10 Best Portable Projector Screens to Buy in 2020 – Buying Guides

There are many developments in the display production today. Whether it’s TV or projector screens, these days most supports high definition. Amazingly, for people having an outdoor presentation, or movies its’ ideal to have portable projector screens. If you are interested in the best portable projector screens, below are some of the best available online 2020.

List of 10 Best Portable Projector Screens to Buy in 2020:

Mdbebbron 120 inch Projection Screen 16:9 HD Foldable Anti-crease Portable Projector Movies Screen for Home Theater Outdoor Indoor Support Double Sided Projection
Projection Screen, 100
STE-169120 Silver Ticket Entry Level Indoor/Outdoor Portable Backyard Movie Projector Screen White Cloth Material (STE 16:9, 120
Projector Screen 140 Inch 16:9 NIERBO Portable Movies Screen HD Projection Screen for Home Indoor Outdoor
Outdoor Projector Screen - Foldable Portable Outdoor Front Movie Screen, Setup Stand, Transportable Full Set Bag for Camping and Recreational Events,80 Inch by Vamvo
JaeilPLM 100-Inch 2-in-1 Portable Projector Screen, Outdoor Indoor Compatible with Triangle Stand or Hanging Design Movie Projection for Home Theater, Gaming, Office
120 Inch Projector Movie Screen, ICANZUO Portable Folding Indoor Outdoor 4K HD 16:9 Movie Projection Screen for Meeting/Home/Cinema/Theater/Presentation
Elite Screens Yard Master 2, 120 inch Outdoor Projector Screen with Stand 16:9, 8K 4K Ultra HD 3D Fast Folding Portable Movie Theater Cinema 120
Epson Duet 80-Inch Dual Aspect Ratio Projection Screen
Visual Apex Projector Screen 120HD Portable Indoor/Outdoor Movie Theater Fast-Folding Projector Screen with Stand Legs and Carry Bag HD4K 16:9 format

10. Mdbebbron Foldable Anti-Crease Portable Projector Movies Screen

Mdbebbron 120 inch Foldable Anti-Crease Portable Projector Movies Screen

Product Highlights:

  • Convenient to carry
  • Wide applications
  • Anti-creasing
  • Simple set up
  • 1080 full HD/ 120-inches

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When there is a need for high-quality pictures, there is no doubt Mdberron portable screen is the solution. Created to offer HD content, it fully supports 1080p resolution. Thereby, whether it’s outdoors or indoors, the screen doesn’t affect the quality of your pictures. Materials used and fabrics have high absorbance which leads to crystal clear images without reflections. The high-quality polyester fabrics are superior and deliver exceptional quality pictures than rival screens.

9. Lambow Outdoor/Indoor Portable Folding Movie Screen

Lambow Outdoor Indoor Portable Folding Movie Screen

Product Highlights:

  • Wide view angle
  • Top quality materials
  • Versatile application
  • Quick installation
  • Double de projection
  • Flame retardant materials

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The Lambow projection screen is one of the ultimate choices when it comes to high-quality pictures. Unlike the older monitors, this one is classic and delivers high reliability. The top-quality polyester fabrics used in the construction gives it superb performance. In fact, the natural polyester fabrics enable the screen to be applicable in different conditions. Furthermore, the materials are resistant to mildew, stains and flame retardant. Thus, one can enjoy watching clear and consistent pictures without quality distortion.

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8. Silver Ticket Portable White Cloth Projector Screen

Silver Ticket Portable White Cloth Projector Screen

Product Highlights:

  • Quick set up
  • Stretchy material
  • Black Backing
  • Heavy-duty stakes
  • 120 inches large
  • Foldable fabrics

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Silver Ticket white cloth projector screen is the ultimate choice for any occasion. The screen is one of the most reliable under all conditions which allows it to enjoy a superb performance; whether the weather outdoors is windy, the screen is made from tough polyester materials. Also, provided with attachment stakes, it delivers outstanding strength even when installed outdoors. Unlike other screens, this one enjoys great performance with any projector due to its white color.

7. NIERBO 140-inches Portable M HD Projection Screen

NIERBO 140-inches Portable M HD Projection Screen

Product Highlights:

  • Metal-enhanced holes
  • Ironable material
  • Rear and front projection
  • Foldable canvas
  • Easy washing

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The solution to your love for movies and other entertainment is having Niebro HD projection screen. This one is highly reliable and enables everyone to enjoy perfect entertainment and presentation anytime. The construction is superb and delivers high reliability. Unlike the cheap materials, this one boast canvas which is ideal for strength and ability to withstand various conditions. Therefore, whether its outdoors or indoors, the is perfectly suited.

6. Vamvo Foldable Portable Outdoor Front Projector Movie Screen

Vamvo Foldable Portable Outdoor Front Projector Movie Screen

Product Highlights:

  • Quick set up
  • Stable frame
  • High-quality fabrics
  • Lightweight frame tubes
  • Mobile projection

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The portability of this Vamvo projector screen is awesome. It’s one of the convenient ways to enjoy great content. The screen weighs only 6 pounds which lets you carry it whenever going outdoors. This is far less than most of the available screens which make it popular than most of the projector monitors. The frame is also sturdy and lightweight to enable people to enjoy great stability when mounting this screen.

5. JaeilPLM 2-in-1 Portable Projector Screen, Triangle Stand

JaeilPLM 2-in-1 Portable Projector Screen, Triangle Stand

Product Highlights:

  • Sturdy frame
  • 2-in-1 functions
  • PVC matte materials
  • Portable set up
  • 160 degrees viewing angle

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having any function outdoors? There is no doubt JaeilPLM portable projection screen is the ultimate product. The screen is signed to be multi-purpose which means it can be used for gaming, watching movies among others. The 2-in-1 design means it can be used indoors as well as indoors hence a great option to have or your activities. In fact, you just need this screen and enjoy great versatility without having to carry separate ones.

4. Asinno Portable Folding Projector Movie Screen 4K HD 120’’

Asinno Portable Folding Projector Movie Screen 4K HD 120’’

Product Highlights:

  • Metal grommet structures
  • Anti-crease materials
  • Versatile usage
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Natural polyester fabrics
  • 120 inches

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Asinno projector movie screen is one of the premium and right choices among many people. The monitor is large and supports full HD content without distortion. The 120 inches screen has a 16:9 aspect ratio enabling it to support 1080p, 4k and HD movies. Enhanced the backing feature, it lets people enjoy movies day and night without affecting the images. Also, the backing is perfect for preventing light scattering hence solid and extra clear pictures.

3. Elite Screens Yard Master-2 Portable Projector Screen

Elite Screens Yard Master-2 Portable Projector Screen

Product Highlights:

  • Folding frame
  • Locking joints
  • True HD display
  • Fron and rear projection
  • Multilayer PVC materials

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The Yard Master 2 foldaway projector screen is the real HD monitor that enables stress-free projection. Compared to other projector screens, this one is high-quality and offers unmatched performance. With the ability to support all projectors with HD, 1080p, 4K, and other video resolutions, it gives users versatile applications. Whether it’s gaming, presentations, and other ks that need projection, it’s a great screen to have. Besides having great resolution, the monitor is 120 inches large and offers big pictures.

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2. Epson Duet 80’’ Dual Aspect Ratio Projection Screen

Epson Duet 80’’ Dual Aspect Ratio Projection Screen

Product Highlights:

  • Ultra-portable
  • 2-in-1 sizes
  • Widescreen viewing
  • 80 inches screen size
  • Versatile mounting
  • Patent pending design

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Epson Duet dual aspect ratio screen is the outstanding monitor that will make your projection outstanding. It’s made by professionals which guarantee quality and performance. Unlike the other screens, this has great display ability. It offers dual sizes to watch movies in different screens.

Also, the dual aspect ratios 4:3 and 16:9 enables watching in your ideal resolution. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, it brings widescreen viewing for thrilling moments. Dual projection ability is unique and offers perfect performance than most rivals.

1. Visual Apex 120″ 4K Movie Theater Fast-Folding Projector Screen

Visual Apex 120 4K Movie Theater Fast-Folding Projector Screen

Product Highlights:

  • Fast folding
  • Minimal setup requirements
  • Installation accessories
  • Anodized aluminum frame
  • Come with a carry bag
  • 120″ 4K Ultra 16:9

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Make your projection simple and convenient everywhere with Visual Apex projector screen. The monitor is one off of its kind due to performance and quality. The fast folding screen is ideal for people who travel a lot. With the material, it gives you the ability to enjoy great flexibility and usability.

Normally, the materials used are high-quality and reliable which lets the screen to boast high reliability. Enjoying extra bright surface, the screen provides exceptionally clear images. The fabrics are protected against UV damage which makes the image quality consistent throughout.

Portable Projector Screens’ Buying Guides:

Many times, people confuse a general projector and indoor projector screens. But, buying should not be challenging even though the market offers a variety of brands.

For people who often have presentations or love movies, here are tips on buying the best portable screens for a projector.

Fabric type

It’s the right projector screens are designed from fabrics. But, the kind of materials differs from one brand to the other. Mostly, these fabrics are designed to handle various applications, environment, and effectiveness. With this, it means, the choice of the screen should focus on here it is going to be applied. Typically, the right material should have high resolution and application under different environment without compromising the picture quality.

Viewing angle

The viewing angle is critical when buying a screen. It determines how extreme you can be able to see content without straining. Usually, the angle is measured from the center to the farthest angle one can be able to view the pictures comfortably. Different brands offer varying angles hence becoming a critical feature to check. There are two types of screen based on the viewing angle; narrow and wide view. Although the screens are not the same, the highest gain fabrics have lower view angle.

Fabrics color

Unlike the earlier days when people though projector screens needed to be white, today they come in different colors. However, regardless of your favorite color, it should be able to support your projector resolution. Although gray screens are superb, they need strong projectors. This allows it to project while eliminating black and white areas efficiently.

Type of screen

Although these are portable and ought to be lightweight, they are available in different forms. Thereby, it’s simple for everyone to have the best one for their application. They come in either electric or manual depending on where they will be used. Whether it’s outdoors or indoors, you can easily choose one that will give your utilization easy time. On the other hand, portable screens can be inflatable, folding frame, tabletop, and tripod among others.

Screen size

The size of a projector display is vital when presenting your presentation. Although people think of size in terms of how large a screen it is, this is not the case. However, it means the format your screen will support. There are various video formats such as HDTV, widescreen PC, squire, cinema and video formats. Each of the screens has exact measurements which allow perfect projection.


Portable projector screens are lasting choices for movies, gaming, and presentations. They are light and easy to handle than TV monitors and can withstand harsh conditions. For people aspiring to get the best projector screens, the reviewed items give you perfect options.