Top 10 Best Samsung 32-inch Smart TVs Reviews – Editor’s Choice

The notion that bigger TVs are the best is misleading! In fact, Samsung 32-inch smart TVs are perfectly decent, even though manufacturers tend to vouch for the bigger options. Of course, the price of 32-inch smart TVs is modest and they also don’t occupy much space in your house. In this review, we shall explore the top 10 best Samsung 32-inch smart TVs in 2019.

10 Best Samsung 32-inch Smart TVs Reviews – Editor’s Choice:

1. Samsung UN32EH5000 32-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV (2012 Model)

Samsung UN32EH5000 32-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV (2012 Model)

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Of course, all the options on this list are manufactured by the renowned Samsung brand. Samsung has, over the years, taken over the market thanks to the unique features they integrate into their TVs. This 32-inch smart TV is eligible for a 60-day full customer support. Before the 60 days elapse, one gets help from trained technicians who give details on connecting or troubleshooting just in case there’s an issue bothering you. Another thing, Samsung is a brand known to manufacture top-quality TVs made from ultra-grade materials. So, once you purchase this TV, you won’t be worried about going to the market for replacements every now and then.

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Furthermore, the TV boasts an excellent refresh rate of 60 Hz. This is a unique rate which is meant to offer a unique viewing experience. Of course, you also benefit from its clear motion rate of 120. And, the modest pricing is something else you’ll find pleasant about this TV. I mean, even with all its unique features and excellent advancements, the TV still goes for a pocket-friendly price.

Another thing, the LED edge-lit backlight allows one to easily monitor all applications and also control various parameters easily. So, you won’t be required to press some hidden buttons just to change various aspects or control the TV’s operations. Perhaps the most pleasing thing for me is the size. The dimensions of 29.1″ x 17.5″ x 3.7 without stand and 29.1″ x 19.6″ x 7.5″ with stand make this TV are a real space saver. And finally, there’re two ports for HDMI, a single port for USB, another input for component and also audio out just in case you want to connect it to an external speaker for better audio delivery.

  • The price is considerable
  • You also get an optical input and a single RF input
  • It doesn’t support Smart functionalities

2. Samsung UN32J5003 32-Inch 1080p LED TV (2015 Model)

Samsung UN32J5003 32-Inch 1080p LED TV (2015 Model)

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Just like the model in the 1st position, this Samsung 32-inch smart TV boasts some of the best features available this year. It introduces the newest dynamic audio feature equipped with a DTs sound. This way, you get a crystal clear sound quality and an immersive soundstage audio. Of course, we all want to enjoy that unique resonant bass and a crystal clear sound which doesn’t skip even a single syllable. And, with this TV, you will get that and more. Of course, image quality is enhanced thanks to the unique resolution quality. There’re HDMI connections so you’re free to add any other systems you wish to combine with your TV. Furthermore, the HDMI is designed to support audio and video parameters so you can enjoy enhanced audio and video quality.

Also, the unique refresh rate makes this a unique 32-inch Samsung smart TV. It refreshes at an effective rate of 60. And, for visibility and easy control, the TV is equipped with a backlit LED. This way, you easily control different aspects and change parameters at the comfort of your couch. Additionally, the boasts a unique size of 29.2″ x 17.2″ x 3.1″ with no stand 29.2″ x 18.5″ x 5.7″ with a stand. This is a perfect space save for your home.

Lastly, the TV comes with all Input ports so added convenience. You get two HDMI inputs, a single USB port, and several other inputs to make your access convenient. Also, you can use ConnectShare movie feature to play USB content. This way, you can watch movies and listen to music from a USB device.

  • The new ConnectShare feature allows one to listen to music, watch movies and view images
  • The size is ideal for a small home
  • There’s no smart functionality and WI-FI feature

3. Samsung Electronics UN32J4000C 32-Inch 720p LED TV (2015 Model)

Samsung Electronics UN32J4000C 32-Inch 720p LED TV (2015 Model)

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Wrapping up the top three slots is the Samsung UN32J4000C model. This is a great 32-inch TV which lets you enjoy high-quality images and audio. The high resolution of 720p delivers high definition allowing one to view their favorite movies and videos in a more detailed and clearer for. The vibrant and crystal clear speakers with a unique down firing and an excellent base reflex let you enjoy the best sounds. Of course, being a 32-inch TV, this is a real space-saver and is ideal for anyone starting off a life and don’t have much space in their house.

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Having used this TV before, I must mention the ultra-grade material used in the construction. The material is tough and highly durable. And, the unique image resolution with an amazing refresh rate and excellent processing speed guarantee the greatest viewing experience. Also, there’s an advanced backlight technology which lets one access all the controls and other parameters easily for effective control.

  • The standard power supply makes it a universal TV
  • The ultra-grade construction guarantees performance
  • The external audio and video cable isn’t included in the package

4. Samsung Electronics UN32M5300A 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

Samsung Electronics UN32M5300A 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

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This Samsung UN32M5300A model keeps up the quality. It allows one to enjoy top-grade image quality with 2X sound clarity. The HD image quality guarantees the best viewing experience for you and your family. Of course, the size is ideal for any home and the material used in its construction is unique. Going at a pocket-friendly price, this TV offers real value for your money. Again, one is able to access their favorite TV channels, Video on demand, Live TV, social media, apps and other features with least hassle. The browser navigation is unique and lets you access these platforms from a single interface.

One more thing, the TV’s LED backlit feature allows one to easily navigate through all these platforms with ease. You also access all the platforms without having to trace some hidden controls which make changing from one interface to the other tedious. Of course, the fast control and fluid browsing is also facilitated by the excellent control interface which makes the TV one of the easiest to operate options available on the market.

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Upon purchase, you get a number of other accessories to spice up your experience. Various inputs are added to the bargain to make your experience better. And, although you need access to the internet, this is a versatile TV and you can use it for countless purposes.

  • This TV is fairly priced
  • The unique refresh rate makes it convenient
  • Some customers have had issues with external sound output

5. Samsung 32-Inch Curved Monitor (Ultra- Slim Design)

Samsung 32-Inch Curved Monitor (Ultra- Slim Design)

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Halfway into the list, we get the Samsung CF391 model. This is one of the best TV models featuring an ultra-thin design. Of course, we have all marked a welcome departure from all those thick bellied TVs and everyone is now going slimmer. So, the thinner and slimmer a TV is, the more convenient it becomes. One thing which makes this TV unique is the curved screen.

Unlike most of its competitors, the TV features a curved screen which offers an immersive viewing experience. Of course, the curved feature also offers access for more people even those who are seated at the edges. Of course, this design is also inspired by the curvature of the human eye. So, you get bold, clearer and stunning panoramic viewing whether you use it at home or in the office.

For the gamers, this TV is a real game changer. For instance, you get an enhanced gaming experience since there’s a gaming mode. Of course, you can switch between modes so that you get to enjoy each one of them separately. So, the gaming mode instantly customizes the feel and screen color for the best gaming experience. And, the contrast is also enhanced to ensure you get the best viewing and never miss an obstacle while gaming.

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Another last thing, the TV boasts a brilliant image quality. The unique contrast of 5000:1 delivers super blacks and brighter whites thus creating unique contrasts for each scene. This way, you enjoy the best viewing for your favorite movies and music videos. So, if you want to catch each scene and get the exact feeling intended to be passed across, then this is what you need.

  • The unique contrast ration delivers top-quality images
  • The ultra-thin design makes it convenient
  • For WI-FI connections, the TV doesn’t support unique characters

6. Samsung Electronics UN32M4500A 32-Inch 720p Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

Samsung Electronics UN32M4500A 32-Inch 720p Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

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The Samsung UN32M4500A 32-inch smart TV is simply excellent. It allows one to enjoy clearer images and better image quality. I mean, given the unique features and more advanced technology employed in the manufacture, this TV offers an immersive viewing with perfect image quality and a unique sound delivery. With this TV, you are able to access various modes and a plethora of platforms seamlessly. You can check the live TV, stream your favorite videos, access social media, check apps and also view your favorite programs. And, the easy-access and quick-navigation browsing enhance the experience making this TV worth every dime.

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Again, this is an ultra-thin TV boasting an attractive profile and a space-saving size. For those who have a scarcity of space in their house, this would be a great option to add to your cart. Of course, the price is also kind to your wallet. And, don’t let the price make you think this is one of those cheap flops you come across. The stellar combination of excellent functionality and unique performance guarantees real value for your money.

Lastly, this TV delivers a crystal clear viewing thanks to the high resolution. Also, you also enjoy an effective refresh rate of 60 Hz and an amazing processing speed. And, for quick and convenient access, the TV is equipped with a unique backlight technology.

  • It’s fairly priced
  • Offers crystal clear viewing
  • The audio output requires some effort to work

7. Samsung Electronics UN32J4001 32-Inch 720p LED TV (2017 Model)

Samsung Electronics UN32J4001 32-Inch 720p LED TV (2017 Model)

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On the 7th position, we have the Samsung UN32J4001 smart TV. This is a 2017 model so you can be sure to enjoy the latest features and most advanced technology. One of the things you stand to benefit from is the unique 720p high definition resolution. There’s a unique sound quality with excellent bass and an immersive treble to enhance the viewing and ensure you don’t miss even a single syllable. So, for viewing your favorite movies and films, this is the TV you will find most appealing. Again, the sound quality makes it ideal for listening and watching your favorite music audios and videos respectively.

Another thing, this TV boasts an ultra-thin profile. So, it’s time you marked a welcome departure from those thick TV with bellies. Of course, none of us wants to but those thick TVs which occupy all the space in your house. And yes, gamers aren’t left behind as well. The unique resolution and excellent sound quality let the gamer enjoy an immersive play with vibrancy and clarity.

One more thing, you also enjoy a 60 Hz refresh rate and an amazing processing speed. This way, each press on the remote is executed instantly so you won’t be waiting for some time for a change to occur. Of course, this is most helpful to gamers since a simple delay in the execution of a move can result in adverse effects.

  • The color quality is impressive
  • The unique resolution guarantees an immersive viewing
  • It’s a bit flimsy so requires more care

8. Samsung Electronics UN32M5300A 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

Samsung Electronics UN32M5300A 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

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I love watching movies but am not thrilled by the poor image quality and inaudible audio output. So, with this TV, you will get both audio and video quality so that you enjoy an immersive viewing. Of course, the TV is tested and proven to work effectively. It’s made using a tough quality material which guarantees durability and eliminates the need for you to constantly frequent the market for replacements. So, if you’re tired of those cheap duds and want something tough and sturdy, then I suggest you try this TV.

Also, the high definition clarity ensures that you get the best image and audio quality. In fact, it offers 2x better clarity compared to the normal TVs thus ensuring that you have the best results. One more thing, one is able to access various platforms. For instance, you can access social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites. You can also check out live TV and stream movies from most platforms provided you’re connected to Wi-Fi. And, the easy-to-browse feature with efficient navigation and unique access to all the platforms ensures that you enjoy full-time viewing.

Upon purchasing this TV, you benefit from a 90-day warranty. So, for the first three months after delivery, you can get a replacement or full customer support on connection and troubleshooting. And, the TV also ships with all the required accessories so you won’t be incurring the extra cost of purchasing more cables. So, this is a perfect option for anyone wishing to get the best without incurring unnecessary costs.

Given its excellent functionality, switching between apps is efficient and quick. I mean, you can easily and seamlessly switch between one application like streaming content to something like watching Live TV without much hassle

  • There’s a seamless control
  • The excellent processing speed offers an instant change of interface
  • The refresh rate is amazing
  • Most motion control features are on a default setting

9. Samsung Electronics UN32N5300AFXZA 32″ 1080p Smart LED TV (2019)

Samsung Electronics UN32N5300AFXZA 32 1080p Smart LED TV (2019)

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Just like all the other options on this list, this TV offers a full HD 1080p resolution. This way, you get the clearest images. And, the audio is also enhanced so no need to worry. This TV can be used for videos and also viewing your favorite music. With 2X clarity compared to standard HD TVs, you can never go wrong with this TV. You stand to get the most immersive viewing with crystal clear images and an audio which you won’t even miss a single syllable. The price is on the lower side. So, it isn’t one of those overpriced options which eat deep into your wallet.

Unlike most TVs which don’t support the smart functionality, this model features the smart access where you can stream your favorite movies, catch Live TV, access social media and also access all the other platforms conveniently. Of course, all these functionalities are easily accessed using a simple Samsung remote control. It’s designed to offer a seamless transition between apps and effortless switching. Another thing, the TV boasts a slim profile which is a great feature nowadays. No one wants to purchase a TV which eats up all the space in their home, is there?

One more thing, the unique refresh rate of 60 Hz and the amazing processing speed ensure that you access your TV easily and seamlessly. And, of course, the backlight technology offers the best flawless control and change of interface between one application to the other. Given all these features, you can be sure to have an amazing experience and get value for your money.

  • The advanced audio and video technology ensures that you have the best viewing
  • This is a versatile TV which can be used to handle a plethora of applications
  • No concern so far

10. Samsung 32inch FHD 1080p LED Wi-Fi Smart HDTV with Full Web Browser

Samsung 32inch FHD 1080p LED Wi-Fi Smart HDTV with Full Web Browser

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This TV wraps up the list. It isn’t one of those cheap knockoffs you come across. I mean, it features the most advanced technology and ensures that you reap the full benefits of a smart TV. For instance, the high-resolution HD technology delivers top-tier quality viewing and guarantees an immersive experience. Another thing you’ll love about this TV is the unique smart support which allows you to access your favorite programs both online and offline. The ultra-slim profile saves space and also spices up the appearance of your TV room.

If you’re looking for a top-quality TV whose price is on the lower side, then this one would do. Again, you can access the TV easily thanks to the flawless navigation. I mean, you can easily change interfaces and modes using a remote control which is added into the package. And the LED backlit feature makes access to each interface a breeze.

  • The price is okay
  • The image quality is amazing
  • One needs to keep the volume at 40 for clarity

What to Consider before Buying a 32-inch Samsung Smart TV:

The price:

Get a TV whose price doesn’t hurt your wallet but isn’t also too kind since that could translate to poor quality. I suggest you pick a fairly priced option.


Durability is determined by the material used in the construction. Only pick the models made using the high-grade material.

Color quality

The color quality and sound quality have to be great if at all you want to experience an immersive viewing.

Why You Need a Samsung Smart 32-inch TV:

For convenience: the Samsung smart 32-inch TVs are not too small or too large so they save space and also offer better viewing.

They are affordable: the Samsung TVs are modestly priced so you won’t have to worry about hurting your wallet.

Final Thoughts!

Samsung 32-inch smart TVs are becoming popular. In fact, more people prefer going for them since they are conveniently priced and the size isn’t too large or too small. Getting the right model can be an arduous task. So, this list is meant to ensure that you make an informed purchase. So, be sure to add one of these TVs to your cart!

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