11 Best Tempered Glass PC Cases to Buy in 2020 – A Complete Review

The computer world is constantly changing, from the operating system and how the desktops look. Tempered glass PC cases are some of the latest development that manufacturers are making. Besides, they are common among the people who like building their customized computers. For instance, gaming, video editing, and other heavy-duty application computers. They are aesthetically appealing and also performance is incredible. To have the best tempered glass PC case, below we provide some of the top rated on the market.

Top 11 Best Tempered Glass PC Cases to Buy in 2020:

1. CORSAIR CARBIDE 400C Compact Mid-Tower Tempered Glass PC Case

CORSAIR CARBIDE 400C Compact Mid-Tower Tempered Glass PC Case

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The Corsair 400C Mid-Tower tempered glass PC case is the lasting solution when it comes to giving your PC great upgrading. With modern looking design, it offers your home a new and uplifted look. Unlike with other low-quality cases, this one is durable and classic. The fabrication entails steel top, front, and slide. This construction guarantees great strength which ensures it lasts for long. Additionally. The steel panels are superb in enabling great protection of internal components. To access interior is simple due to the sliding panel which also helps in keeping the system cool.

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Although the case is compact, it is highly compatible with a variety of motherboards. Also, you can install a variety of cooling systems like H55, H60, H75, and others without experiencing any complication. The ability to house liquid cooling systems is unique and allows the computer to run smoothly without overheating. Notably, the PC case comes with inbuilt liquid cooling fans for efficient system cooling. The latched window is enhanced with tempered glass which lets you enjoy great visibility for easy system monitoring. Above all, cleaning this best tempered glass PC case is simple and enables you to take the shortest time.

  • Sturdy steel panels
  • Quick to clean
  • Inbuilt cooling fans
  • Hinged and sliding window
  • No dust filters

2. Thermaltake View 21 ATX Mid Tower Dual Tempered Glass PC Case

Thermaltake View 21 ATX Mid Tower Dual Tempered Glass PC Case

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For people looking forward to creating a gaming PC, this Thermaltake tempered glass PC case offers a good way to provide finishing. Usually, the case has all it takes to house all the components perfectly and properly arranged. With the ability to support a variety of motherboards, it can be used to house Mini ITX, Micro ATX, and ATX. Thus for people looking for a customized gaming computer, this tower PC case is an absolute pick. To give it an elegant look and great strength, the PC case comes with dual 4mm tempered glass with a tint to improve the overall aesthetic.

The modular sign is classic when it comes to assembling your machine. This allows easy installation of different components without causing clattering inside your desktop. On the other hand, the front has a pre-installed fan, convenient USB ports, and HD audio connector. Opting for this case, it allows easy expandability hence you can easily add different upgrading components. With great optimization, it ensures there is smooth air flow to facilitate great cooling. Above all, the neat cable management system ensures you can quickly clean the system.

  • Dual tempered glass panels
  • Pre-installed I/O ports
  • Designed in a modular concept
  • Accepts different motherboards and CPUs
  • Older version fitted fans

3. ROSEWILL ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case

ROSEWILL ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case

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The Rosewell ATX gaming computer case with 3 sides of the tempered glass is all you need. The magnificently constructed case is sleek, modern and sleek to keep your room inspiring. For people who love daring looking computers, this case is ready to offer you the dream of your life. In fact, with its black finish, it gives every place a perfect look. Not only the case beautiful but, it comes with some important pre-installation that ensure you get smooth computer building process. Notably, it has I/O ports such as USB 3.0 and 2.0, audio in/out as well as fan control speed. These installations allow easy access to your machine by making extra cutouts.

Amazingly, this tempered glass PC case comes with 4 installed fans. They give every computer building enthusiasts ability to enjoy great cooling without buying extra fans. The fans are enhanced with white LED lights which creates a spectacular look. To improve the interior aerodynamics, construction ensures there is great airflow to keep the system cool. With 5mm thick tempered glass, this case is superb and helps to minimize operating noise. They are transparent which is great especially for computers with illuminated motherboards. Besides, the case comes with tool-free HHD tray as well as removable dust filters.

  • Removable dust filters
  • Great PSU shroud
  • Illuminated fans
  • Smooth airflow
  • Issues with PCI cards openings

4. Phanteks Tempered Glass Edition Enthoo Evolv ATX PC Case

Phanteks Tempered Glass Edition Enthoo Evolv ATX PC Case

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Give your room a perfect uplift with this tempered glass edition case by Phanteks. Its a premium computer chassis for gaming computers that houses your motherboard, and other components. The construction entails a combination of aluminum top and bottom panels. Also, the side panels enjoy strong glass panels with 4mm thickness. This ensures it offers proper protection of motherboards and other peripherals. Additionally, the case has ideal engineering that allows free air low. Thus, even when involved in heavy-duty gaming, it will ensure ample system cooling. The design is great since there is no conflict of components since it has a modular design.

For easy assembling, this glass PC case enjoys superb design that keeps everything in position. In fact, the cable management system is classic and allows neat interior. The 35mm management space and an additional compartment below ensures one can securely store cables. To allow you to modernize your gaming experience, the case has SSD brackets, HDD bracket, reservoir mount, and other essentials. Basically, the case has all the required slots, ports, bays and all essentials to ensures your PC is easy to assemble.

  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Multiple slots and bays
  • Stable feet
  • Expensive that rivals

5. CORSAIR Crystal 570X RGB Mid-Tower Case Tempered Glass PC Case

CORSAIR Crystal 570X RGB Mid-Tower Case Tempered Glass PC Case

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Corsair always dedicated to ensuring people create desktop computers of their dreams. The Tempered glass case is unique and high quality exhibiting four panels made of tempered glass. With these glass panels enclosing the vital components, they offer perfect noise cover hence minimizing the overall disturbances. To enable sleek looking PC, t the chassis come with SP120 RGB LED with illumination controller. In fact, the cooling fans are enhanced with RGB lighting that gives your computer a spectacular beauty. Beside the pre-fitted fans, the device can accommodate up to 6 cooling fans as well as a liquid cooling system.

The cable management in this tempered glass PC case is unique. The channeling system for cables is enhanced with Velcros straps to keep wires properly organized. On the other hand, integrated USB ports in the front panel allow easy connectivity. Although the case is made of aluminum and tempered glass, the PSU cover is made of steel. This ensures great stability and sturdy holds the components. The ventilation is superb whereby airflow is enhanced to keep everything cool. Setting up your computer is simple as everything is designed to house specific part in place.

  • Aluminum and tempered glass
  • Optimum airflow
  • RGB enhanced fans
  • No sliding panels

6. Phanteks PH-EC416PTG_BW Eclipse P400 Steel ATX Mid Tower Case

Phanteks PH-EC416PTG_BW Eclipse P400 Steel ATX Mid Tower Case

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This is another tempered glass PC case by Phanteks dedicated to ensuring people make their customized PC. It’s great for people looking to make powerful gaming or video editing desktops. Unlike the regular computers, this one comes featuring a great looking structure. In fact, the exterior features steel panels on the top, bottom, rear and from a part. However, the sides are designed from tempered glass that allows easy interior visibility. The interior features clear space for SSD and HDD covers for tool-free mounting. Also, the interior is perfectly lit with RGB LED strips that decorate your desktop.

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The design is great in enabling full-size PSU and GPU. This ensures you cause the best components positioning hence ideal for free air movement. The front has the essentials ports including USB 3.0, LED control as well as a mic. Amazingly, these cases are available in a range of colors which enables you to select one suiting your needs. With the ability to ad optional LED lighting, it gives the case aesthetic boost compared to other PC cases. Its a great glass PC case filled with sophistication to give your gaming world a new look.

  • Open interior design
  • Versatile design
  • Well defined direct airflow
  • Velcro straps cable management
  • Only one one glass panel

7. Phanteks PH-EC416PSTG_BR Eclipse P400S Tempered Glass PC Case Silent Edition

Phanteks PH-EC416PSTG_BR Eclipse P400S Tempered Glass PC Case Silent Edition

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The Phanteks PH-EC416PSTG_BR is the ultimate case that everyone making a customized computer should have. This computer case is great since it keeps your assembling easy and also maintains the customization easy. The exterior is constructed from full metal panels that boots its strength. Moreover, to give it a perfect look, it has a tempered glass on the side. Gaining access to the interior is superb since the glass panel is simple to open. On the other hand, clean interior is great to accommodate all your computer components. With the ability to support various motherboards, everyone can choose it to get the best performing PC.

Amazingly, the construction of this computer glass case keeps your room quiet without excessive noise. This is possible due to well construction that minimizes the noise emanating from the cooling fans. Assembling your computer is now simple since it comes with a modular design. This means whether its motherboard, PSU, Graphics cards, and long GPU can be fitted with ease. Besides the ease of installation, the case comes with some pre-installed components like concealed from USB ports, 3 fan speed control, and other essentials. Notably, the installation of drives is simple since it comes with removable trays.

  • Sleek front panels
  • Removable HDD trays
  • Sleek internal lighting
  • Soundproofing panels
  • Not fingerprints resistant

8. Corsair Crystal 460X Compact Mid-Tower Case with 2 Tempered Glass Panels

Corsair Crystal 460X Compact Mid-Tower Case with 2 Tempered Glass Panels

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Nothing gives computer enthusiasts a great time like having a modern glass PC case. These computer cases are the starting point when it comes to making a great desktop. One of the ideal choices is this Corsair Crystal 460X case. Its one of the high-end cases that allow people to work in their PC construction easily. Unlike the plain interior chassis, this one makes the assembling simple. In fact, it has slots, bay and other configurations that enable people to mount various components easily. The modern lines are a great way of ensuring you have a sleek looking computer. Its mid-size design allows fitting of a variety of motherboards and several graphics cards.

When it comes to cooling, it has an elaborate system that facilitates smooth colling. In fact, the rear side has a lot of opening that helps in cooling down your system. The drive compartments are large and ensure easy mounting while enjoying great air passage. On the other hand, unlike other cases, this com with cooling systems that allows liquid cooling. The installed 120 RGB fans give the computer an attractive illumination. To keep the interior clean, the panels have integrated dust filters to ensures there is no clogging of the system. Thus, the PC is guaranteed of maximum performance.

  • Ample case ventilation
  • Full dust filtration
  • Strong non-slip feet
  • Vivid LED illumination
  • Cable management is weak

9. CORSAIR Carbide SPEC-04 Mid-Tower Tempered Glass PC Case

CORSAIR Carbide SPEC-04 Mid-Tower Tempered Glass PC Case

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The Corsair carbide mid-tower case brings all the joy and entertainment into your home. The unique construction combining with premium materials ensures there is no compromise when it comes to beauty. The case is large to allow support of powerful motherboards for extra-strong machines. Partitioned into sections, its ideal to enable quick and hassle-free components fixing. Apart from the roomy areas of large components, the case has great space whereby you can mount 120 mm cooling fans. Notably, it has pre-installed front fan thus ready for keeping the machine cool.

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The good thing with this case is it comes with some of the installed components. Some features like high-speed USB3.0, mic, audio jack and other additional modern features. To keep the PC looking awesome, the case offers a perfect way of keeping cables hidden. Therefore, even when the interior is illuminated, it looks neat and attractive. The cable routing mechanism, in this case, is awesome and keeps the case performing excellently. Providing large and expansive disks compartment, it ensures the case is ideally suited for powerful PC construction.

  • Large drives compartments
  • Sleek angular designed
  • Unique cables routing cutouts
  • Less powerful installed fan

10. Thermaltake Tempered Glass PC Case, Fully Modular E-ATX Vertical

Thermaltake Tempered Glass PC Case, Fully Modular E-ATX Vertical

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Why buy a gaming computer while you can build a customized one. It only starts by investing in a high-quality PC glass case. This Thermaltake tempered glass PC case is a classic choice that keeps your computer assembling simple. Amazingly, the case is large and supports a variety of motherboards such as Mini ITX, E-ETX, and Micro VAX motherboards. Thus, depending on your favorite motherboard, it is possible now to get the power you have been looking for. The designing of this case ensures there is high compatibility, especially when creating high-end gaming computers. Unlike the other mid-sized cases, this boast tower construction for ample space to accommodate different components.

The good thing with this case is its ability to eliminate problems associated with assembling. In fact, it prevents the GPU sag especially when installing multiple GPUs. On the other hand, the dismantlable modular design is great for full customized computers. For efficient computer cooling, this case is certified to accommodate dual loop cooling systems. Compared to other models, this case is superior and boast 5mm tempered glass panels that add style and noise insulation.

  • Dismantlable design
  • The extra thick glass panel
  • Modular drive bay
  • Unparalleled cooling system
  • Slightly expensive

11. Phanteks Pro M Tempered Glass Case, PH-ES515PTG_BK

Phanteks Pro M Tempered Glass Case

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The Phanteks computer cases are known to offer great performance and reliability. This cabinet is great regarding construction. It boasts brushed aluminum with a black finish that improves its overall appearance. Additionally, the interior is clean and enables simple mounting of the essentials. Besides the aluminum panels, the case has tempered glass side panels that improve its ability to keep the noise at a minimal level. Uniquely, the easy to remove dust filters and accessible fans. This keeps your device lean and keeps dust away hence no clogging leading to blocked air inlets.

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The accessibility of drive racks is simple, and they ate removable. This makes you can easily mount your drives without requiring any tool. The ample and organized slot are great in ensuring there is no conflict between the CPU, reservoir and pomp slots. To ensures there is a great convenience, the cabinet comes with some pre-installed features like USB slots, mic, 140mm fans, and movable racks for drives. Unlike other cases, this is upgradeable and features toolless disassembling.

  • Simple disassembling
  • Removable components brackets
  • Easily upgradeable
  • Ample interior space
  • Some case components sold separately

Tempered Glass PC Cases Buying Guides:

A computer case is like a human skin, it plays many roles in the overall functioning of a PC. Thus, choosing the right case will determine computer aesthetics, general performance among issues. To get the best tempered glass PC cases, these are the tips to follow.

Size of a motherboard:

The size of a motherboard is vital when deciding the case to purchase. Normally, motherboards come in different sizing which requires the buyers to be considerate. If you want to replace or build your customized desktop, it’s vital to be curate about the motherboard. This will ensure it can fit together with other components. A  large case is always ideal since it allows spacious interior which in turn allows efficient air flow. Eventually, smooth airflow leads to proper computer cooling.

Compatibility with computer components:

The compatibility is a great issue when buying a case. Usually, PC comprises of different parts that are strategically arranged. Depending on your computer form factor, it will determine the general dimensions of your case. Also, the interior molding is great since it will affect how different components will be fitted. For the proper arrangement of different parts like power supply units, graphics cards, DVD player, cooling system and others, you have to perform through selection.

Case aesthetics:

Normally, the cases are designed from materials. Tempered glass is just one of the latest development has proved great. Although they are tough, they tend to be available in different colors. The shade of your case determines how it will blend with your room. Mostly, many brands offer dark cases since they can match different environments without causing décor compromise.

Cable management:

Management of cable inside a desktop case can be challenging. This is because of limited space which can compromise the airflow. Proper cable management is ideal since it allows the interior to be neat and minimizes the flow of air. Besides keeping the PC neat, the proper cable management engineered cases eliminates confusion when assembling your computer. Not all cases that come with cable management configuration. Others don’t have this design which lets you customize your cabling system.

Solid vs see-through panels:

Well, people can expect these panels since they are glass made, they are all transparent. However, they come in a range of styles. Some are opaque due to lamination which hinders infernal components visibility. But, others come with transparent side panels which ensures you can easily see inside the PC.

Case ventilation:

Cooling a computer can be one of the greatest headaches. If your machine is going to overheat, chances are it will keep freezing. Due to this, one needs a case that will facilitate natural cooling. Ample ventilated panel are great since they will assist the cooling system by allowing enough airflow. A case with restricted air flow will only lead to an increased problem when it comes to cooling your PC. It should facilitate cooling to minimize energy squired to cool your machine.

Getting the best computer is only possible through creating a customized PC. Well, besides having great hardware, choosing high-quality tempered glass case ensures beauty and proper protection. With these tempered glass PC cases reviewed in this list, it is now easy to choose and construct sleek, modern looking PC.