Best Rolling TV Stands for Flat Screen (2020) Review – Buying Guides

A TV stand is a profoundly selected and acknowledged item that will raise your television set so that you are looking at it at a comfortable eye level. A rolling TV stand adds a reasonable amount of height to displays of all sorts and sizes and lets you sit comfortably on your seat and not experience fatigue and neck, eye, and back strain. We have highlighted the best rolling TV stands you can buy and what you need to look out for.

Top 10 Best Rolling TV Stands for Flat Screen 2020 Review:

VIVO Mobile TV Cart for 37 to 70 inch LCD LED Plasma Flat Panel Screens | Rolling TV Stand with Wheels (STAND-TV02D)
Mount-It! Mobile TV Stand with Wheels, Adjustable Height Rolling Cart for 13
Suptek Rolling TV Cart Mobile TV Mount Stand with Wheels and Shelves for 32-70 inch Flat Screen, LCD, LED, Plasma (ML5074)
TAVR Tall Rolling Moblile Floor TV Stand Cart with Mount Lockable Caster Wheels and Audio Shelf for 37 40 42 47 50 55 60 65 70 inch LCD LED OLED QLED Flat Panel and Curved TVs,TF5001
VIVO TV Cart for LCD LED Plasma Flat Panels Stand with Wheels Mobile fits 37
Mount Factory Rolling TV Stand Mobile TV Cart for 32-65 inch Plasma Screen, LED, LCD, OLED, Curved TV's - Mount Universal with Wheels
VIVO TV Floor Stand for 13 to 42 inch Flat Panel LED LCD Plasma Screens | Portable Display Height Adjustable Mount (STAND-TV07)
Mount Factory Rolling TV Cart Mobile TV Stand for 40-65 inch Flat Screen, LED, LCD, OLED, Plasma, Curved TV's - Universal Mount with Wheels
NB North Bayou Mobile TV Cart TV Stand with Wheels for 32 to 65 Inch LCD LED OLED Plasma Flat Panel Screens up to 100lbs AVA1500-60-2P (Black 2 Shelves)
VIVO Mobile TV Cart for 32-65 inch LCD LED Plasma Flat Panel Screen TVs up to 110 lbs | Pro Height Adjustable Rolling White Stand with Laptop Shelf, Locking Wheels - Max VESA 600x400 (STAND-TV03W)

10. VIVO TV Cart for LCD LED Plasma Flat Panels Stand

VIVO TV Cart for LCD LED Plasma Flat Panels Stand

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  • By: VIVO

Your exceptional TV set deserves a befitting equally splendid rolling stand that will add luxury to functionality. This is among the priciest unit in the list meaning there must be something extra that justifies this price point. This best rolling TV stands are built for high compatibility and is fit for all television sets measuring between 37 and 70 inches in diagonal length.

The best part is, you can smoothly adjust its shelf height to suit your demands. This encourages healthy body posture and reduces fatigue and strain on the neck, shoulders, and eyes.

The mount is supported by a sturdy and robust aluminum frame which can withstand almost 90 pounds.  You can adjust the telescopic midsection to heights of between 52 to 75 inches from the floor. Internal cable management provides for poles to accommodate power and AV cords meaning neat and organized wire connections.

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When you come to the bottom part, you’ll find a tempered glass shelf which offers a surface for AV components and decorations. The makers included solid rubber casters that are easy to maneuver regardless of the finished surface you throw them on.

Extra Features:

  • The mount on the stand rotates by 90 ͦ allowing you to mount the TV in vertical or portrait position.
  • You can lock the front casters when you want to keep the stand stationery.

9. Mount-It! Mobile TV Stand with Wheels

Mount-It! Mobile TV Stand with Wheels

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  • By: Mount-It!

This is another best rolling TV stands for many, a great additive to your entertainment set. Screens between 13 and 42 inches may sound small to many, nut quite a number still swear by such screen especially for bedrooms, kitchens, and apartments with limited spaces. It has an adjustable midsection for added efficiency and productivity and makes watching much more comfortable.

Also, it can tilt by 30 ͦ on the TV bracket to allow for a variety of viewing positions. It is made from the sturdy, high-grade materials that promote strong and stable support for your TV as long as you want. The metal part is cold rolled steel and allows you to adjust to a maximum height of 52 inches from the midsection.

You don’t have to worry about your monitors moving or shaking; the firm base won’t let that happen. The company says that this unit will securely hold in place monitors, not more than 44lbs. It has 4 swiveling wheels which make it a breeze to move around. 2 casters are lockable to keep the stand in a stationary position.

Extra Features:

  • It comes with threaded bolts for mounting the TV.
  • It allows you to install the TV either vertically and horizontally to match your demands.

8. Suptek Universal TV Cart For LCD LED Plasma Panel Stand Mount

Suptek Universal TV Cart For LCD LED Plasma Panel Stand Mount

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  • By: Suptek

Another of the smash hit items in this corner is this best rolling TV stand from Suptek. This ideally functional and dynamic stand anchors your TV securely making it stand firmly without shaking. Without a doubt, they have a certain appeal for their excellent build quality thanks to the high-grade metallic material used to craft it.

The manufacturer recommends the mobile stand for TVs 32 to 60 inches long in diagonal while not exceeding 100lbs or 45 KGs. You will also appreciate the well thought out with one top shelf and another middle shelf to hold your Av components as well as hold phones, notebooks, and pens.

Another point worth noting is that the mount allows to lift or lower the display from 39 inches t 56 inch from the floor to the center of the TV. You can also tilt the TV to +15 ͦand -9 ͦ viewing angle that is favorable to you.

This mobile unit sits on 4 sturdy casters each with brakes so you can easily move the TV and brake it to a halt when you need to station it. Reduce eye fatigue, neck, and back strain with a simple click to add this adorable unit to your cart.

Extra Features:

  • Internal cable management ensures a near organization of connection wires.
  • You get a free 10ft HDMI cable with this unit.

7. TAVR Moblile Floor TV Stand Cart

TAVR Moblile Floor TV Stand Cart

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  • By: TAVR Furniture

This is one of the best rolling TV stands available out there to befit all budgets, styles, and spaces. The design is basic with a simple built that is still effective in helping to prevent the risk of back and neck problems and back, neck and eye strain.

Even after mounting the TV, the two shelves below provide sufficient space for your DVD player set-top box, laptop, mobile phone and other extras in your possession. It’s a weight-bearing device that can be used as a TV stand for TVs measuring between 37 and 70 inches in diagonal length.

The base is firm and strong with four casters for easy mobility. You will get locks on the casters to lock the stand in place when you finally find the right position. You need not to be techy to get this thing up and running; the assembly is simple and straightforward. Its multi-functionality makes it a necessity in work environments. It is a fair bargain considering how much it costs.

Extra Features:

  • You can swivel, tilt and adjust the TV to portrait or landscape depending on what works for you.
  • The height is adjustable to heights of between 51-56 inches.
  • The shelves are made of tough and solid tempered glass.

6. VIVO TV Cart for LCD LED Plasma Flat Panels Stand with Wheels

VIVO TV Cart for LCD LED Plasma Flat Panels Stand with Wheels

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  • By: VIVO

The simple construction significantly improves the quality of the work you do on your computer. This mobile TV mount is designed to accommodate TVs of 35 to 70inches diagonal height. The stand is carefully constructed from high-grade steel that is not just tough and durable but as well is elegantly stylish yet strong enough to withstand loads of up to 100 lbs. Other items you need to keep handy while watching or gaming are positioned lower on the two shelves of the stand. The top shelf is slightly movable

The base, in particular, has four legs for movement and allows you to adjust the height by between 15 and 25 inches from the floor to suit your comfort. The rubber wheels can easily cruise through floors and carpets and can be locked to achieve a firm stationery position.

It is also pretty easy to put together and disassemble this unit. This pick is an excellent selection for movie and TV enthusiast and hardcore gamers and those who spend lots of time behind the screen watching.

Extra Features:

  • Internal cable management means a neat and organized connection of wires.
  • It comes with the necessary assembly and mounting tools.

5. Mount Factory Rolling TV Stand Mobile TV Cart

Mount Factory Rolling TV Stand Mobile TV Cart

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  • By: Mount Factory

Who wouldn’t want such a simple, practical and efficient way to elevate their TV that will last even longer than the TV components? This rolling TV stand works as advertised and still costs a reasonable sacrifice making it a wise option if you are on a tight budget. A 110-pound capacity seems to mean it can be used for pretty much any monitor size but the makers still restrict the stand for displays from 32-65 inch.

You have a functional shelf compartment you can store anything you need to keep close by while you watch, work or game. The 15-degree tilt angle allowance is meant to make back, and neck pains are a thing of the past. Another functional feature is the back plate which holds the cable to ensure neat cable management.

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The base has been built sturdy and robust and the rubber wheels are no-scratch, no-slip keeping your floor safe from scratches and marks. It takes only a simple and few steps to get it set up, and you get easy to follow instructions to walk you through this. You have 4 adjustable height levels between 43 and 63 inches to choose from depending on your height demands.

Extra Features:

  • The wheels are lockable when you need to keep the stand in position.
  • The extra wide base adds to stability.

4. VIVO TV Display Portable Floor Stand Height Adjustable Mount

VIVO TV Display Portable Floor Stand Height Adjustable Mount

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  • By: VIVO

This solid monitor stand compares favorably well to the competition for its sturdiness, space-saving design, and the ergonomic one-piece design. It is a pretty neat option considering that there is space below allocated for all chords.

It is popular not just for its simplicity but for the way it shows off the attractive shiny finish. The makers recommend the monitor stand for TV screens of any size but not exceeding 13 to 432 inches and 44 lbs.

The 1.5 thick stainless steel center pole is designed with 12 adjustable height points so you can choose the height that suits you. It is completely hollow making it lightweight and easy to lift. The builders of this unit ensured the base is firm and stable to secure the TV safely. It has 2 inch wide feet to keep it firmly in place.

Aside from that, everyone with hands can use it in no time, and you only need to pull it out of the packaging using the available tools and hardware to install it and place it on your floor to use it.

Extra Features:

  • The mount allows the screen to tilt from 0-30 degrees.
  • The TV display can be mounted in portrait or landscape position.

3. Mount Factory Rolling TV Stand for 40-65 inches flat screen

Mount Factory Rolling TV Stand for 40-65 inches flat screen

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  • By: Mount Factory

A TV stand is considered a purely functional item. But thanks to today’s endless styles, this offering has been modified to add to your room or home décor significantly. The stainless steel used for the construction is sturdy enough for a 40-65 inch TV and can hold up to 100 lbs while still ensuring years of trouble-free use.

Like you’d wish, there is a fitted shelf to care for all your connected components and other handy gadgets and remotes. You can adjust the shelf height to a level you are comfortable with.

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For the frames, the manufacturer chose to use brightly-finished steel tubes that allow height adjustments of between 40-60 inches giving this pick flexibility advantages. Another cool feature is the cable management design with support tubes, upright holes and back plate that take care of the stubborn snakes of cables if the stand is placed flush against a wall.

It comes with 4 heavy duty casters that are easily movable regardless of the surface. The casters can be locked into position to eliminate any possible motion.

Extra Features:

  • Comes with safety bolts for locking the TV onto the mount and prevent shifting.
  • You get assembly and mounting instructions for easy and convenient setup.

2. North Bayou Mobile TV Cart TV Stand with wheels

North Bayou Mobile TV Cart TV Stand with wheels

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  • By: NB North Bayou

Usefulness meets style with this rolling TV stand that is simply a hit in this specialty. This offering adds a reasonable amount of height to TV of all sorts and sizes and lets you sit comfortably at your desk and not experience fatigue and neck, eye, and back strain. Try as hard as you might, it is hard to find better than the heavy-duty dual poles in matters stability and keep your TV firm in position without shifting. It is an excellent pick for owners of 32-65 inch television sets.  It is designed for a comfortable hold of up to 100 lbs. of a TV and to provide stability.

North Bayou Mobile TV Cart TV Stand with wheels_1

Each side offers good compatibility options to adjust your monitor, with the height adjustable to heights from 40 to 60 inches from the floor. You also get adequate adjustable space for storing all your supplies with the two slots for your cable box, consoles DVD players, and other components. There is one extra compartment for the webcam.  It comes with 4 movable casters to aid in the movement of the stand.  If you fancy style and are keen on value, then this is right to monitor stand for your display.

Extra Features:

  • The casters can be locked into position using security padlocks.
  • Integrated cable management system for an organized and neat arrangement.

1. VIVO White Mobile TV Cart for LCD LED Plasma Flat Panels Stand

VIVO White Mobile TV Cart for LCD LED Plasma Flat Panels Stand

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  • By: VIVO

On top of our list of the best rolling TV stands in 2020 is the VIVO dual mobile TV stand. The Average Joe may not need the stylish highlights but if you find pleasure in some sense of style then you may find the need for such amount. In fact, people who have laid their hands on this excellent piece never go back to using their old ones again. The mount can tilt and articulate fully for best positioning of the screens, be it portrait or landscape. This product is perfect for 32 – 65-inch screens that weigh less than 110 lbs. Expect to find a middle shelf with a maximum weight capacity of 30 lbs for holding your Av components.

You get swift and easy installation and dis-installation and movements and adjustments with detachable VESA bracket plates. And it doesn’t sacrifice stability at the expense of flexibility, the sturdy base tightly holds to your ground offering firm mount. Like in other top models in its class, this unit features 4 solid casters for easy maneuvering. They are made of soft rubber making the casters easy to work regardless of the kind of floor you intend to use them on.

Extra Features:

  • You can lock the casters to keep the stand stationery.
  • For a more organized and systematic arrangement of cable, the cable management is integrated.
Rolling TV Stands for Fat Screen Buying Guides:
  • Size and Capacity: The capacity entails the total weight of the TV that the stand can hold. The monitor mount should offer flexibility. As some monitor stands have a broader base and may not be compatible if you have limited space. Ensure the dimensions can work with you’re the space you have.
  • Flexibility: You need to purchase a dual TV stand that offers maximum flexibility. The ideal flexible mount should be able to move right, left, or any direction, and meet your demands not sacrificing comfort. Opt for options with solid casters for easy movement. The casters should desirably be lockable to allow you to lock the rolling stand securely in place.  It shouldn’t demand another set of hand to adjust and install.
  • Price:  It makes no sense spending more on a TV stand that the TV itself. Consider a price tag won’t hurt your pockets and meets all your demands.
  • Design and Material: It is crucial that your stand looks great even if it’s flexible and durable. The material should be the first rate for it directly contributes to the TV stand’s sustainability. For ultimate durability and longevity, the material should be high-grade. Look out for stainless steel metal frames for long-lived benefits. The wheels should be made of rubber to make them easily movable on different surfaces.

It is as well wiser to opt for units that meet VESA standards. They are a family of criteria defined by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA).

Why you need Rolling TV stands for the flat screen:
  • For official use: Rolling TV stands are crucial for office presentation, conferences, and lectures where there is a wide sitting that needs to get a glimpse of the screen. They elevate the screen making it visible to all the people in the room.
  • Home use: Rolling TV stands are a decent choice for homes especially in living rooms, bedrooms kitchens and any other location that may require a screen. These stands allow you to move the display to a location and position that is convenient for the viewers.

This post aims to provide you with a superior approach when sorting out the best from the infinite number of rolling TV stands in the market. The best convenient rolling TV stands ought to incorporate the greater part of the above highlights.

Because you merit the best, purchase the best from the alternatives below. Take your time to settle for the best suitable stand money can buy that is worth your hard-earned money. Good luck.