Top 5 Best Software for Online Safety (2019 Reviews)

Your online safety is not a given. Therefore, taking steps toward ensuring it is of quintessential importance. Otherwise, you could fall prey to a myriad of threats – malware, data interception, file theft, phishing scams, cryptocurrency extortion, and the list goes on. To combat them, cybersecurity developers have come up with answers on their own, and these come in the form of scanners, firewalls, encryption tools, etc.

That being said, the market is overrun with a small sea of cybersecurity products whose developers are fighting for your attention, and not all of them are created equal. Wondering which 5 pieces of software are best worth your time when it comes to protecting your online safety? Then keep reading!

Best Softwares for Online Safety (2019):

Top 5 Best Softwares for Online Safety (2019 Reviews)Top 5 Best Softwares for Online Safety (2019 Reviews)

1. OneLogin

Too many people make the mistake of using the same set of login credentials across different websites. This, however, is not good practice by any means. If one of them gets compromised, all it takes to compromise the rest is attempting to insert the same set of login credentials into others, and the website in question would grant access to the perpetrator through the login form.

Here’s where password managers such as OneLogin come into play; upon simple and straightforward deployment, you’ll be able to access all your online accounts through this secure login manager. If you’re an employer who’s looking for on-premises identity and login management solution, OneLogin is an excellent fit for the role as well.

2. NordVPN

Having a VPN installed is a great way to stay safe from those who like to stick their nose where it doesn’t belong. ISPs that have no business analyzing your online activities and cybercriminals who are conspiring to intercept your login credentials will be running out of luck while you’re behind one of these.

NordVPN goes a step or two beyond what’s expected of your typical VPN. For starters, it is registered in Panama. Why does this matter? It’s quite simple – due to the jurisdiction they operate under, they are not required to keep any logs or monitor your traffic. Offering a wide range of regional IP’s, NordVPN also makes it incredibly easy to access content that is exclusively available in a few select regions.

3. Avast

Malware has always been and remains to be a threat to every computer or smart device user out there. Just one moment of carelessness could leave you with stolen or deleted files, login credentials, or unwanted backdoor access to your device. Therefore, performing regular scans with high-quality antivirus programs is of the essence if cybersecurity is dear to you.

Introducing Avast – software that doesn’t merely hold the title of being one of the best free antivirus scanners out there, but also one of the premium paid solutions available. With it, you’ll be able to get rid of viruses and malware before they can damage your system. Are you a Mac user? Good news – Mac OS is fully supported! Its user base is praising it for how easy it is to use, and since it’s completely cloud-hosted, no additional hardware is needed to ensure optimal performance. Whenever there’s an update available, you will immediately receive a notification reminding you of the fact.

4. CA Technologies Secure

Data breaches are a serious problem for every business owner, no matter how big or small. If the personal information belonging to your customers ever gets out in the wild, you may have more than just their anger and lost respect on your plate; you could also get slapped with a hefty penalty by the local authorities.

With the help of CA Technologies Secure, detecting malicious processes is a breeze. Apart from that, it will be of great aid to you when it comes to identity management, payment security, fraud prevention, and security control needs of your company.

5. Malwarebytes Endpoint

No matter how careful you are, cyber-criminals are always coming up with new and inventive ways of luring you into downloading a malicious program or visiting a rogue website. In fact, your machine may be infected with malware right now, and chances are you wouldn’t even know it.

Both of these cybersecurity threats are addressed by MalwareBytes Endpoint, a two-in-one solution for blocking malicious websites and scanning your system for threats. It’s also quite capable of protecting you against browser-based attacks. And the best part about it? You won’t be running into any conflicts if you try to run it alongside other antivirus scanners – it’s quite lightweight. In case you’re still using Windows XP (which is a bad idea due to a lack of developer support, but still), you’re in luck – you’ll be able to run it without problems!


These 5 best software solutions will make you as safe from cybersecurity threats as possible. Despite this, caution and common sense should be exercised at all times; no tool will be able to save you if you’re careless or naive enough to virtually let a hacker straight into your system. Don’t make their job too easy!

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  1. OneLogin, NordVPN and Avast are the three musketeers which been with me for ages. Couldn’t imagine my daily browsing without it. I only have a coupon for NordVPN – Maybe there are some deals on Avast too? Have to set it up on my sisters laptop too.

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