10 Best Postpartum Belly Wraps for All Women – Reviews & Benefits

Postpartum belly wraps or postpartum girdle are good for women who have undergone a C-section. It is also suitable for mothers after childbirth. If you want to have that fantastic look and shape you had before delivery, get a postpartum belly wrap. It’s time to work on your tummy, pelvis, and waist while giving your back the support you need for your daily activities. Here are the top 10 best postpartum girdles reviews in 2019. Get yours now and enjoy a fresh look again.

Lits of 10 Best Postpartum Wraps Reviews 2019:

1. SHAPERX Camellias Waist Trainer Belt Body Shaper Belly Wrap

SHAPERX Camellias Waist Trainer Belt Body Shaper Belly Wrap

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Who says you can’t look flat, slimmer, with better shape after giving birth? The Camellias waist trimmer is out to make sure you have that perfect postpartum shape. That’s right!

Camellias bring you a body trimmer belt that you can wrap easily across your waist and belly. It has the technique to tuck in your tummy and work on your waist like a cincher eraser. Thanks to its excellent compression, once this thing goes around your waist region, there will be no hiding place for those rebellious stretch marks and belly fats.

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The good thing about this waist trimmer is that you can adjust it to get the fit you want. It compresses comfortably and effectively on your stomach and abdomen. That leaves you with an envious hourglass curve and sexy fitness.

You can quickly enhance the compression by adjusting the Velcro closure waistband. Once securely in place, the Camellias start to target the fats in your tummy, by taking on your midsection. The result is a flat stomach, well-shaped hips, and better waist curves. You will appreciate the fact that the material is completely free from latex and easy to maintain. It also supports your back and spine while reducing your risk of injury.

  • Flattens stomach
  • Support back and spine
  • Help in burning fats
  • 100% latex-free neoprene for safe use
  • Some units have questionable durability

2. Chongerfei 3 in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Belly Wrap

Chongerfei 3 in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Belly Wrap

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As the name implies, there are three belts in one package that will last you till the second coming of our Lord. If you ever feel the need to keep your waist, pelvis or stomach in shape, this belly wrap belt will do just fine.

It’s time for mothers to bounce back to their natural beauty by using this postpartum belly wrap. The material used in making this belt is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. It is among the best waist trainer cincher women can get. With it, you can prevent the belly bound from coming off when you’re on the move or when seated. Also, you can use it as a correcting measure to right your posture.

If after childbirth your abdominal muscles are in need of some supports, this belt will do. It also helps in reducing swellings and returns your uterus to its original size within a short while. The belt creates an instantaneous slim effect that will give you a reason to crave for more babies.

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The better part is that this belt is very easy to use. You don’t need someone to help you with it. It is flexible and easily adjustable. You can even get the perfect fit without removing the band. If you want something great as a gift for your lady or a friend, this belt will just fine.

  • 3 in 1 functionality
  • Excellent for trimming down on stomach fat
  • Very comfortable
  • Shrink down uterus to standard size
  • Some size listing appears out of place

3. TiRain 3 in 1 Postpartum Support – Recovery Belly/Waist/Pelvis Belt Shapewear

TiRain 3 in 1 Postpartum Support - Recovery Belly:Waist:Pelvis Belt Shapewear

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TiRain brings another 3–in-1 postpartum belt for your belly, waist, and pelvis. Everything you need is carefully arranged in one set. This is just what you need throughout the postpartum period.

The TiRain postpartum belt brings you the shape that has eluded you since the time you were pregnant. Now with this belt, you can quickly restore your shape to its usual self. The belt features a lightweight fabric design that is very breathable. The belt is the type of wrap belt you can wear all through the season. The comfort increases your confidence and boosts your mental health as well, as you witness your body shape returning to its standard form.

Flexibility is a great plus when it comes to using a postpartum belt, and this one has it all. You can stretch the belt to give you a custom fit and comfort. The belt combines two materials—20% elastane and 80% polyamide-to produce a unique and lasting product.

One other reason why you will love this belt is the back pain supports it offers as well. The belt aids your back spinal cord to stay safe from further injury. It also relieves you of back pains while preventing skin sagging and reduces stretch marks.

  • Works well against belly fat
  • Reduces stretch marks
  • Back support
  • Great for the pelvis region
  • May look unnatural on some women

4. ProCare Premium 9″, 3-Panel Elastic Abdominal Binder

ProCare Premium 9, 3-Panel Elastic Abdominal Binder

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Being a mother shouldn’t be like a signboard as a result of your bloat-out tummy. Motherhood is a joy, and you should savor the experience in style, comfort and look. That is what the ProCare waist binder is out to help you achieve. The ProCare postpartum belt is the ideal choice if you have just put to bed. It is also perfect for people who have undergone surgery and are ready to heal, look sexy and attractive again.

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The belt features a flannel lining and a lot of plastic support panels that make sure it stays in place. You can adjust the contact closure to suit your comfort and style while getting the proper fit. It is also noteworthy that the fabric used in making this waist binder is elastic and utterly free from latex. That makes it stretchable and comfortable for use any time of the day.

With this abdominal binder, there is no place for pain and discomfort to hide any more on your mid-section. ProCare gives you that adequate compression that will eradicate all anomalies and restore your symmetrical shape. Hey, wait a minute! Don’t think you’re the only one permitted to use this belt. Your husband can use it as well.

  • Suitable for men and women
  • Support abdominal issues for quick recovery
  • Nice compression
  • Easy to use
  • Some complaints about sizes

5. UpSpring Shrinkx Belly Postpartum Belly Wrap

UpSpring Shrinkx Belly Postpartum Belly Wrap

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So, you have added some weight on your belly and waist after childbirth—it’s time to drop some of it now. UpSpring belly wrap is the ‘messiah’ sent from Amazon to cast out the rebellious fats and heal your bulging stomach.

The belt has triple compression technologies that effectively shrink the fats in your belly. It has an excellent flexibility that allows you to customize the band size to give you the proper fit. When you are looking for that postnatal belt that will shrink your belly after delivery, always remember the UpSpring.

The belt features a mesh fabric design, which is very breathable, light and comfortable to use. The material is also free from latex, so if you are allergic to that, you won’t be having problems using it. Again, the material doesn’t get hot against your tummy, as some other brands will do.

Now is the right time to trim down on your waist with this excellent postpartum girdle. However, make sure you know your size before placing an order for one of these waist binders. Once done, you are good to get back on a path of full recovery on your shape and look.

  • Good quality
  • Fit securely
  • Stay discreet
  • Durable
  • Boning appears to be uncomfortable for some users

6. Trendyline Women Postpartum Girdle Corset Recovery Belly Band Wrap Belt

Trendyline Women Postpartum Girdle Corset Recovery Belly Band Wrap Belt

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Trendyline postpartum belt offers a cute and simple design that works flawlessly. It stays perfectly in place by using the Velcro straps for a secure fit. Once this belt is rounding your waistline and stomach, be ready for a surprise trimming process.

If you need a custom fit, you can have it by merely adjusting the Velcro straps. Size is an essential aspect of all postpartum belts, and Trendyline considers this. The belt comes in four different sizes. You have small, medium, large, and extra large sizes to choose. Unless you are the small stature type, you may want to reconsider going for the small size. The reason is, it is not suitable for postpartum wrapping needs. Instead, it works better as a fitness-aiding accessory. That said, the choice is always yours to make.

An all-weather fabric design means you can wear this postnatal belt any time of the day. The company features two bars at the back for ultimate support. These bars aid recovery, especially for people who have gone through a c-section. While the Velcro holds well, the support bars performs excellently.

However, you have something else to know about the Trendyline postnatal girdle. The girdle measures 9-inches in width and height. So, this may reduce the functionality if you have a short torso. That is, it will force you to consider either covering your .lower abdomen while leaving a bulge at the top, or have it the other way round. Notwithstanding, the belt does what it is supposed to do.

  • Secure fit
  • Huge size range
  • Support postnatal recovery
  • Comfortable
  • Stays well under clothing
  • Any issue will largely depend on personal taste, not on the quality of the product

7. Goege Waist Trimmer Belt-Postpartum Postnatal Recoery Support Girdle Belt

Goege Waist Trimmer Belt-Postpartum Postnatal Recoery Support Girdle Belt

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Let the folks around know that being a mum doesn’t mean looking out of shape. Yes, and you can prove that now with this reliable summer waist trimmer from Goege. The Goege waist trimmer belt-postpartum offers a good waist trimmer that takes pride in being comfortable and lightweight. While this particular one under review is black, it has two other colors namely grey and beige.

The good thing about this girdle is the wide range of compression it offers. The belt features a strong compression, which is a result of the adjustable Velcro that accompanies it. Two straps on the Velcro are in good positions so that you can have a tight fit as much as you want.

By this design, you will be able to make use of this girdle across different situations. For instance, you can use it for postpartum recovery, abdominal training, hip lifting, weight loss, and waist protection. It is also ideal for maintaining a slim and attractive shape.

Geoge also includes flexible bones that help in preventing the girdle from rolling downward or upward. By these four bones, the girdle offers an increase in support for your lower back while enabling a confident posture.

The only thing we find not too good with this girdle is its bulkiness. It doesn’t entirely conceal well beneath clothing. Nonetheless, your body size might as well appreciate it. So, you can go for it, considering there are six options available for your selection.

  • Excellent wrapping
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable velcro strap for a perfect fit
  • Perfect for postpartum/postnatal situations
  • Appears non-discreet under clothing for some people

8. Belly Bandit Original Postpartum Belly Wrap

Belly Bandit Original Postpartum Belly Wrap

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Featuring 25 percent lycra and 75 percent polyester material design, the Belly Bandit Original is a durable postpartum wrap. The wrap provides a nice compression around your waist and belly, shrinking and redefining its size. Belly Bandit works well on your waist, hips, and belly during any post-pregnancy period.

Adjusting the belt is like a breeze. You can also tailor the size to suit your fit and comfort. The design is very simple, and the material works great. Since the fabric is sturdy, the support it offers is comfortable and becomes more durable.

The manufacturer incorporates a quick closing mechanism that comes with Velcro straps. This helps in securing the outfit in place to give you the much-needed comfort. Once you have the belt in position, it starts working on the area of your C-section. From there, it stretches out stretch marks and accelerates the healing process. Your back and legs muscles receive adequate support from this Belly Bandit wrap. Whether you are breastfeeding, this belly wrap will add more support for your body. Belly Bandit is a better way to apply top-quality medical compression t your body shape.

  • Good quality
  • Good for all post pregnancy
  • Comfortable
  • Reliable
  • Not too suitable for petite-looking people

9. Gepoetry 3 In 1 Postpartum Support Band Belt Body Shaper

Gepoetry 3 In 1 Postpartum Support - Recovery Belly Wrap Girdle Support Band Belt Body Shaper


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When it comes to versatility in postpartum belts, only a few brands display quality; Gepoetry is one of them. The Gepoetry support strap is an excellent choice that gives you all you need for auspicious postpartum healing time. It features a 3 in 1 design, meaning there are three different types of girdles in a set. So when you buy one set, you are buying for yourself three different kinds of belts, which are designed to function in various purposes.

The belt triples as a waist belt, a recovery belly belt, and a pelvic belt. Therefore, if you are suffering any of these conditions, you should get this belt. You can quickly get back your beautiful body in no time. It also gives you the confidence that you need to overcome discomfort.

It is worthy of note that the belt also helps in shrinking down your uterus to the standard size level. Your back will also receive the adequate support it needs.

It stretches out stretch marks and accelerates the healing process. Your back and legs muscles receive adequate support from this Belly Bandit wrap. Whether you are breastfeeding, this belly wrap will add more help to you. Belly Bandit is a better way to apply top-quality medical compression t your body shape.

If you are looking for a good and reliable gift for your woman or sister, this girdle is the answer. Another reason why this girdle is worth the investment is the money back guarantee it offers. The only thing you will need to do is ensure you chose the correct size that fits you from the two size options available.

  • Good design
  • 3 in 1 functions
  • Versatile
  • Highly adjustable and comfortable
  • Some minor issues with personal durability

10. Hip Mall 3 in 1 Postpartum Girdle Support Recovery Belly Band Corset Wrap

Hip Mall 3 in 1 Postpartum Girdle Support Recovery Belly Band Corset Wrap

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We round up our top 10 best postpartum belly wraps reviews in 2019 with another 3-in-1 postpartum girdle. This belt features pelvis, belly, and waist functionalities. It is available in different sizes. Both sizes are capable of supporting a weight capacity of fewer than 190 pounds.

Moreover, the Hip Mall features a fabric that is very breathable, comfortable and stretchable. By this, you can quickly get it to fit your custom size snugly. Correcting your posture is now easier than ever. Since the material is elastic enough, you can resize and refit it to get the best out of your use. Get it tight to improve compression or loose for whatever purpose you might want.

Hip Mall also incorporates a boning system in this design so that your back gets the support it needs. If you are in search of that great gift for mum, get the Hip Mall now. As much as Hip Mall is concerned, you can now recover your normal body shape and confidence to achieve other things that require your physics.

  • Excellent compression
  • Stay put
  • Comfortable
  • 3 in 1 functions usable as one
  • None really

Postpartum Belly Wraps Buying Guides:

Are you out looking for the best postpartum belly wraps to buy? Here is what to look out for.


Any material type you are going to buy should excel in durability. However, also make sure you do not forget about how breathable it should be, and how comfortable it ought to be.


How comfortable is the wrap you are going to buy? Does it lose or slip during use? Does it allow you to do other things with ease without harming your skin? Consider these aspects.


An excellent and durable postpartum belly wraps should be able to stay in place and shape no matter how long you have used it. Make sure the fabric is tight and stays convenient with a snug fit.


Not all postpartum belly wraps are the same. While some only work for Virginia post-birthing needs, or cesarean birthing needs, others work for both. In fact, there are belly belts that work for pelvis, waist, and belly postpartum r c-section needs. Think about this while buying your product.


How much compression and support does the belly belt offers. Does it support and relieve pains in the back as well? Is the belt able to provide the necessary help that you need? In that case, look out for reviews and see what real-time users are saying about that product.

Postpartum belly wraps are the best when it comes to getting back your shape. They are not just suitable for your hips, abdominal and waste needs; they also help in influencing the confidence that you need to thrive as a mother. Get yours today from our top 10 best postpartum belly wraps reviews 2019 and enjoy the best of motherhood.

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