you are the typical DIY-er or one vast in construction works, this workbench has a lot for you. There are so many things you can do with it. You can easily use it for painting, gluing wood joints together, assembling parts of objects, hand-sawing, scraping, and a host of other activities.

It is even more lovable for the fact that it comes with two clamps for keeping hardware, tools, and other important supplies tight on the lower shelf (which is better explained below).

At the same time, you have the opportunity of using the open surface of the workbench for whatever task you are working on.

Best Portable Folding Workbench 2020 | Keter Compact Workbench_2

Furthermore, on the storage space, the Keter folding compact workbench features a unique secondary storage shelf capable of 400lbs of weight at the rate of 30lbs. This storage space allows you to keep items like plies, nails, screws, knots, bolts and a host of other working items. The storage area also allows you to quickly reach for important tools in the course of performing a project. This saves you the stress of moving from one place to another unnecessarily.

To make use of other clamps, just get the edges to become flat and you’re good to go.

Portability & Ease of Use:

Another remarkable feature of this table is the snap quick-opening setup that accompanies it. In spite of the fact that the Keter portable workbench Amazon has a heavy-duty capacity, it is a compact design that almost defies logic. Thanks to its quick-opening functionality, you can easily set up the workbench within 30 seconds.

The bench is very portable and compact as such that you can easily set it up and also folds it down for convenient storage. It folds down to a desirable compact size for effortless storage when not in use.

The compact and quick-opening system makes it easy for you to stash the Keter folding workbench in any small space, assuming you do not have much room to spare. And whenever you want to make use of it, you can easily reassemble it within seconds.

Best Portable Folding Workbench 2020 | Keter Compact Workbench_4

When performing construction works, it is always worth considering the mobility of your workstation. This is another area where the Keter folding compact workbench excels. It comes with a superb carrying handle that makes it easy for you to move it about from one place to another.  It weighs a little less than 30 pounds, which is not a heavy load to carry about. For the DIY-er, the Keter portable workbench is the ideal workstation for all home and commercial construction needs.

What Else Does it Have to Offer?

Apart from making your home and commercial construction or building tasks easier, the Keter folding compact workbench is easy to maintain.

One way of measuring the efficiency of a product is its maintenance. The Keter portable workbench plans for this model include replacement parts. You will easily find replacement parts as well as clamps when the need arises.

Another good thing with this workbench is that you can also use other clamps with it. That is, it does not necessarily mean you must use the clamps that come with it.

The workbench also features a lot of slot holes and drill holes, including multiple clamping options. What this means is that the workbench itself comes with 2 squeeze clamps. These clamps easily slide into slots available on the work surface. When these are in position, they allow you to have what is described as ‘horizontal clamping’.

Other accessories, apart from the ones listed above are also available.

Who Should Buy and Use the Keter Folding Compact Workbench?

The answer is “everyone” that does some form of construction, assembling or design tasks. The Keter portable workbench is a light-duty design that blends well with the needs of those who are looking for a small, light-weight workbench for occasional use. The clamping system and the amazing way it folds down for storage makes it ideal for every home or commercial construction activities.

Best Portable Folding Workbench 2020 | Keter Compact Workbench_7

However, you have to take note of the fact that some elements of the design also consist of delicate construction.  For instance, the plastic handles and closure attachments mean it cannot sustain extensive works. So, care must be taken not to exceed the weight limit put at 1000 pounds.

Notwithstanding, it is best for small to medium-size projects. You can also employ it as a portable craft table, and you will never be disappointed you did.

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Why Should You Buy it?

There are some specific factors that make this workbench a ‘must have’ for everyone. These are the pros why so many people are purchasing the Keter folding compact workbench in droves.

  • Lightweight
  • Very easy to set up and fold down
  • Highly convenient during use
  • It includes a clamping system that comes handy for light-duty works
  • Very easy to store as it takes very little space
  • It won’t peel
  • Highly resistant to cracking
  • Highly resistant to dent
  • Blend well under all weather condition
  • Durable

Author’s Summary On Keter Folding Compact Workbench:

From a careful research and analysis conducted, I discovered that Keter portable workbench is the solution to your running between your work area and your tools. We like the product for the fact that it has a high positive rating across the internet.

Best Portable Folding Workbench 2020 | Keter Compact Workbench_1

Real-time users find it very convenient and easy to move about and to store as well. Its versatility and unique storage/clamping system make it a go-to workbench.

Keter Folding Compact Workbench Buying Guides:

Considering that a portable and folding workbench isn’t what you change every year, there are things to consider when deciding on which portable workbench is best for you. Hence, our Keter folding work table review includes what to consider so you can choose the best product.

So here we go!

The surface size capacity

This is perhaps, the most critical area when considering buying a Keter portable workbench. Everything you are going to do—all the tasks and hard labor happen right on top of the bench. Therefore, if the workbench surface isn’t as spacious as it should fit your tasks, what is the purpose of buying it? A workbench that doesn’t have the appropriate surface on which works can conveniently be performed is as useless as a hammer without a handle.

Best Portable Folding Workbench 2020 | Keter Compact Workbench_5

The top of the workbench should be large enough so it can easily accommodate whatever application you’re putting on it. Also, consider how flat it is, how compact and thick is the surface area? The surface of the workbench should accommodate all your essentials while also giving you room to spare for improvement and efficiency.

Depending on the weight of the material you would be using on it, consider the thickness of the workbench surface you’re planning on buying. If it is too thin and you have plans to place heavy items on it, you should look for one that has more thickness level.

Most times, workbench surfaces feature designs like MDF, plywood, or some particular boards. While MDF is best in terms of smoothness, plywood remains the stronger of the two. So think about these factors before buying your product.

Consider the Clamping system

Now, this too is very important if you are going to choose the best model of Keter portable workbench. Clamps are those parts of the workbench that holds your items in place while working on them. Here, you have to determine what types and nature of clamps you need. Different buyers require workbenches with varying degrees of clamps and vises.  Your choice may not be the choice of another buyer. When it comes to clamps, there is no universal size that fits all.

While some workmen might be looking for portable workbenches that feature built-in clamps, others may not want such. Some of the folding compact workbenches in the market come with clamps that are created for simple switching and replacement when necessary. Also, for your clamps to work accurately, you have to consider how flat the surface of your workbench is. If the surface isn’t as flat as it should be, the clamps will not be able to hold pieces together in perfect alignment for exact accuracy.

What about weight?

A good and reliable workbench should be at least, decently light so you can easily carry it from one place to another. But also consider that anything, especially a workbench, which is overly lightweight, will never last long, and will break under intense use and heavy load. Therefore, when buying your Keter portable workbench, endeavor to look for a compact workbench with a well-defined strength and a bit heavy in weight—not too light—not too heavy.

Take note that some portable workbenches on the market are designed from plastic. Thus, they’re too light and have a lower weight capacity. Just make sure you’re able to strike a perfect balance between weight and portability for ease of carriage.

How versatile is the portable workbench?

Versatility is always something that defines a workbench, and you should concern yourself with that. Check if the workbench doubles as a working area and also as a storage space. This will come in handy as it saves you the stress in any act of organization. It also makes your workbench more convenient for you and the work you do on it, provided it doesn’t add too much to the weight of the workbench. It is always preferable that you buy a portable workbench that stores some of your working tools as well as acting as the work surface for your projects. Such hastens the completion of projects in a timely fashion.

Is height a problem for you?

When purchasing your portable workbench, one of the things you should look out for is the height of the workbench. While some folding compact workbenches Amazon comes with adjustable legs, others, like this Keter portable folding compact workbench do not feature adjustable legs. In that case, make sure you know and understand the size at which the height of the portable bench is best for you.

Best Portable Folding Workbench 2020 | Keter Compact Workbench_3

This will prevent you from bending too low to perform works on your project, which can impact negatively on your back and health.

Ease of Assembly

The last thing you want is to spend hours mounting your portable workbench. Of course, it doesn’t mean the compact workbench has to be set up in split seconds. However, you should be able to set it up and fold it down with ease. This is the area where Keter excels. The portable workbenches produce by Keter can simply be deployed within seconds, without any difficulty in assembling.

How portable it is

There is no way we can discuss portable workbenches without mentioning portability. Most of Keter’s light and portable workbenches are compact and highly discreet, easy to carry when not in use. However, you have to be certain that the portable workbench you’re buying is very compact and portable. It should be the type that you can easily tuck away or install with minimum space requires.

What about stability?

Typically, the body construction, together with the materials utilized in the construction, will go a long a way to dictate how stable the design would become. Most of Keter’s workbenches feature a 4-legged stand which enables the workbench to maintain adequate stability. While most of Keter’s leg design incorporates resin, steel is another option you should consider when buying your portable workbench.


Price is a major point of consideration in the mind of every buyer. Bear in mind that Keter’s portable workbenches are always not cheap. And come to think of it, the price is not the best determinant to gauge the quality of a workbench. An active and reliable workbench can trade for quite an affordable price. Whereas, a not-too-good product may have a huge price tag on it. So, when purchasing your workbench, think of the workspace, stability, and durability of the product to determine if the workbench is worth the price tag on it.

Whether you are a professional woodworker, a hobbyist or one that is just starting out on a trade, you will need the convenience of a portable workbench. From what we have covered in our review above, you now have the idea of what to look for.

It is easy to buy the best Keter folding compact workbench once you follow our recommendation and buying guide as stated here in this review. Also, remember that the best way to choose a practical and reliable portable workbench is to actually hear from other real-time users.

So, if you have friends, neighbors or loved ones who have at one time or the other purchases anything like the Keter folding compact workbench sawhorse, you may ask them for better guidance. However, do not forget to consider your needs as well, because what is important to your friend or neighbor might not be that important to you.

In a nutshell, you should be able to understand your need, match them with the qualities described above.  And at the end, you will be able to make an informed decision to buy the best Keter portable workbench in the market.

Please, leave your comments or questions below so we can improve on our contents.  Thank you.