Best Professional Makeup Cases in 2019 Review – A Complete Guide

The best professional makeup cases will do you good as they will help organize your makeups easily and above all store your products well. There are many portable makeup cases on the market so you will not find it easy choosing an ideal one either for your uses. With the review below containing the 10 best professional makeup cases in the market, this should make it easier for you.

Why you should trust me:

I have been deeply involved in the research of the best makeup cases in the market for 2 years. Before that, I was an editor where I wrote more than 1000 reviews of storage solution, with the dozens of makeup cases in the category.

10 Best Professional Makeup Cases – Best Makeup Train Cases: 

#10. Yaheetech Professional Rolling Makeup Artist Case

Yaheetech Professional Rolling Makeup Artist Case

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  • By: Yaheetech

First, in this reviewed list of the best professional makeup cases, we begin with this makeup train case. It has two wheels that make it easy for moving. Besides, the lightweight nature makes rolling it fun. It can even be pushed by lid easily.

Yaheetech professional makeup case contains a telescoping handle that is fixed tightly with magic tape. The handle can easily be pulled. For safety purposes, it has 10 latches that lock the case tightly. On the other hand, it’s convenient for use as the top can be opened for you to access the inner items.

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The tray is filled with velvet lining to prevent your make up from being damaged. The bottom compartment is very large and contains dividers for it to store more items.

Furthermore, it is fitted with a pad at the bottom to lessen the trolley and floor scratches. Durability is one of is key strengths as it is aluminum made at the edges. The surface is ABS with the interior composed of flannelette lining. This can be great for both upcoming and professional artists and hair stylists. Finally, the great design will definitely meet your room’s décor.

Extra Features:

  • The bottom has a large compartment with drawers for storage of your items.
  • The wheels plus the lightweight nature makes mobility easier.

#9. AW 2in1 Black Soft Sided Rolling Makeup Case

AW 2in1 Black Soft Sided Rolling Makeup Case

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  • By: AW

Next on the list is this reliable makeup case by AW 2in1 makeup rolling case. Bragging of the 2 in 1 soft fabric used this will protect all your beauty products from breakages. With its sturdy construction plus the roomy space, it is well designed to fit all your make up products.

In the event that space is not enough well it has two extra spaces on the sides that has a zippered mesh net.  This is one of the most durable makeup cases as with the strong nylon1680D fabric used in construction, expect nothing less than wear and water resistant abilities.

Moreover, the bottom case can easily be removed and features 8 compartments for you to organize your make up. Other than that is has 2 detachable brush holders well placed. On top, it has an open space to be used in storing the large makeups.

Perhaps mobility has been made easier due to the universal wheels that move smoothly. There are also 4 other wheels that can be detached easily. In the event you are not comfortable with pushing then it has the usual shoulder straps for use. Other feature that aids mobility is the heavy duty handle that will well withstand the weight of the makeup. There is no doubt the mobility of this best makeup case to buy in 2019.

Extra Features:

  • Mobility has been made easier by the universal wheels, shoulder straps and handles you can choose any.
  • The 2 in 1 fabric protects your makeups from damage.

#8. SONGMICS Makeup Professional Cosmetic Storage Organizer

SONGMICS Makeup Train Case Floral Pattern Professional Cosmetic Storage Organizer

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Another excellent professional makeup case on the list is this SONGMICS product. This one will full fill your storage needs as it has 4 trays that have deep compartments for the keeping of makeup. With this, you will be able to store all your beauty products at a place that will be convenient for use.

Moreover, the train case is well designed such that the shelf can slide smoothly for you to access the beauty products. Still, on the design, it features floral patterns and white finish that will definitely bring glamour to all ladies.

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Furthermore, your beauty products protection is enhanced by the soft plastic bottom. The plastic casing is also easy to clean in case of makeup spills. On the other hand, it has plastic feet underneath it that serves to reduce wear and tear that can be experienced as a result of heavy daily use.

Additionally, with its small size portability shouldn’t be a worry and if that is not enough it’s equipped with a shoulder strap that can be easy to carry around with. In terms of the organization if you utilize the 4 compartments well you make up will be well arranged.

Besides this, its versatility of being not only being a desktop organizer but also travel case makes it an ideal product for the ladies. It’s pretty well constructed with steel corner and buckles to withstand daily use.

Extra Features:

  • It consists of 4 compartments that open easily by sliding.
  • It has plastic feet to reduce the wear and tear.

#7. Yaheetech 19’’ Professional Rolling Makeup & Cosmetic Case

Yaheetech 19’’ Professional Rolling Makeup Case

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  • By: Yaheetech

For years now Yaheetech has been providing a consistent product that features style, design, and functionality. This one is not an exceptional case as it will fit your make up needs. With the dimensions of 15.2 lengths by 10.4 width and further 20.3 height, this should fit your storage needs as occupying the least space.

On the other hand, it has a top lid that can provide extra space when the need arises. Inside your beauty products is well-protected courtesy of the inner velvet lining. Moreover, the trays can easily be removed for you to organize your products well. For mobility, it has a pull out wheeler that can be used for convenient handling. The presence of the 2 heavy-duty wheels serves to make it easier as you only need to pull.

What’s more is the lockable latches that will come with 2 keys for the safety of your makeups. It still boasts of the aluminum alloy used and the plastic surface. Besides it looks has been enhanced with the diamond frame this will surely match your décor. This will be great for both professionals and upcoming makeup artists.

Extra Features:

  • The inner velvet lining is well designed to protect your makeups.
  • The top lid provides space for the items that you need the most.

#6. Health2wealth Professional Makeup Case and Cosmetic Storage

Health2wealth Professional Makeup Case and Cosmetic Storage

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  • By: Health2wealth

This one here is more than just a professional makeup case as it will also help you to store your additional items like tools and nail polish. This is due to the roomy design that it has in the trays. Moreover, you have the extra pleasure of customizing your items according to your needs. With the adjustable trays, you can easily group large items in their own area as it has three tiers with each of them having a different size.

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Besides each tray is made of acrylic sheeting that perhaps makes maintenance to be easy. In terms of durability well the technology employed in the high-grade aluminum used will withstand the test of nature with repeated use. The aluminum lightweight nature is crucial when it comes to mobility.

Furthermore, the case boasts of improved feet that will not break easily. Either way, the presence of the shoulder strap should make it comfortable for you when carrying it. This one will undoubtedly be perfect for your blending needs. The locks and keys will further make your needs safe.

Extra Features:

  • The compartments can easily be adjusted to fit your needs.
  • The aluminum used makes the case lightweight yet durable.

#5. SONGMICS 13.5″ Makeup Train Case Professional Cosmetic Box

SONGMICS 13.5 Makeup Train Case Professional Cosmetic Box

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Keep your room free from makeup mess with this SONGMICS product. With 4 trays that contains the 4 dividers that customize the makeup depending on your needs. Besides its large capacity can fir all your make up products plus other accessories. The abs and plastic pads keep your make up safe.

Additionally, these professional makeup cases are easy to clean by wiping it in case of spills. Much more is the bottom is large enough to even hold hair curler and blower. In addition, durability shouldn’t be any of your concerns as the aluminum frame and the strengthened corners make the case sturdy. It still features great hinges that balance it to make opening it easy. For mobility, it has a widened handle that gives the comfortable handling.

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On the other hand, the corners will reduce the bumping of the items keeping each of the items safe. These trays will definitely make you more organized than before. Even more is the classic design that it has the courtesy of the craftsmanship skills this will give for your room’s décor. This one has no age restrictions.

Extra Features:

  • It has many compartments with removable dividers to fit your make up.
  • The ABS and plastic used protects the makeup.

#4. Yaheetech 4 360-degreed 3-in-1 Professional Cosmetic Organizer

Yaheetech 4 360-degreed Wheels 3-in-1 Professional Cosmetic Organizer

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  • By: Yaheetech

Find it easy to organize your room with this large capacity makeup case.  With a capacity of 66 LB, it can be perfect for storage of the large hair tools and cosmetics. On top, the upper portion can store small sized items. It comes with many dividers that can be placed in the removable trays for you to organize your beauty products neatly.

Besides, the bottom and top compartments are large so it can fit easily the large items. Moreover, the construction of top plastic and aluminum makes it be very sturdy. For the protection of beauty products from spill offs it has the velvet lining. On the other hand, it has 4 lockable clamps make its safe storage. For makeup artists and professional this can be a great product.

Additionally, mobility has been made easier courtesy of the 4 detachable wheels. The handle is also removable for easy pulling. Much more, is the reliable strap can be attached to the upper side for you to carry it comfortably on your back. Just like, the best make up artists cases that should last you long with repeated daily use this one is equal to the task. The premium materials used to ensure it will last a lengthy duration. Likewise, it has a rubber pad that serves to reduce the trolley scratches on the floor. With its design, it will go on well with your room.

Extra Features:

  • It’s highly mobile as it has 3 options that you can choose to use.
  • The 4 retractable trays give enough storage room additionally, they can be customized with the dividers.

#3. Lenubo – Glenor Beauty Makeup Train Case

Lenubo - Glenor Beauty Makeup Train Case

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  • By: Lenubo – Glenor Beauty

Of all the customizable professional makeup cases, this one has more dividers than the rest. Of course, the dividers will help you to fit your beauty products according to their shapes and sizes. Moreover, the position of the shoulder straps has been changed perhaps to make it sturdier. In terms of size, this case is much larger than the normal ones.

Even more is the bottom is roomy enough to hold the hair blower and curler. Much more the box is sturdy and will behave well when opened. Additionally, the Lenubo-Glenor Beauty professional makeup case is made of aluminum and has reinforced steel in efforts to make it more durable. For safety, it includes the two metal locks.

Besides with the case having 4 trays with 2 dividers most definitely organization will have been made easier for you. Its elegant design for all ladies. All is now for you to get one for better customer experience.

Extra Features:

  • The compartments are sized to hold all your items.
  • This one has more dividers than other cases in the same category.

#2. SHANY Mini Makeup Train Case With Mirror – Purple

SHANY Mini Makeup Train Case With Mirror - Purple

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  • By: SHANY Cosmetics

The Shany cosmetics case that has a large space to fit your beauty products. With a measurement of 9 inches by 6 inches and 6 inches and the weight of 5 pounds, this can be easy to carry around. This one consists of dustproof and spill-proof materials inside to aid its durability. Additionally, This Shany makeup case with mirror contains two trays to fit your items. Perhaps its versatility ensures it can also store other items. It uses are wide depending on your imaginations.

Furthermore, it features a mirror that will aid you when tidying up. In terms of strength, the aluminum reinforced corners will make sure the beauty products are safe inside. Much more is the trending and sleek case that can be great for use as my upcoming makeup artists. For all your beauty products you can choose any of the colors that fit your personality as it comes in a variety of colors.

More so, it meets the PETA cruelty standards and thus is safe for use. Finally, this sturdy case will protect your beauty products.

Extra Features:

  • The interiors are both pill proof and dust proof so easier to maintain.
  • It contains a mirror for checking your body after makeup.

#1. SHANY Essential Pro Makeup Train Case

SHANY Essential Pro Makeup Train Case

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  • By: SHANY Cosmetics

Lastly is yet another Shany product in this review. It’s not surprising as the quality performance of their products makes them be considered the best makeup cases. For all your make up products, cosmetic brushes and other beauty products this will offer you the required storage solution. It has very large compartments that can fit even the hair dryer and blower.

On the other hand, the aluminum material and ABS plastic use give the case strength to withstand daily use. Additionally, the interior has dustproof fabric that will make cleaning an easier exercise. It consists of four plastic trays.

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Much more, the trays come with 4 eight plastics that makes organizing an easier exercise. For the safety of your items, the interiors have a foam that will ensure no breakages are experienced.

For mobility, the lightweight and the shoulder straps will be to your advantage. This cosmetic train case also features a lock system for you to walk with the case with no worries. Colors may vary but then you will find one that fits your personality well. Furthermore, this one can be as storage and display purposes. The Shany cosmetics case would be an ideal gift for the ladies as they will like the inside pink color plus its elegant design.

SHANY Essential Pro Makeup Train Case_1

Extra Features:

  • It comes with dual locks for safety when moving.
  • The inner protective foam lining ensures the beauty products are in the best shape.
Pre-purchase consideration:
  • Materials: The material used determines the durability. You have to look for the case that is made of the best material as it will also give the best service. The ones made of steel, aluminum with reinforced metals make the case strong.
  • Size: The cases vary in size with some larger than others. It is important to choose large sized cases as it will fit all your items easily. Moreover, you have to make sure the size of the case will fit your beauty products.
  • Waterproofness: The inside material should be made of the best material that can repel water and dust. This will make cleaning and maintenance easier.
  • Price: Getting a very cheap makeup case cost you greatly as cheap can be expensive. You will always find one that fits your budget range well. However, if you want one that lasts for long and has many features you shouldn’t hesitate to pay more pennies for it.
  • Design:  The cases are designed with different compartment, dividers and have different styles and colors. You have to look for the best design that will best fit your personality.

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Why you need the professional makeup case:
  • For organization: It’s equipped with various compartments and dividers that can fit your makeups. It has large compartments too fit large items and smaller sizes too. The different dividers in the compartments can also be customized to fit your needs.
  • For mobility:  Whether you like pulling or carrying on the back you can choose any that makes you more comfortable. The lightweight nature will also ensure you can move with it anywhere. The wheels too serve to make mobility easier.
  • For storage: There is no better way of storing your beauty products than with the case. With the large sizes, this will fit your items. its space can also be used to store other accessories. They also ensure the makeups are well protected from damage.

The cosmetic make up cases will make it easy for you when it comes to organizing your beauty products. They contain style, design, and function in one go. To choose the best you have to focus on the design, size, material, and price before arriving at the best makeup artist case for your uses. All the best makeup train cases here are high-quality products. You can choose any for your uses from the list in this review.

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