Top 10 Best Stainless Steel Garden Hoses (2019) Reviews

There is always the best garden hoses you can buy out there. Forming an integral part of our daily gardening tools, they are worth giving serious considerations. Choosing a high-quality hose can be tricky as they come in a variety of material. With rubber and plastic being the most popular, it’s time to select a quality product. For premium tools, we have reviewed the best stainless steel garden hoses for you.

The 10 Best Stainless Steel Garden Hoses in 2019:

10. Live Green 50 ft Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose

Live Green 50 ft Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose

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The Live Green brings all the convenience in your home. It’s one of the best stainless steel garden hoses featuring in our reviews. With its high durability, the hose enables the user to achieve undisturbed watering. It has a strong outer steel shell that allows free flow of water without reduced pressure. This is unlike in most hoses on the market that suffer leakages and punctures after a while. Usually, this pipe is designed to last for a long time without experiencing damage by sun, fences or chews from dogs.

Whether it’s for washing your car, watering a lawn or other activities, its ideal for indoor and outdoor use. With structure featuring one of the highest quality stainless steel on the market, it allows users to enjoy unmatched durability. To ensure you enjoy efficient water spray, the pipe comes with bonus spray and nozzle. The spray nozzle has an adjusting head that allows the user to set required water spray. The plastic handle is excellent since you can enjoy comfortable watering without discomfort due to cold water. Measuring 50 feet, it has a connectable end for secure connection with another hose for extended length.

Extra Features:

  • Nozzle spray allows different water discharge flows
  • Highly flexing and reduced weight
  • Great strength than most rubber and vinyl pipes
  • Good length for most home watering chores

9. Morvat 150 Foot Knot Resistant Stainless Steel Garden Hose

Morvat 150 Foot Stainless Steel Garden Hose with Shut-Off Valve

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The Morvat knot resistant heavy duty steel garden hose is good for any home. It makes your struggles with plastic hoses over. Designed from the top quality stainless steel, it is resistant to corrosion and rust. Therefore, even when used frequently, you can enjoy high durability. On the other hand, you can enjoy smooth operation as this hose is knot and kinks resistant. For people who use hoses regularly, this one offers seamless usage with zero hassles.

The flexibility is fantastic when watering your garden with this pipe. Despite being metallic, it flexes easily which allows easy maneuverability. The other fantastic feature is the lightweight design that enables easy application. There is no bulkiness like with rubber hoses. Without kinking, it brings reliability as leaks are minimized. To make work more comfortable, this hose comes together with 10 way sprayer nozzle and valve. For easy storage, a heavy-duty hanger is included.

Extra Features:

  • 10 ways nozzle for multiple water spraying
  • Tangle and kin resistant to eliminate leaks
  • Extra long, 150 foot to cover a large area
  • Durable rust and corrosion resistant
  • High flexible hose to ease operations

8. Sun Joe Stainless Steel Spiral Constructed Metal Garden Hose

Sun Joe AJSGH100 Foot Stainless Steel Heavy-Duty Spiral Constructed Metal Garden Hose, 100

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Are you looking to solve the watering problem in your home? The ideal option is getting the best stainless steel garden hose. Sun Joe hose is one of the perfect selections that offer unmatched performance. Its design is sleek while increasing its versatility. The good thing about this hose is it enjoys industrial grade 304 stainless steel. With this, it experiences great weight reduction which enables ease of use by everyone. Besides being ideal for garden water, the hose is ideal for home water use. Its corrosion and rust proof as well as lead, phthalate, and BPA free.

Measuring 100 foot, the hose is great for various home uses. On the other hand, it has a strong structure that allows it to be puncture proof. The inner layer of PVC is great in ensuring smooth water flow. The coiled-style construction is excellent in ensuring you can move the pipe freely. It prevents the inner core from cracking and also protects it from the UV light damage. Besides the steel outer sheath, the aluminum fittings are excellent since they prevent leaks. It’s a good hose for various everyday work like watering, car washing among others.

Extra Features:

  • Inner protected PVC core for smooth water flow
  • Leak-proof aluminum fitting ensures no delicate parts
  • Indestructible, flexible stainless steel outer sheath
  • 100 foot long to reach many areas

7. TheFitLife Stainless Steel Garden Hose Water Hose

TheFitLife Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose 304 Stainless Steel Water Hose with Solid Metal Fittings and Newest Spray Nozzle

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For the best stainless steel garden hose, here is a long one by TheFitLife. It enables you to enjoy all your gardening watering needs without any leak. Unlike the microfiber and vinyl pipes, this one has indestructible metal construction. This allows you to use it for long before thinking about a replacement. It features 304 stainless steel which renders it indestructible. The pipe is highly flexible despite the metal construction. Therefore, it can be used on any task just like ordinary hoses.

Without a doubt, the pipe gives users an easy time when using. It has an easy folding structure while also allowing simple storage. Whether watering your yard or washing a car, it comes with a new water sprayer nozzle. Besides, the ergonomic handle with a water control valve ensures high efficiency. The connectable nature makes it easy to connect several pipes to suit your required length. To enjoy high performance, the pipe has a wide range of temperature use. In fact, it can work under -5 to 98 degrees Celsius.

Extra Features:

  • Premium quality and corrosion free 304 stainless steel materials
  • Connectable design that enables connection with other hoses
  • Rubberized thumb controlled nozzle
  • 8 different controllable nozzle spray
  • UV and heat resistant

6. Tiabo Metal 100ft 304 Stainless Steel Super Flexible Garden Hose

Tiabo Metal Garden Hose 100ft 304 Stainless Steel Super Flexible Cool to The Touch All Weather Hose

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The Tiabo metal pipe is one of the best stainless steel hoses for every gardener. With its extremely flexible design, it offers ease of use. The good thing with this pipe is high flexibility just like other vinyl hoses. Thus, even when working at any place, it offers ease cornering without knotting or cracking. Despite the hose being indestructible, the upgrade 304 industrial grade stainless steel significantly reduces the overall weight.

The shining surface is great for reflecting the sun and keeping the water cold. This also ensures there is no damage like in other materials it offers all-weather usage without suffering any damage. Connecting to hoses is possible due to the fitted connectors. Thus, it allows the user to increase the hose length to reach the required position. Having this pipe eliminates problems with kinking, leaks and common issues with plastic hoses. Above all, 7 spray patterns are ideal in ensuring smooth watering.

Extra Features:

  • Different water spray patterns
  • Rubberized handle with thumb control
  • Inbuilt connectors to ease multiple hose connection
  • Thorn, dog and leak proofs for durable use
  • Upgraded industrial grade lightweight steel

5. Touch-Rich Lightweight 100′ 304 Stainless Steel Garden Hose

Touch-Rich 100' 304 Stainless Steel Garden Hose, Lightweight Metal Hose with Free Nozzle, Guaranteed Flexible and Kink Free

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The Touch-Rich meta hose is among top, stainless steel gardening hoses these days. The 100 feet pipe is dedicated to all work without any damage. Unlike other steel pipes that are affected by pulling, this one is exceptional. It has high strength which allows it to withstand up to 100 Newton pulling force. Additionally, with pressure support of 250 psi, it can be used for all occasions without leaks or ruptures. For safe water, the inner and outer shell is free from BPA, Lead, phthalate and other toxic compounds found in plastic hoses.

Unlike other pipes with plastic connectors, this one is full metallic. The brass connectors are superb when connecting two hoses to increase the overall length. Having this hose solves all problems associated with dogs, knotting and sun damage. Outer steel shell offers excellent durability as there are no raptures, leaks, and dog chew damages. It’s a good and reliable stainless steel hose that will ensure your home enjoy smooth water flow.

Extra Features:

  • Supports high water pressure and pulling
  • Full metal construction for outstanding strength
  • Great full-time customer care support
  • Free from toxic particles
  • Cool to touch and prevents water heating by the sun

4. Beaulife Strong 304 Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose

Beaulife Strong 304 Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose with Nozzle 100ft Flexible Lightweight

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Watering your lawn or washing a car requires a long and robust hose. This Beaulife metal pipe is a good consideration. It enjoys one of the top quality stainless steel that doesn’t corrode or rust. Thereby, even when working for a long time, it remains intact. With extended lifespan, it ensures you enjoy great usability as well as saving your money. Unlike the regular hoses, this one is durable which enables it to enjoy years of usage. There are no abnormalities like cracking due to UV rays or dog chews when using this hose.

The outer shell measures 5/8 inches diameter, which is great for high water flow. Additionally, the bonus fireman nozzle is classic in ensuring you get a blazing water spray. With the strong structure, it can be used for low and high-pressure water which means handy application. It can be used in gardening activities, washing your vehicles and other uses. The nozzle is responsible for this versatility since it has an adjustable head. For easy connectivity with a nozzle and other hoses, it comes with fitted connectors.

Extra Features:

  • Large diameter for optimum water flow
  • Adjustable fireman nozzle for different water sprays
  • High versatility for use in homes, industries and other places
  • Hassle free folding and high flexibility

3. Quality Source Products Metal Garden Hose with Brass Sprayer

Quality Source Products 50' Metal Garden Hose by QSP, Stainless Steel with Brass Sprayer

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The QSP 50-foot stainless steel hose is all you need for multiple tasks. It has pronounced capacity and strength that ensures it’s usable in different places. Compared to other pipes, this one is upgrades which give it the ability to perform to everyone’s expectation. With industrial grade steel, it can be used in your home, industry and other places where water is highly used. Amazingly, with high strength, it means, even in areas with high traffic, you can employ it effectively. It doesn’t experience kinking or other abnormalities common in hoses. Therefore, durability is a guarantee.

The ends are strong to prevent damage and leaks. One end comes with a brass prayer which is sturdy and durable than plastic. Even when requiring a high demand for water, this hose provides excellent flow and spraying without compromising the performance. For cornering places, the pipe has exceptional flexibility without kinking or knotting. Also, the sturdy construction ensures even when dragged, the hose is unbreakable. Weighing only 6 pounds, it’s no doubt lifting and storing is simple and stress-free. Fitting and loosening are simple without requiring wrenches hence handy hose to have.

Extra Features:

  • Too free loosening and fitting for a secure connection
  • Removable heavy-duty brass sprayer
  • Adjustable water flow sprayer
  • Weighs 6 pounds to enable lifting and storage

2. Bionic Lightweight Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose

Bionic Steel 304 Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose - Lightweight, Kink-Free, and Stronger Than Ever, Durable and Easy to Use

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This Bionic patented stainless steel gardening hose brings joy in your watering work. It has sturdy construction which enables it to deliver exceptional water flow and performance. It comes with latex lining interior with a stainless steel layer that improves the strength. Also, the steel sheathing is ideal for eliminating kinks, leaks and pet chew. Even under high-pressure water, the pipe is outstanding compared to regular rubber and microfiber hoses. With tearproof construction, it performs excellently in different places.

Are you concerned about rust and corrosion? There should no need to worry when having this hose. It boasts 304 stainless steel which never corrodes or rust. Additionally, the upgraded design means there is no bulky feeling. The pipe weighs less than 7 pounds which enables pulling and lifting without a lot of efforts. The soft feel is comfortable and lets you enjoy watering without discomforts. Moreover, working on rough areas won’t cause damage to the hose as it has tough exterior resistant to damage.

Extra Features:

  • Extra tough exterior resistant to puncture and breaking
  • Heat and UV damage resistant
  • High-quality latex lining for reduced water resistance
  • Usable under different weather conditions

1. HARVEST TRADING GROUP 304 Stainless Garden Steel Hose

Metal Garden Hose (100'), the Original 304 Stainless Steel Hose

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Water your garden, lawn or wash your car without any stress. The Harvester trading group stainless steel garden hose offers one of the best options. The corrosion resistant hose is ideal for use in all water types. Whether it’s piped or borehole water, it delivers exceptional performance. Even in a rugged place, the pipe is awesomely performing as no chances of puncture or breakings. The 304 stainless steel is durable and resistant to damage by UV rays or damage by barbed wire and dog chews.

The cool touch pipe is fantastic, especially when using under all weather conditions. No heating like with some materials which can create discomforts. Furthermore, coiling and unreeling this hose proves easy and smooth. Unlike with other pipes, this can work on challenging environment it doesn’t kink or knot. This enables constant water flow unlike with other plastic hoses. With brass connecting ends, they are easy to fit with most home installed plumbing. A bonus nozzle allows undisturbed water spraying.

Extra Features:

  • Comfortable, cool touch feel
  • Light design to minimize weight when watering
  • Puncture thorn and dog chew resistant design
  • Excellent packaging with carrying handle
  • Super lightweight for easy dragging and maneuvering

Best Stainless Steel Garden Hoses’ Buying Guide:

Buying a stainless steel hose for home use ensures you can do more with fewer hassles. That is why it’s ideal to choose the perfect pipe to provide durability, reliability and consistent water pressure. This short guide highlights some of the things to check when buying stainless steel garden hoses.

  • Length

The length is one of the main factors to look. It determines whether you can do a variety of tasks around your home. For lawn weathering, washing pets and vehicles, long hoses are typically recommended. But, for indoors shorter ones are advisable to eliminate a lot of coiling.

  • Diameter

The diameter is essential just like the length. It ensures you can enjoy great water flow depending on your demand. A hose with a larger diameter usually delivers more water per minute than narrow ones. Typically, standard hoses come with 3/8 to 1-inch diameters. In many cases, homes usually use 5/8 inches hoses.

  • Is the hose safe for drinking water?

Although these pipes are designed from stainless steel, not all are ideal for drinking water. The inner lining needs to be safe if you are looking for a hose safe for use in drinking water. The easiest way to know whether the gardening hose is fit for drinking water is through reading manufacture recommendations.

  • Pressure recommendation

Being stainless steel doesn’t mean a hose can support any water pressure, They are also rated depending on the maximum pressure they can hold. Purchasing a pipe with the ability to hold water pressure in your home is ideal. Although the pressure drops with length, it’s highly advisable to have the right hose.

  • Is it possible to connect with another hose?

Depending on where you are watering, you might need an additional pipe. This leaves you with an option of connecting two pipes. Therefore, you should look a hose with a connectable end. This eliminates the need for modifications and eases your connection. Additionally, a toolless connectable head gives the user a simple and effortless time.


There are no doubt stainless steel garden hoses are must have. For a variety of home uses, they are vital tools. To get your dream pipe, don’t rely on trial and errors anymore. These reviewed hoses; they are reliable, affordable and extra durable.

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