10 Best Toothbrush Holders in 2019 Review – A Complete Guide

Toothbrush holders will store and protect your toothbrush from germs and bacteria. Buying a good toothbrush holder may be a difficult task at first. You will find a variety of options and you might be confused about which one is good and which one is bad. In this review, we have simplified your task as it contains the best toothbrush holders in the market plus their distinguished features.

Why you should trust me

For several years I have been writing on the best home appliance equipment and toothbrush holders for that matter.  I researched heavily into the attributes and advantages of the various toothbrush holders before coming up with this list. Before that, I was an editor for several years just reviewing various household equipment’s.

10 Best Toothbrush Holders – What You Should Buy!

10. WeGuard Stainless Steel Toothbrush Holder

WeGuard Stainless Steel ToothBrush Holder

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  • By: WeGuard

First in the list of the best toothbrush holders is the WeGuard stainless steel toothbrush that can well meet the needs of a family of four. In terms of material, it boasts of the best. The stainless steel is not only durable but also free from rust. Besides the toothbrush is always away from the rest toothbrushes for quick drying.

On the other hand, it can be used for other purposes such as storing toothpaste and the razors. It’s specially designed to be used in 4 toothbrushes and 1 slot to store your toothpaste. Additionally, the holder boasts of great ventilation. In spite of the lightweight and small nature, it performs a very great service. The small size will also fit in your bathroom well.

Finally, this holder is backed by a 100% warranty and you can return within thirty days for a full refund or replacement if found with defects. Grab one today and get to enjoy what others have been enjoying all along.

Extra Features:

  • It’s versatile enough to be used for storage of other items like razors.
  • The steel used is strong and rust free.

9. Camco A Pop-A-Toothbrush Wall Mounted Holder

Camco A Pop-A-Toothbrush Wall Mounted Holder

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  • By: Camco

Next on the list is this wall mounted holder. For only two toothbrushes this is one of the best ways. It is permanently mounted on the wall via the double-sided tape. Additionally, the holder features vents that are necessary to facilitate quick drying.

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On the other hand, you will find it very easy to use as when you need to unleash you toothbrush you just have to pull it and the cover opens automatically. Even more important is this holder ability to free your toothbrush from dust and germs. This will ensure your toothbrush is always clean when using it thereby preventing serious infections.

Furthermore, it protects your toothbrush well from interference. Sincerely speaking at that height it’s rare for anything to tamper with it unless he wants to use it. Another great attribute is its spaces saving the design.

With limited space, this will only take a small portion of your cupboard when wall mounted. It also doesn’t collect the water and pastes residues leaving it clean always.  With the limited number of toothbrushes that it can hold the toothbrush can be perfect for dorms, bathrooms and even traveling.

Extra Features:

  • The cover will open automatically when you need to remove the brush.
  • It encloses the toothbrushes guarding against dust and germs.

8. mDesign Decorative Bathroom Dental Storage Organizer Holders

mDesign Decorative Bathroom Dental Storage Organizer Holders

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  • By: mDesign

When compared to many toothbrush holders in the market this one stands out as one of the best designed. With its slim size, there should be plenty of spaces it can fit. In vanities and bathroom counters not forgetting in the cabinet if for secret keeping.

Moreover, this one helps you to quickly organize items by placing the toothbrush and toothpaste in different locations. With this, you can keep at least 4 toothbrushes hence suitable for a small family. It has a raised edge at the base that serves to keep the toothbrush from shifting out of place. Also, the container has a role to play in keeping the container nearby. You will always find it easy when it comes to rinsing the toothbrush holders.

Of course, there will be no more gink at the bottom after rinsing. On the other hand, the holder is versatile enough to be used for holding razors. Its grey color will also match with other fixtures in your room.

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Don’t worry about the price as it’s affordable. Even more important is the job that it does organizing and keeping your toothbrushes clean. All these are sufficient reason why you need to get this toothbrush holder for better uses.

Extra Features:

  • It keeps both a toothbrush and toothpaste in one place.
  • The raised edges at the best prevent the toothbrush from falling off.



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Get these best toothbrush holders and stop messing up your toothbrush by leaving it on the bathroom’s sink. In the sink, your toothbrush is susceptible to dust and dirt. This is yet one of the easy to install toothbrushes. Even a child can do it as it doesn’t require tools.

Additionally, it can be mounted on the tile, walls or any surface. Other than toothbrushes it can be used to store razors. Of course, the great suction cup plus the straight slot makes it better compared to other bathroom holders. Equally important is the presence of the circle end slots that keeps your toothbrush from falling off.

Furthermore, this one can fit even the 9 mm wide toothbrushes. For your information, it can be used to keep all the toothbrushes from an adult, child, and electric and so on. For quality purposes, the straight line slot edges the circle slot design. The steel holder is also rust proof thereby will give you years of service.

With this, the only precaution you need to take is to make sure there is no water accumulation in the holder. Finally, it’s capable of holding 4 toothbrushes and can be suitable for bathrooms. It is a decent choice and a worthwhile investment.

Extra Features:

  • It can be used to keep all types of toothbrushes whether for kids or adults.
  • The superior suction cup and straight line slot makes it a superior product.

6. InterDesign Nogu Bath, Toothbrush Holder Stand

InterDesign Nogu Bath, Toothbrush Holder Stand

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  • By: InterDesign

If durability is any of your concerns when selecting an ideal toothbrush for your uses then you have to try this InterDesign toothbrush holders. Boasting of the stainless steel construction this will give you the best service for years to come. Other than that the steel is rust proof so your toothbrush will be safely kept.

Moreover, its slots are large sized to accommodate even the larger brushes. Talking of size the holder has a size of 2.75” x 4.5”. This will only occupy a small portion of your bathroom and can be placed on the countertop. The only thing you need not forget is rinsing out the holder. This will ensure the accumulated dust and water are emptied. It’s a simple exercise that finally will lead to good hygiene.

Besides this, the base is very sturdy and strong and most definitely won’t get knocked down easily. For even your bathroom décor this NOGU designed toothbrush will sit in the edge and blend well with your bathroom.

In fact, it looks very nice to win your bathroom. Hurry and grab yours while this product lasts.

Extra Features:

  • It’s made of stainless steel construction thus very long-lasting.
  • The toothbrush holder has a very sturdy base so it can be pushed over easily.

5. Umbra Step Toothbrush Holder

Umbra Step Toothbrush Holder

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  • By: Umbra

When you list the best toothbrush holder you surely cannot leave out the reliable Umbra holder. It’s one of the best toothbrush holders that are melamine made. As we all know melamine is associated with durability. With a perfect measurement of 4.25 inches by 4.25 inches this Tom Chung designed product will occupy the least space of your bathroom. The white toothbrush holder can store both the regular and the electric toothbrush ones. Other items it can store includes the toothpaste tube.

Moreover, it holds the bright upright hence facilitating quick drying. Cleaning and maintenance of the holder are also easy. Another feature is the step detail on the bottom of the piece which seems like levitation on the surface. If you are tired of the rusting steel product then is high time you embrace the plastic one like this umbra holder. The umbra plastic is rust free and will definitely add a stylish look to your bathroom.

Nevertheless, it’s made of plastic the but the melamine has really strengthened it making it appear sturdy. Finally, its versatile enough to be used as a soap dispenser or storing razors. Bottom line is that you will never lack anything to do with this holder.

Extra Features:

  • The plastic is made of melamine thus very durable.
  • The plastic is easy to maintain.

4. HBlife Stainless Steel Bathroom Toothbrush Holder

HBlife Stainless Steel Bathroom Toothbrush Holder

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  • By: HBlife

Save time while looking for an ideal toothbrush holder by investing in this HB life product. This one will definitely meet the needs of a small family. With its ability to hold 4 toothbrushes plus an additional toothpaste holder space this will meet your needs.

On the other hand, it can also be used for storing other equipment such as the shaver, facial cleanser, and eyebrow trimmer. In terms of material used to make it this one boasts of premium materials. The food grade steel used is not susceptible to rust. Just by being made of steel it will be very durable. Moreover, equipped with good ventilation this will drain water quickly for it to remain dry.

Besides this holder was made using the skill welding process with polished endpoints that definitely gives it a fashion look. Apart from the look, the steel is also very stable. With the super even foot whichever place you take it a bathroom or in the room you will never experience your toothbrush falling off. This is a better option compared to other designs that allow the dirt to collect at the bottom.

Extra  Features:

  • Versatile to be used in storing plenty of equipment other than toothbrushes. Facial cleanser, shaver name them.
  • With the open design, there is no worry of water accumulating at the bottom.

3. InterDesign 55520 Eva Toothbrush Holder

InterDesign 55520 Eva Toothbrush Holder

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  • By: InterDesign

Yet another inter design product in the review. For years now it has been providing quality equipment’s hence the reappearance. With its compact design, this will occupy the least space of your bathroom. But the importance comes with the organization that it will help you.

Moreover, it has a hygienic stand to prevent the toothbrush from touching each other. For maintenance, the clear design can simply be wiped clean. This can be great for a small family as it’s capable of storing 4 toothbrushes. Just like, others that have water collected at the bottom you have to empty it. The clean look will look nice in any bathrooms.

Of course, its look will blend well with the chrome finishes. This holder will undoubtedly keep your bathroom organized. You don’t need to worry more about the price but the quality and organization it comes with. For your information is one of the well designed and affordable products. Take one home with you and you will surely thank us later.

Extra Features:

  • The glass is clear so it’s easy to sport dirt on it.
  • The elegant looks surely add décor to your bathroom.

2. InterDesign Twigz – Vintage Toothbrush Holder

InterDesign Twigz - Vintage Toothbrush Holder

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  • By: InterDesign

If you are a person that likes well-designed products then this one will go on well with you. This one boasts of steel with a bronze coating. This is very important as it will keep it away from rusting. Besides that, it has vanilla ceramic that can easily be removed. All these contribute to the classic design that can match any room’s décor.

For cleaning this one of the easiest as you can clean it using the removable insert. Removing the accumulated water is also important hygiene wise. In addition, the glass insert holds toothbrush well there is no danger of them falling off.  With a size of 4.1 inches 3.7 inches and further 3.7 inches, this is enough to fit your bathrooms sink. The stoneware metal will ensure it doesn’t break in case of falling off.

Furthermore, the twig design of the metal wire will surely fit into most room’s décor. In fact, this toothbrush holder is a perfect example of a great combination of functionality and elegance. Price shouldn’t be any of your worries as for years now the inter design products focus at functionality at reasonable prices.

Extra Features:

  • It’s made of ceramic vanilla thus very classy and durable.
  • It has a removable insert for easy rinsing of the toothbrush holder.

1. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Toothbrush Organizer

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Toothbrush Organizer

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  • By: OXO

We cannot end this review before looking at the OXO product. Surely it’s the best toothbrush holders for 2019. This one can easily fit 4 toothbrushes suitable for a small family. Additionally, it has a space to fit the toothpaste tube. This is one of the many holders made of the durable and rust-free stainless steel.

For easy access to your toothbrush, it has a wide angled opening. Moreover, both at the top and bottom it has slots for ventilation. The ventilation is important for the quick drying of the toothbrush. Much more, it has the flexible divider that serves to keep the toothbrushes in place while preventing the brush heads from coming into contact. When you need to clean it will be easy too as the divider and sleeve can be removed for faster cleaning.

For your small bathroom don’t worry as it will occupy the least space when conveniently placed on the sink. The possibility of hairs and dirt appearing to your toothbrush will be over thanks to the opening and closing lid.

Finally, this will be a great solution for storing and protecting the toothbrushes. Your teeth will certainly thank you if you bought a unit for your toothbrush.

Extra Features:

  • The toothbrush holder has a lid to cover and protect the toothbrushes.
  • The wide-angle opening makes it easy when you need to access your toothbrush.
What to consider when buying toothbrush holders
  • Material:  The toothbrush holder should be built of the best material to support the toothbrush as well as surviving the harsh environment. The most common material used are strong plastic and steel. The steel should be free from rust.
  • Types: The brushes vary according to the purpose and the way it functions. We have the electric, bathroom, kids and wall toothbrush holders. You have to choose one according to the purpose you want to put it to.
  • Hygiene: The best toothbrushes are able to prevent germs and bacteria. They should be also easy to clean and maintain. For hygiene purposes, the holders need to be kept clean throughout.
  • Reliability: With the best toothbrush there will be no incidence of brushes falling off or the holders toppling too. Neither should they be affected by moisture or the toothpaste. They should also be stable when placed in any place be it a bathroom or in the cupboard.
  • Price: Toothbrush holders are normally affordable equipment. You will always find one that fits within your estimated budget range. However, if you want a one that combines class with functionality then do not hesitate to pay up more pennies.
Why you need the toothbrush holders
  • Storage: The toothbrush holders will enable you to organize your rooms easily by keeping the toothbrushes. The brushes are well kept such that they cannot fall. The vents facilitate the quick drying of the brushes for them to be stored with the best conditions.
  • Protection: The toothbrush holders will keep your brushes free from germs and bacteria. When left on the sink the brushes can be unhygienic as they will be susceptible all the dust. Additionally, they are kept free from dust.
  • Versatility: Other than their use of storing toothbrushes and toothpaste. They can also be used for storing razors, shaving equipment, facial cleanser. The storage space can be enough to fit all the equipment.


The toothbrush holders in the market will store and protect your toothbrushes thereby organizing your room. As per the review you have to focus on the purpose you want to use, the hygiene, reliability, material used and above everything else the price matters. All these best toothbrush holders are of sheer quality. For quick organization and storing of your toothbrush, you can choose any from the ones listed in this review.

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