Top 13 Best Thermaltake Cases to Buy in 2019 Reviews (Chassis – Thermaltake)

Thermaltake is a very popular brand in the computer case industry, and there are various types of cases available starting from traditional ones to the gaming ones. The designs of the cases also vary a lot, and the interior features and functionalities differ equally. The following is the list of the best Thermaltake cases available online for purchasing. You should go through each one of them minutely and choose according to your requirements and personal preference.

The Best Thermaltake Cases to Buy in 2019 Reviews:

13. Thermaltake View 37 Motherboard Gaming Computer Case

Thermaltake View 37 Motherboard Sync ARGB E-ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case

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This Thermaltake case lets you control the RGB lights from two different ways and has multiple lighting modes. It has dual GPU placement that eliminates the sagging of the graphics card. Moreover, this reduces the weight on the motherboard and offers vertical radiator view. Additionally, it supports E-ATX, Mini ITX, ATX, and Micro ATX motherboards and has vertical radiator placement.

You can easily control the lighting effect from the input/output port and includes an enlarged transparent window panel. Furthermore, this has three RGB fans, and you can easily sync it with an RGB header motherboard. It offers better radiator and fan support and provides superior ventilation with filters from the eight case fans.

12. Thermaltake Core X5 Tempered Cube Computer Chassis

Thermaltake Core X5 Tempered Glass Snow Edition E-ATX Stackable Tt LCS Certified Cube Computer

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With tempered glass panels, the Thermaltake case is in an optimized design. It has dual chambers and lets you interchange the sides. The Thermaltake case has many input/output ports for USB, audio, and mic and has a horizontal layout. Furthermore, this has multiple expansion slots and includes multiple cooling systems.

Moreover, the case has maximum compatibility and includes a rear fan, exhaust fan, and a turbo fan for better dust filtration. It offers you with ample fan coverage and has better modularity. Additionally, this has good buildup and is easy to install. This will not disappoint you when it comes to performance and offers better airflow for resourceful cooling of the case.

11. Thermaltake Versa Tempered Glass RGB Edition Chassis

Thermaltake Versa J22 Tempered Glass RGB Edition 12V MB Sync Capable ATX Mid-Tower Chassis

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Allowing you to control the lights in a dual system, the Thermaltake case comes in a versatile design. It has a built-in PSU cover that provides you with efficient cable management. Moreover, it has a different drive bays and supports different types of systems. In this, you can easily change the light modes in multiple designs and has a combination of seven different colors.

Furthermore, the tempered glass panel offers a clear view of PC gaming. It includes RGB fans and has handy input/output ports. Additionally, it lets you install the drive bay without the use of any tools and includes radiator support. It has an efficient cooling system and has an attractive look.

10. Thermaltake Core P5 Panoramic Viewing Gaming Computer Case

Thermaltake Core P5 Black Edition ATX Open Frame Panoramic Viewing Tt LCS Certified Gaming Computer Case

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Available in open frame design, here is a Thermaltake case that lets you have a panoramic viewing. This has three-way layouts and is perfect for wall, vertical, and horizontal mounting. Additionally, this is suitable for different types of desktop locations and is compatible with VESA. Furthermore, it is fully modular and lets you have multiple configurations.

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It offers better flexibility and has different USB ports and audio ports. Moreover, it has a maximum VGA length of 280 mm, and the PSU length is of 200 mm. With it, you can have ultimate PC viewing and comes with liquid cooling components. It has a remarkable expansion and lets you have better cable management.

9. Thermaltake Full Tower Modular Gaming Computer Case

Thermaltake Level 20 GT RGB Plus E-ATX Full Tower Rotational Expansion Slot Type-C Modular Gaming Computer Case

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With the ability to color your PC gaming experience, this one offers colorful cooling. It is compatible with Alexa making you control the fan or lights with the power of your voice. The Thermaltake case runs with TT RGB Plus software and lets you customize everything with the software. Moreover, this has a rotatable slot bracket that gives mounting options.

Furthermore, this has 5 mm tempered glass panel and includes USB ports. You can also have multiple radiator view and is in a rotational eight slots design. Additionally, you can have a truly immersive experience as it transcends the screen for your full setup.

8. Thermaltake Core X9 Cube Computer Chassis

Thermaltake Core X9 Black Edition E-ATX Stackable Tt LCS Certified Cube Computer Chassis

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Here is a Thermaltake case that is ideal for hardcore PC game enthusiasts and has LCS certification. The modular design of the case lets you make multiple configurations and provide better flexibility. Moreover, it has four USB ports and includes audio ports for easy access. You will also find an interchangeable window to customize your viewing experience.

Furthermore, this is perfect for space management and has dual main chambers for better efficiency. It has a better cooling performance with its pre-installed rear fan and supports a maximum radiator of 600 mm. Additionally, it has an advanced expansion system and offers superior ventilation. There is also a tool-less drive bay and is easy to stack.

7. Thermaltake Core P90 Gaming Computer Case Chassis

Thermaltake Core P90 Tempered Glass Black ATX Mid Tower Open Frame 2-Sided Glass Viewing

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Allowing you to have three-way placement, this comes in a PC-gaming design. The Thermaltake case comes in many different colors and is compatible Micro ATX, Mini ITX, and ATX motherboard. Additionally, it comes with a heat dissipation feature and has glass viewing protection. Moreover, it will let you have vertical GPU mounting, and you can easily angle your PC in multiple ways.

The Thermaltake case supports liquid cooling and is compatible with liquid cooling configurations. This is in a modular design and lets you have multiple configurations. Furthermore, this is very flexible and is an ideal product for PC gaming enthusiasts. With this, you can have a different angle to PC gaming and comes with advanced hardware support.

6. Thermaltake Versa N24 Gaming Computer Case Chassis

Thermaltake Versa N24 Black ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case Chassis

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Available with air and liquid cooling configuration, the Thermaltake case offers you a complete solution. It gives you the support of CPU cooling with its radiator liquid. Furthermore, it has multiple storage options and includes hidden drive access on the back panel. Moreover, you will find many input/output ports on the top mount including USB.

With it, you can have the well-organized cover of the power supply and eliminate any kind of cable clutter. This is a versatile product and has efficient performance. Additionally, this is in a game-oriented concept and has a transparent window to directly see the inner system. You will also find elevated foot stands and eliminates the dust with its removable filter.

5. Thermaltake Suppressor F31 Ultra Quiet Computer Chassis

Thermaltake Suppressor F31 Tempered Glass Edition SPCC ATX Mid Tower Tt LCS Certified Ultra Quiet Gaming Silent Computer Chassis

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Equipped with many amazing features, this Thermaltake case supports Micro ATX, Mini ATX, and ATX Motherboard. It comes with a durable tempered glass window and has sound reduction panels on all its sides. Moreover, this has a superior ventilation system and is ideal for high-end configurations. This operates in a silent mode and is very cool.

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Additionally, you will find multiple ports for USB and audio and is in a modular drive design. It has dual GPU placement and helps to lessen the weight on the motherboard. Furthermore, this comes with interchangeable hard drives and has a magnetic fan filter for dust filtration. The turban fan of the case offers advanced ventilation.

4. Thermaltake Commander C35 Computer Chassis

Thermaltake Commander C35 Motherboard Sync ARGB ATX Mid Tower Computer Chassis

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With this Thermaltake case, you can easily light up your system and have a perfect gaming environment. This is available in two different colors and includes multiple LED modes. Moreover, it lets you control the lights in dual modes and comes with pre-installed fans for optimal cooling. Furthermore, it will provide your computer system with a professional look with its built-in PSU cover and supports different types of motherboards.

The Thermaltake case offers a clear view with its thick tempered glass and has standard mounting. Additionally, it offers better flexibility for different components and includes different ports for input and output devices. You will also find a rear black fan and can cover all your cables.

3. Thermaltake RGB 4-Sided Tempered Glass Computer Case

Thermaltake View 71 RGB 4-Sided Tempered Glass Vertical GPU Modular E-ATX Gaming Full Tower Computer Case

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Here is a Thermaltake case that comes with tempered glass panels on four sides that maintain superior airflow. In this, you will find three-way radiator view for multiple-view mounting. Moreover, this comes with GPU float bracket that offers vertical mounting and gives GPU solutions. It also has attractive RGB lighting along with fans for better cooling. Furthermore, this can easily support up to ten hard-disk drives and is compatible with multiple types of motherboards.

You will also find different input/output ports and has pre-installed fans. The case comes in a fully modular design and lets you install it with ease. Additionally, it does not require any tool to install or remove it and gives optional riser cable support. This will protect your hardware and allows you to make the most from your CPU.

2. Thermaltake Versa H22 Computer Chassis

Thermaltake Versa H22 SPCC ATX Mid Tower Computer Chassis

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If you are an avid computer gamer, then this is an ideal product for you. The Thermaltake case comes with heat dissipation feature with its perforated metal mesh panel. With it, there will be superior ventilation, and you can easily see the inner view from the transparent side window. Additionally, this is easy to install and remove and eliminates using any tools. Moreover, it is in innovative design and includes multiple USB ports with a microphone port to meet all your needs.

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This comes with multiple fans for better ventilation and is in a mid-tower design. Furthermore, it is made of SPCC material and includes a dust filter. It also has pre-mounting holes that provide easy installation and includes advanced cable management. This comes in gaming design and offers convenient support.

1. Thermaltake V200 RGB Edition Chassis

Thermaltake V200 Tempered Glass RGB Edition 12V MB Sync Capable ATX Mid-Tower Chassis

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If you are looking to customize your computer with good support, then this is the one for you. The Thermaltake case has dual mode sync controller that lets you control the light with an RGB light button or RGB sync motherboard. In this, you will find multiple LED modes and has a combination of seven light colors. Moreover, this has a thick tempered glass panel that lets you have a clear view.

Additionally, this comes with a PSU cover and provides a neat look by covering all the cables. It is compatible with various types of motherboards including Mini ITX and Micro ATX. Furthermore, this has pre-installed RGB fans, and there is also a fan at the back. You will also find multiple USB ports as well as an audio port on the top panel and offers superior hardware support.

How To Buy The Best Computer Case?

While buying a computer case, you have to buy it from a popular brand, and there is no better brand than Thermaltake. Apart from the brand value, there are a lot of other parameters in order to buy the best computer case.

  • Size – The size of a case is determined by the size of the motherboard. The size of the motherboard varies widely for full ATX, micro ATX mini ITX and likewise. According to the size of the motherboard, you have to buy the case size accordingly. For general purpose, mini-tower is perfect, for heavy tasking, mid-tower is suitable, and for a gamer, full-tower is preferable.
  • Design – The designs of the cases differ a lot, and it depends on your budget and your preference which one is the best for you. You can opt for an all-metal construction case where everything is opaque. If your case is going to be hidden from the view, you should opt for such a case. But if it is going to be visible, it is better to buy a transparent case where tempered glasses are used.
  • Features – Among the common features, integrated lighting and dust filters, optimal airflow and better cable management are what you must pay attention to. Among the lights, apart from the exterior lights, there can be interior lights as well. The color can be fixed or change with time. The design has to be ergonomic for better cable management as well as easy dust removable. Similarly, there must be mounting points for various devices, and the front panel should have USB and audio panel. If you are doing heavy tasking, water cooling is the option you should go for as fan cooling may not do the job.


There are different shapes and designs of cases available from Thermaltake. All the above-mentioned cases are quite modern and they have all the parameters well-balanced. Still, you should keep the buying guide in mind while shortlisting the cases to buy and then whichever matches your requirements perfectly, you should opt for it. You should focus not just on the design but also on the functionalities.

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