Top 10 Best Snow Cone Makers to Buy in 2020 – Ultimate Buying Guides

Snow cones were my favorite childhood desserts, and for some reason, I grew up to love them. If you love snow cones for as long as I have, in one way or another, you will have to learn how to make them. So I embarked on a research spree, turning every rock to find the best and cheap snow cone makers.

Top 10 Best Snow Cone Makers to Buy in 2020:

My Pick!

Paragon Arctic Blast Sno Cone Machine - Heavy Duty

I ended up with the Paragon Arctic Blast Snow Cone Machine, and ever since I did, the only regret I have had is why did I not get it earlier. Well, that, and also the fact that my kids can’t stop screaming for snow cones as an everyday dessert.

There are a lot of things that I had to put into consideration when researching. Some of them include:

  • What is its capacity? How much ice can it produce per hour?
  • What are its aesthetics? How good will it look in a kitchen?
  • How much does it cost? Does it bring value to your money?

I do not want anybody else to go through the very long process I had to go through to find my ideal one. As such, here is a list of the 10 best snow cone machines available.

10. WYZworks Commercial Heavy Duty Ice Shaver

WYZworks Commercial Heavy Duty Ice Shaver
Product Highlights:

  • 440 pounds/hour
  • Powerful 1400-RPM motor
  • 9 pounds
  • Waterproof switch
  • 110V/60Hz/200W power supply

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If you are in the market for an incredibly durable commercial ice shaver, then you need not to look further than the WYZworks Commercial Heavy Duty Ice Shaver. Although more economically inclined, even at twice the price, it would still have wonderful value.

It is purely made of stainless steel, so durability is assured.  These cheap snow cone machines are powered by a 1400-RPM motor which can go through 440 pounds of ice per hour. This makes it the ideal choice if you want fast delivery and a perfect serving for your guests. Its blades are removable and if ever need arises, can be replaced.

The WYZworks Commercial Heavy Duty Ice Shaver is designed to ensure safety. Its switch has been covered by a waterproof shield to prevent electric shock. It is also very simple to operate, requiring you only to push the handle.

Its stainless steel build makes it weigh about 22.9 pounds and measures 17 by 11 by 17.2 inches, so it is very portable. This snow cone machine is designed to stay in place and does not budge when being used, thanks to its rubber feet.


  • Very durable
  • It weighs a mere 23 pounds, making it very portable
  • The machine stays in place, thanks to its rubber feet
  • Inexpensive
  • Simple operation
  • Very efficient

9. BLIZZY Snow Cone Maker Set

BLIZZY Snow Cone Maker Set
Product Highlights:

  • Comes as a complete set
  • 80-watt motor
  • Works with standardly sized ice cubes

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Although relatively new in the ice shaver market, the BLIZZY snow cone makers set has taken it by a storm and threatens to be termed the best ice shaver machine of all time. Partly, this is because of its low price, but it is more attributable to it being a complete set.

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Purchasing a BLIZZY snow cone makers set will get you everything that you need to make snow cones, well, apart from the ice. The set includes a Blizzy electric ice shaver, 3 different syrup flavors, twenty plastic straws, and twenty 6oz. paper cone cups. All you need is to add ice and out comes your light, fluffy snow. Its blades are made of durable stainless steel so it will serve you for a very long time.

Being new, not very many people have used this ice maker, and in those who have, there has been very few, if any, complaints. It is very user-friendly, allowing even children to use it without needing adult supervision.


  • Affordable and works well
  • Very simple to use
  • Comes with everything that you need to make the snow cones

8. Waring Pro Snow Cone Maker

Waring Pro Snow Cone Maker
Product Highlights:

  • Comes with 12 paper cones and 4 reusable ones
  • Pull out serving tray
  • Five-year warranty
  • 5 by 13.5 by 14.2 inches
  • Weighs 8 pounds

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If you want a cheap snow cone machine that will not fail you in parties and events and last a very long time, you may have found the Waring Pro snow cone machine a home. It is very easy to operate and super-fast, shaving enough ice for up to four cones in thirty seconds.

These Waring Pro snow cone makers are made of plastic, but that doesn’t make it any less durable than its stainless steel counterparts. In fact, a company is certain of its longevity as indicated by its five-year warranty.

Waring Pro machine comes with some features that make it one of the most convenient options out there. Apart from its ease of operation which can be imitated easily by children, the unit comes with a built-in pull out tray for serving. As if that is not enough, it includes 4 reusable plastic cones and 12 paper cones.


  • Its attachments are dishwasher safe
  • User-friendly
  • Durable
  • Simple to operate
  • Works well in events and parties

7. Frozen Olaf Snow Cone Maker

Frozen Olaf Snow Cone Maker
Product Highlights:

  • Weighs 2.1 pounds
  • Measures 11.25 by 4 by 10 inches
  • Includes flavor packets, flavor bottle, molded cup, and snow cone maker

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This is the perfect idea for an ice shaver if you have kids. For reasons only known to those who have watched the 3D cartoon Frozen, Olaf is a very adorable and lovable character. It is because of this that this snow cone maker was designed to resemble the snowman.

The Frozen Olaf Snow Cone Maker will be loved by your children and adored by you. Children enjoy nothing more than creating things on their own and its design allows them to do just that. Even though slightly bulkier than most, it is this size that allows it to fit a wide range of bowls and dishes to catch the ice in. Purchasing it will get you a snow maker, a molded cup, a flavor bottle, and two flavor packets.

Using it may leave a mess, and even though it was built with kids in mind, it should be used under the supervision of an adult. The downside to this snow cone maker is that however efficient and convenient; it is not practical for frequent use or use in events.


  • Kids love its design
  • Ease of operation and cleaning
  • Very quiet
  • Accommodates a range of dishes and bowls

6. Nostalgia RSM702 Retro Single Snow Cone Maker

Nostalgia RSM702 Retro Single Snow Cone Maker
Product Highlights:

  • Measures 7 by 7.5 by 12 inches
  • Weighs 4 pounds
  • 90-day warranty
  • 40 watts

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The first thing you will notice on a purchase of this single snow cone machine is its appearance. It has a sturdy build that promises to serve yours for a while. It looks exceptionally neat and has some retro circus flare. Although slightly loud, it is a very powerful unit and even comes with rubber suction cups to minimize movement when being used.

Setting up and using it it is very simple, and you will be enjoying your snow cones moments after you open the box. You only need to wipe it down and prepare the ice. It is recommended that you let the ice melt just a bit before using it. This not only makes it easier to make the snow cone but also reduces wearing the blades down.


  • Durable
  • Responsive
  • Sleek looking
  • Portable

5. Nostalgia RSM602 Retro Snow Cone Maker

Nostalgia RSM602 Retro Snow Cone Maker
Product Highlights:

  • Measures 12.5 by 10.5 by 15.5 inches
  • Weighs 6 pounds
  • Built-in safety switch
  • 35 watts
  • Side tray featured
  • Includes two reusable plastic cones

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The Nostalgia RSM602 Retro Snow Cone Maker is the best choice for you if you frequently make a lot of snow cones. Although designed for kitchen use, it is also ideal for barbecues, pools parties, and any other outdoor gatherings.

Thanks to its stainless steel cutting blades, it produces ice shaves that can easily absorb the flavor of any absorbed drinks. It has an approximate capacity of twenty 8 ounces snow cones and comes with two 8 ounces plastic reusable cones plus an ice scoop. Everything that comes with the unit is BPA free so using it doesn’t put you at risk. To further stress on safety, the Nostalgia RSM602 Retro Snow Cone Maker has a built-in safety switch.

There are best snow cone makers in general. But since it is to be used just like a kitchen top, it is too huge. It also poses a slight challenge when it comes to clean. Apart from that, everything else about it is top notch. Apart from snow cones, it also allows you to prepare smoothies and yogurt snow.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Can tolerate regular, continuous use
  • Made of BPA free materials for safety
  • Ideal for parties and events
  • Well priced

4. Cuisinart SCM-10 Snow Cone Maker

Cuisinart SCM-10 Snow Cone Maker
Product Highlights:

  • BPA free
  • Five-year warranty
  • Removable ice bin
  • 5 snow cones per minute
  • Includes a syrup recipe, a scoop, and extra cones

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The Cuisinart SCM-10 Snow Cone Maker is a joint project between two well-established brands; Cuisinart, and Waring. With each applying their own personal tweaks and branding, the result was a sleek looking and efficient product that is sure to last a lifetime – or two.

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The Cuisinart SCM-10 snow cone machine brightens your entire kitchen on set-up. It has a simple and small build that is not only easy to assemble but can also be operated by anyone including children without needing supervision.

It is quite fast, making about five cones per minute. Every part that comes into contact with the ice is BPA free and does not pose a health hazard to you or your family. Cuisinart SCM-10 machine is the best snow cone machine to buy 2020.


  • Buckets slide out for easy scooping
  • Easy to empty. Wipes clean
  • Very fast
  • Works with both standard and crushed ice cubes

3. Hawaiian Shaved Ice Kid-Friendly Snow Cone Machine

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Kid-Friendly Snow Cone Machine
Product Highlights:

  • Weighs 8.7lbs
  • Kid-friendly
  • High-speed snow cone maker
  • Flavor variety

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With a simple white design and low price, the Hawaiian Shaved Ice S700 will easily give you the best value for your money. Do not let its plastic design fool you though. It only reduces the price, not the quality or durability.

If you are not looking to spend big bucks and are not too fussy about the texture of your snow cone, then you should go for this. The unit was designed to be usable by anyone, including children. You only need to put the ice at the top and a bowl under it and wait.

Even though Hawaiian Shaved Ice S700 has received a lot of criticism for making ice chips that are not very fine textured, I am inclined to point out that this is not really a drawback because slightly coarser cones are just as tasty as finely textured ones. Storing it is very simple and does not take up much space. It can be disassembled and cleaned, then the parts stored separately.


  • Perfect for frozen cocktails
  • Inexpensive
  • Simple usage
  • Disassembles to store easily

2. Nostalgia SCM502 Vintage Snow Cone Maker

Nostalgia SCM502 Vintage Snow Cone Maker
Product Highlights:

  • Weighs 6 pounds
  • Dimensions 15.5 by 12.5 by 10.5 inches
  • Plastic with an enamel finish
  • 35 watts
  • Ninety-day warranty
  • Side tray holder
  • Includes reusable snow cones

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Nostalgia SCM502 Vintage Snow Cone Maker is, without a doubt, the cutest looking snow cone makers I have ever come across. Today is one of those rare days that you come across an appliance that looks good, and functions just as great. The unit is designed to look like a miniature street vendor’s ice shaver, complete with wheels and everything. It is going to look very nice on your countertop.

Using the Nostalgia SCM502 Vintage Snow Cone Maker requires that you pay attention to the stainless steel blades to prevent being cut. To minimize such incidences, the unit has a built-in safety switch that won’t let the blades rotate unless the lid is placed correctly. Speaking of safety, all the parts that come into contact with the ice are BPA free.

What I loved about such snow cone makers is its convenient shelf. It also has a shaved ice container for keeping the ice frozen if you are not serving out the snow cones immediately.


  • Small convenient size
  • Sleek, attractive design
  • Perfect for kids
  • Portable

1. Paragon Arctic Blast Sno Cone Machine – Heavy Duty

Paragon Arctic Blast Sno Cone Machine - Heavy Duty
Product Highlights:

  • ETL tested
  • Dimensions 16 by 14 by 24 inches
  • 792 Watts
  • 500 pounds of ice per hour
  • Aluminum and Stainless steel construction

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The size of the Paragon Arctic Blast Sno Cone Machine may fool you into thinking it is neither strong nor fast. It measures a mere 16 by 14 by 24 inches, so it is not only portable but can also fit in very small spaces. With a 1/3hp motor, this snow cone machine processes up to 500 pounds of ice per hour, making it ideal for big parties and businesses. This motor has a manual safety reset to prevent it from restarting up accidentally if it ever jams.

The cabinet of the machine is made of aluminum and stainless steel to maximize durability and easy cleaning. Your machine will remain to look new for the longest time possible thanks to its chip-resistant powder coat paint. The slant drain deck featured on it works to drain water from the ice and extend its shelf life.

The polycarbonate side panels on the Paragon snow cone machine are tinted blue to protect the ice inside from heat and light while giving it a chiller, smoother look. If space is a constraint for you, then this is a product you ought to consider.


  • It is exceptionally fast
  • Small, compact
  • Ensures your ice lasts the longest especially if you are not serving it immediately