Top 12 Best Shower Curtain Rods Reviews – 2020 Reviews & Guides

Shower curtain rods are conventional in many households. If you have one, you will attest to the fact that it feels odd not to be in one during shower time. This feeling is because you have the best conditions, as you undertake this daily activity. With the right circumstances, you will look forward to taking a shower. Curtains do an excellent job at providing a tranquil environment for you. Your freedom is not inhibited, you will not feel enclosed, and you can play around with your surroundings.

The competition for providing you the best shower curtain rods is rife. This competition makes it even harder to choose what you need. In this list, we have compiled curtain rods from the most trusted brands in the market. Shower curtain rods are conventional in many households.

Best Shower Curtain Rods Review in 2020:

1. InterDesign Cameo Constant Tension Shower Curtain Rod

InterDesign Cameo Constant Tension Shower Curtain Rod

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  • By: InterDesign

Taking the number one slot is the InterDesign shower curtain rod. For over 40 years, they continuously innovate with unique products. They have a broad and trusting market that relies on their products to date. It is easy to install by merely twisting, extending, and locking the rod in place. The unique system about this rod is its patented technology that ensures it stays in place at all times.

They have a wide variety that extends from the smallest rod extending between 24 and 42 inches, with the largest one extending between 78 and 108 inches. This rod will undoubtedly last longer than most in the market, thanks to its rust-resistant steel and coated plastic materials. Considering their experience and expertise in their field, InterDesign guarantees a good deal at the end of it all. This shower rod is significantly cheap as compared to their competitors.

  • It is applicable in other places such as closets and windows.
  • You have the option of three different color options in the rod to match your décor.
  • There are no complaints so far.

2. InterDesign Forma Constant Tension Bathroom Stainless Steel Shower Curtain Rod

InterDesign Forma Constant Tension Bathroom Stainless Steel Shower Curtain Rod

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  • By: InterDesign

Another InterDesign best shower curtain rod makes it in this review. Installing a shower curtain rod from other brands can prove to be difficult. That is not the case with this rod, which snaps in place quite easily. You have to follow the instructions on how to go about it. We have witnessed instances in which some say it is impossible to set it up. Simply following the well laid down instructions, turn night into day.

Moving on swiftly, the rod is super stable; some even claim to swing regularly on it. We do not recommend swinging on it though. Unlike other rods that slip and lose their grip over time, this one comes with a patented design that tightens to the walls you place it.

  • You can use it in other places, not only in the shower
  • The brushed tension steel is rust resistant.
  • You have to be cautious when installing it since you cannot adjust it later.

3. Zenna Home 35633SSP NeverRust Aluminum Tension Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Zenna Home 35633SSP NeverRust Aluminum Tension Curved Shower Curtain Rod

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  • By: Zenna Home

Most shower curtains are prone to rust. It is a well-known fact that metal and water are mortal enemies. For this reason, Zenna Home used aluminum in this assembly, making it rustproof. Moreover, aluminum is lighter than steel. The user can install it quickly, or move it to another setting. Switching it from one place to another is quite comfortable with the patented TwistTight technology from Zenna home.  This shower rod is so good that it is the best seller on Amazon in its category. We want to assume they have taken that slot through the kind words users have for it, recommending it to others.

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It comes with a curved design giving the user an extra 6.5 inch of wriggle room to play with. For added functionality, you have the option to add NeverRust shower hooks and rings for a complete rust proof bathroom. For them having such a large customer base to serve, they have ominously reduced the price. This reduction is because, we believe, they mass-produce the item. The competition will not catch up to them any time soon.

  • It is easy to install, no need for tools or drilling required.
  • Adjust to a wide range between 50 and 72 inches.
  • There are nil complaints so far.

4. AmazonBasics 1″ Curtain Rod with Round Finials

AmazonBasics 1" Curtain Rod with Round Finials 

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  • By: AmazonBasics

Simplicity and sophistication are both words to describe this shower curtain rod. It is simple in design to make your shower look timeless and sort of a nostalgic feel. The best part is that they instantly upgrade any room they placed. Be it your bedroom, living room or dining; it will look sophisticated. Furthermore, you have the option of adding decorative curtain holdbacks, and curtain clip ring from the same manufacturer. Round finials provide an attractive accent to the whole design. This shower rod has incredible wall mounts making it easy to avoid obstructions or create additional space between the walls and place to cover.

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Furthermore, the round venial combined with extending the rod even wider than the opening; add extra privacy to the whole system. It is available in black, bronze, or nickel. These choices are sure to fit anyone’s particular style. The core material on it is nickel. What sets nickel apart from other metals common to shower rods like aluminum and steel, is that it is more robust. This strength means your brand new shower rod will hold heavier items than others will in the market.

  • Has decorative round finials offering a balanced appearance.
  • It comes with all essential mounting hardware.
  • Nickel is Heavier regarding weight per volume than other options.

5. AmazonBasics Tension Curtain Rod – 54-90″, Nickel

AmazonBasics Tension Curtain Rod - 54-90, Nickel

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  • By: AmazonBasics

Looking for a shower curtain has never been easier. With this set, you have a wide range of sizes and colors to choose. You have the choice of choosing from the smallest set that adjusts from 24 to 36 inches and the largest adjusting from 78 to 90 inches. With this wide range, any shower will find what is best suited for it. With the color option of black, nickel, bronze, chrome and white, an interior designer will have a field day with the options they have. The set-up is easy, and one does not need tools to put it up. Furthermore, this set has consistent tension on it. As a result, it will retain its capacity to keep in place.

This rod has a high weight bearing capacity. Its stronger than usual, thus supporting heavier items are reliable on it. With a fast locking mechanism to boot, setting it up is quick and fast. The finishing will satisfy many people of varied tastes. If you did not know, AmazonBasics is a brand from Amazon themselves. The brand looks for some of the best manufacturers in the market and boosts them in research and manufacturing in their items. In this case, little know companies, get a massive boost in production, and thus makes their products better and cheaper. It is Cheaper because they mass-produce the said items. Consequently, buying from this brand guarantees the best prices in the market. That is also the case with this bar.

  • Applicable in different rooms.
  • AmazonBasics provide a 1-year warranty on this item.
  • Heavier than other metals.

6. WholesalePlumbing Oil Rubbed Bronze Curved Shower Rod

WholesalePlumbing Oil Rubbed Bronze Curved Shower Rod

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  • By: WholesalePlumbing

WholesalePlumbing’s built on the foundation of simplicity. Placing this set in your shower is fast and easy. The mechanism saves you the hassle of puncturing holes in your walls. It features a patented Snap-Fit technology. This tech means it snaps fast to the size you want, and you will not find its mechanism anywhere else. In this set, all the hardware required to set it up comes with it. Follow the easy instructions in the manual, and you are all set.

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The choices of options are attractive in colors of bronze, satin nickel, and chrome. It adjusts from 58 to 72 inches in length. This variance is adequate for most scenarios. It is a fast, cheap, and quick solution, to upgrade any shower instantly with this shower rod. This upgrade is more so due to the curved design on it. Furthermore, the curve adds more room to your shower area.

  • Easy to install.
  • has a sturdy build.
  • Curtain and shower hooks are not included.

7. Moen DN2141OWB Adjustable Double Curved Shower Rod

Moen DN2141OWB Adjustable Double Curved Shower Rod

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  • By: Moen

Moen’s motto is ‘Buy it for looks. Buy it for life’. When it comes to quality, look no further than the lifetime warranty that Moen provides. We will let that first sink in before getting back to it. In the looks department, Moen left no stone unturned with this beautiful shower curtain rod. With it, you get a double beam with the curve. The partition allows you to separate the shower curtain from the liner. This space in between gives off a complete look to the whole system when everything is in place. At either end of the rod cover to conceal the mounting hardware.

These covers give of a complete look to the whole system. Sort of like the rod is into the wall itself. You have the option of three color choices from brushed nickel, chrome, and our personal favorite old wood bronze. With the old wood bronze color, you get an antique and classy look to your shower area. On the quality front, most manufacturers do not even have an option for warranty. So having the guarantee for life says a lot about the Moen shower curtain rod. All in the spectrum appreciate this color.

  • The double curved design adds more room to your shower area than straight type rods.
  • It is easy to install by following instructions to the letter.
  • There are zero complaints so far.

8. BINO Doric’ Shower Curtain Tension Rod

BINO Doric' Shower Curtain Tension Rod

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  • By: BINO

The BINO shower curtain is made of the most exceptional quality in materials. The best thing about this curtain rod is the price. When compared to other variants in the current market, this is a bargain frankly. Therefore, if you are not quite sure whether you want a shower rod or a different mechanism altogether, this is an excellent choice for you. If you change your mind, you will feel to have spent insignificant money getting it. This saving does not take away from it the fact that this rod is beautiful and durable.

It is easy to install, by merely twisting the various parts, according to the manual. You will see this work of art adjust to the lengths you require in your shower area. The rod adjusts from 42 to 72 inches, fit enough for most showers in the market. This range makes it an ideal option too if you believe you may want to change the location it is placed. It complements any room setting.

  • It is heavy duty/solid construction.
  • It is very affordable.
  • has only two color options to choose.

9. ALLZONE Tension Shower Curtain Rod

ALLZONE Tension Shower Curtain Rod

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You probably have seen an ALLZONE shower curtain in not realize it. You probably wondered how beautiful it is, and how expensive it is, quickly changing your mind on following it up. Your skepticism should cease immediately, once you realize how cheap these tension bars are. So they are not of the finest materials, we admit, but they do get the job done satisfactorily. This bar is now a market standard in most resorts across the globe. This fame is due to many things. First, it is cheap. Not cheap regarding quality, but concerning the money you will spend to acquire it. Second, it is easy to place it with patented technology of a lock position.

With the said design, resorts can switch up where to use the rod in the first place. You will even find it in the kitchen to hold on to some towel or their ilk. Third, it is easy to clean. This ease is partly thanks to the brushed metal surface on it. The surface is also anti-corrosion and resists rust. With all of these features going on for it, how could they not be in this list? You have the option to choose from the smallest one adjusting from 28 to 41 inches, and the largest one changing from 124 to an astonishing 140 inches.

  • offers a unique set up.
  • They are cheap comparatively.
  • It is vulnerable to rust.

10. LDR 163 6332 Exquisite Adjustable Curved Shower Rod, Chrome

LDR 163 6332 Exquisite Adjustable Curved Shower Rod, Chrome

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  • By: LDR Industries

The most significant selling point with the LDR Industries curtain rod is the high adjustability from 36 inches all the way to 61 inches. When you add to this fact that you get that range on a curved shower rod, it is astonishing, to say the least. You may be skeptical about its quality, even more so when you consider the curvature. You may wonder how it holds up in the first place. All the same, cool down easy for life, knowing the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on it. We do not want to take too much off it explaining how valuable this is. The manufacturer is confident of their product. With 75 years in the game, they sure do know what they are doing.

The curved design adds some more volume to your shower area. Everything needed to set it up is included. The wall mounts are of tough chrome materials. This item was an obvious choice since it will last longer than most other plastic wall mounts from other manufacturers. After a while, people would return their rods to the manufacturer without a second thought. The rejections would in turn force a company that is almost clocking a century out of business. LDR Industries cannot let this happen.

  • LDR Industries offers a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Assembly hardware included.
  • Set up instructions are difficult to understand.

11. SIKAIQI Stretchable 304 Stainless L Shaped Bathroom Bathtub Corner Shower Curtain Rod

SIKAIQI Stretchable 304 Stainless L Shaped Bathroom Bathtub Corner Shower Curtain Rod

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This review would not be complete without an L shaped shower curtain rod. SIKAIQI takes it. It says a lot, bearing in mind all the competition. It is of a great price comparatively. The unique thing about the whole mechanism is there is zero ceiling support across all its variations with the largest stretching to 1.2 meters squared.

The material is of ‘304 stainless steel’, which is tough, smooth, hard, anti-corrosive, stable, and easy to clean. Those are many endearing syllables to describe it, and many reasons to purchase it. There is a wide range of sizes to choose from. Furthermore, the variants adjust to fill the choices in between lengths.

  • Comes with everything required to assemble them.
  • There is a wide range of sizes to choose from.
  • Assembly instructions are in Mandarin.

12. JimmLoo  Non-Slip Tension Shower Curtain Rod

JimmLoo  Non-Slip Tension Shower Curtain Rod

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  • By: JimmLoo

JimmLoo claims to offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. Whatever that means, we know we love their curtain rods to bits with all the features in them. It has a high adjustability feature, from 47 to 92 inches. This wide range makes it ideal for people that want to switch up where they place it. For example, you may need it for your shower, and the following week to hang some clothing in your extensive wardrobe.

This shower curtain rod is a must-have in every home. Switching it from one place to another could not be easier thanks to the suction cap mechanism for the ends. This rod Guarantees to satisfy most of your needs for years to come

  • Installation mechanism is fast and easy.
  • The price is fair given the quality.
  • Bar ends of a plastic material.

How to Choose the Best Shower Curtain Rods?

  • Ease of installation: in the past, to install a curtain rod, you had to hire a professional, who would take levels, drill holes, and the likes. In this list, we have curated items that are most easy to install and offer the stability required to serve you well.
  • Length: look at the size in a curtain rod best suited for your needs. Some rods have fixed lengths while others adjust to some degree. Just measure the lengths or widths you need. You do not want to end up with a shower curtain rod that will not fit.
  • Finish: we say this concerning material finish on it and the general color scheme. Choose a material that is well suited to the conditions you will most likely use your curtain rod. In our case, a shower has a lot of water. Water and metal equal rust. Thus, ensure you get one that you will not have to deal with this issue. In the color element, choose a rod that accentuates your style and decor.

Why You Need a Shower Curtain Rod?

  • Space consumption: In the past, people had doors or enclosed bathrooms. Nowadays, space is such a valuable commodity. With a shower curtain rod, you will get the privacy you need with even more space.
  • Bathroom décor: Shower curtain rods are the in thing when it comes to how a bathroom should appear. Furthermore, you have added freedom of what to do with a curtain rod than the other options available.

You shower area is a place you spend a considerable amount of time through your lifetime. It is fitting that you get the best items the market has to offer. In this list, we have considered multiple factors including the ones you should look out for to give you this comprehensive list. You will find your perfect match on this list.