Best Travel Journal Notebooks Reviews (2019) For Your Next Adventure

If you’re looking for the best travel journal notebooks, this article is meant for you. After thorough research based on customer reviews and ratings of various travel journal notebooks 2019. Therefore, we compiled this enlightening article about the top 10 best travel journals, leather travel journals, and leather writing journal notebooks on the market this year.

10 Best Travel Journal Notebooks to Buy in 2019:

LEATHER JOURNAL Refillable Travel Journal - Fine Brown Hand Made Leather Daily Notebook For Men & Women, Perfect to write in, Small Size Easy For Carry, Best Gift For Travelers, 5 × 4 Inches
$14.95$15.95 (6% off)
LEATHER JOURNAL REFILLABLE Writing Notebook - Lay Flat Lined Notebook, Handmade Leather Bound Diary for Men & Women, Best Gift for Travel Diary, Creative Writing & Notebooks to write in, Large 6x8
Leather Journal Notebook, MALEDEN Spiral Bound Traveler Notebook for Women Men Thanksgiving Refillable Daily Planner Sketchbook Diary with Zipper Pocket (A6, Stamps)
Leather Journal Travel Diary, Handmade Vintage Writing Bound Notebook For Men For Women Antique Soft Rustic Leather 5 x 7 - Quality Unlined Paper Perfect for Notes Sketchbook - Hidden Pen-holder + Pen
$30.95$44.50 (30% off)
Refillable Leather Journal Refillable Travelers Notebook for Men Leather Travel Journal for Women Vintage Antique Travel Diary TN Genuine Standard Notebook + Pen + 3 Papers Notes Sketching Drawing
$39.50$49.95 (21% off)
MALEDEN Refillable Spiral Daily Notepad Classic Embossed Travel Journal Diary
Large Leather Journal | The Wanderings Grande Refillable Travel Notebook | Perfect for Writing, Sketching, Scrapbooks, Gift for Men or Women, Travelers, Extra Large | Blank Inserts 11x7.5 inches
LEATHER JOURNAL Handmade Writing Notebook - Antique Leather-Bound A5 Daily Note Pads For Men & Women Unlined Paper Large 8 x 6 Inches, Best Gift for Art Sketchbook, Travel Diary & Journals to Write in
Leather Writing Journal Notebook, EvZ 7 Inches Vintage Nautical Spiral Blank String Diary Notepad Sketchbook Travel to Write in, Unlined Paper, Retro Pendants, Classic Embossed, Grey

10. LEATHER JOURNAL PREMIUM writing notebook leather

LEATHER JOURNAL PREMIUM writing notebook leather

  • By: NottaBenne

This beautiful hand-crafted leather travel journal notebook is one of the best leather journals the market has to offer. It has 300 creamy pages inside and is perfect for writing note, drafts or sketches. Its cover is made from 100% genuine leather dairy and features a craft box and a high-quality pen making it very convenient for everyday use on the go.

Crafted with love, this antique vintage handmade notebook has a priceless personality that makes you feel you heartily attached and special whenever your scribe.

Its craft box feature makes it perfect for artists and prides itself on the ability to channel your thoughts to creative thinking. Thus, making it an essential tool in perfecting your ingenious ideas. This ideal 7×5” leather journal is very durable and long-lasting, making it a trusted witness and custodian to your priceless ingenious ideas.

In addition, it is a perfect travel diary journal companion for your traveling expeditions and very gender sensitive in its making.


  • An ideal gift for anyone
  • Contains 300 pages of acid-free paper

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9. Travel Journal Handmade Vintage Leather Notebook

Travel Journal Handmade Vintage Leather Notebook

  • By: RTFL

Crafted from 100% genuine high-end crazy horse leather, makes this travel journal notebook very durable. Its high-quality acid-free paper pages guarantee that your precious ingenious collages are secure from fading, making it very reliable. In addition, its high-end elasticated strap provides support and protection for the journal from unprecedented factors. It features a card holder and each pocket can hold 2pcs name cards and tickets by one side.

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Its humanized design eliminates chances of any knots making your scribing to flow smoothly without any interference. If you are into classy, elite and elegant looks, then look no further, this journal has you covered. On top of these awesome features, you can use this top-notch & best leather travel journal for a lifetime due to its refillable features, which contains 3 inserts each containing a total of 192 pages and 96 sheets.


  • Very friendly pricing
  • Has a stylish classic vintage design
  • Comes with 3 supplied notebooks, whose dimension is 12 x 9 cm per notebook
  • Contains high quality and durable acid-free paper pages

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  • By: Abundance Gifts

This perfected size handmade horse leather journal is crafted with the sole purpose of keeping your thoughts avid, alive and creative. it has a lay flat lined notebook that facilitates your writing flow to the fullest and has been proven to be one of the most thoughtful gifts you can offer to writers, poets, parents, teenagers, travelers, your spouse and you of course.

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Its lightweight and perfect pocket size feature of 8 ½ x 6″, makes it easy to fit in your apparel pockets, making it very secure when carrying it in your travel endeavors or day to day activities. Making it very convenient.

This rustic leather draws and writes journal is made from high-quality acid-free paper, horse leather and has fine stitching that is designed to provide you with unconditional lifetime service. In addition, it features a refillable 100-page notebook. If you are on the verge of unleashing your mental sovereignty, then this journal will definitely be your faithful companion and witness throughout your lifetime.


  • Purely hand stitched
  • Crafted with 100% genuine crazy horse leather
  • Contains 200 high-quality acid-free pages, front, and back
  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee policy upon purchase

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7. MALEDEN Spiral Bound Traveler Notebook

MALEDEN Spiral Bound Traveler Notebook


Forget all the low quality, cheaply made writing journals that wear and tear apart after a short period of time and invest in this genuine leather horse journal. It is made from high-quality soft leather and has fine stitching that is designed to outmaneuver the rigors of time.

Touch the soft leather cover containing exquisite printings of famous European scenes. Unleash this pleasantly surprising, beautifully designed and excellent for quality, first-class notebook and unlock your ingenious thoughts in documenting your masterpiece.

This legendary leather travel journal notebook is meticulously designed to conquer even the most demanding needs. A favorite and darling amongst avid travelers, this freestyle traveler notebook entails 180 blank high-quality acid-free pages, perfect for writing, quick notes, sketching, drawing, sticking ticket stubs or other memorabilia, without restricting your design.


  • Very affordable
  • Entails 6 card slots and 1 zipper pocket for passport, tickets, pens, and phone
  • Features removable pages allowing for easy refill
  • A perfect gift for everyone, it never grows old

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6. Handmade Vintage Writing Bound Notebook

Handmade Vintage Writing Bound Notebook

  • By: Sovereign-Gear

These unique handmade travel journal notebooks designed and crafted with a 100% genuine soft and crazy horse leather, made from premium buffalo leather is second to none. with a wonderful leather smell, it’s soft-feeling and delicate, yet super tough features make it a force to be reckoned with.

It also features a distressed leather elasticated strap which the main purpose is to provide support and protection. This antique brown elegant travel journal looks and smells makes it more classy and beautiful.

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Moreover, this premium notebook is crafted with high-quality acid-free craft paper if that’s not all, this sovereign multifunctional vintage Journal is perfect for journaling, spiritual or gratitude journals, bullet journaling, art journaling, daily planner, adding notes. Making it indeed a darling and ideal for any occasions and still outstanding.


  • Contains a leather strap closure
  • Weights approximately 15.2 ounces
  • Its dimensions include 7.9 x 6.1 x 1.6 inches
  • Usually comes in antique brown color

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5. Refillable Leather Journal Refillable Travelers Notebook A5

Refillable Leather Journal Refillable Travelers Notebook

  • By: Sovereign-Gear

This state of art sovereign hand-crafted journal gear is crafted from soft crazy horse leather. Thus, affirming durability. In addition, it’s cover has a classy rustic look making it very elegant. Completed with a gentle soft touch with the ability to trigger your precious ingenious thoughts.

Making it one of your treasured writing companions. If that’s not enough the journal is designed with a pen-holder clip which holds the stylish pen that comes with the journal, which perfectly fits on to the side of the notebook.

Therefore, saving you the hustle of rummaging around for something to write with. The quality metal clip can also act as a useful bookmark without the leather pen loop.

The travel journal notebooks mind-blowing features make it an ideal gift for anyone, no matter his age or gender including you. It offers a lifetime service and entails multifunctional interchangeable sections, which in turn enhances its quality performance and convenience.


  • Beautifully crafted by hand
  • measures 8.5” x 4.75” so fits in any bag or backpack for any journey
  • it is very affordable
  • Has multiple uses

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4. MALEDEN Refillable Spiral Daily Notepad

MALEDEN Refillable Spiral Daily Notepad


The. MALEDEN Refillable Spiral Daily Notepad is a must have for all seasoned or novice travelers and an ideal gift for your boss, family, and friends, or even yourself, this distinctive refillable journal will help words flow freely. It’s ideal for any budding writer-artist or anyone simply wanting to do some high-quality note taking.

Its refillable feature makes it possible to easily take a paper in and out so that you can in a blink of an eye record any instant memory no matter the place and time. Moreover, its exquisite cover is crafted from high-quality PU leather, making it a perfect companion for travel or outdoor expeditions and good storage for priceless scribed information.

The journal paper is free from acidic elements, consequently keeping your writing and drawings intact as originally drafted. Thus, making previous references to your journal be precise and accurate. This leather notebook is a great and classy way to document your lifetime.


  • Contains 160 blank pages perfect for sticking photos, drawing or sketching
  • The paper finishing is ultra-smooth
  • Weighs approximately 9.1 ounces

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3. The Wanderings Grande Refillable Travel Notebook

The Wanderings Grande Refillable Travel Notebook

  • By: Wanderings

This beautiful handcrafted journal is made of high-quality full grain 100% leather, making it very durable. This gives its cover a dark brown, coffee genuine full-grain leather look that ages exactly as how high-quality leather should.

Carefully crafted to the minutest details, this top-notch journal undisputedly prides itself on quality delivery. Its elegance looks make it a perfect companion for your day to day errands.

Also, this travel journal notebook has refillable features which are essential in offering lifetime services. Its acid-free top-quality paper makes it possible for the journal to store recorded information as originally drafted for a long duration of time without the ink fading.


  • Fountain pen and wet paint friendly
  • It is customizable

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2. LEATHER JOURNAL Handmade Writing Notebook

LEATHER JOURNAL Handmade Writing Notebook

  • By: Moonster

This price friendly, masterpiece journal is probably one of the best journals ever designed. Its hand cut asymmetric flap and cover is hand stitched with Coptic leather binding. Which secures the pages firmly and gives the journal a state of art rustic charming look, you will definitely fall in love with it at first sight.

Plus, the leather wrap around strap effectively keeps your journal closed and secure from unprecedented external hindrance. In addition, it also acts as a handy bookmark. Integrated leather pen holder loop stitched into the cover spine to house its classy pen. Its perfect size makes it have many uses and entails 120 sheets/240 pages of blank, off-white, cream-colored paper which is 100% acid-free.


  • Comes in four different types and sizes (7″x5″, 8″x6″ gift sets, 7″ x 5” medium and  8″ x 6 large)
  • It has multiple uses
  • Very affordable
  • Comes with a specified warranty

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1. EvZ Leather Writing Journal Notebook

EvZ Leather Writing Journal Notebook

  • By: EvZ

This top-notch elegant writing journal prides itself as the crème de la crème amongst its competitors. It features a refillable notebook that makes it direct and simple to the most novice user, to take out pages that aren’t important or unwanted and swap in for blanks to maintain the constant updating of the journal.

In addition, it offers the possibility of taking the paper out or in easily. Thus, enabling you to record any instant memory no matter the place and time.

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It’s made from high-quality PU leather, making it tender and soft to hands and ultimately durable for your travel or outdoor adventures. Moreover, this elegant notebook entails high quality, acid-free craft papers. It can keep your writing and draw the same as originally scribed to help you reread easily in future.


  • Very affordable
  • Comes with a specified warranty upon purchase
  • Very durable and long-lasting
  • It has multiple uses

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Buying Guides:

  • Closure: There are three types of closures that are more often than ever, found in a typical journal. The three include an elastic band, magnetic wrap, and metal clasp. Depending on your taste and preferences, it is a guarantee that you will find your suitable match amongst the three.
  • Paper quality: It is wiser to go for acid-free papers which are free from overtime decay that usually fades the ink and paper. Higher quality papers are smoothly finished and often have a high opacity.
  • Cover design: the cover of your travel journal notebook depicts a lot, about your personality, tastes, and preferences. If you love the simple and subtle design you may opt for Old Leather or Pocket Companions’ collection, if you are an avid lover of elegance you can opt for Baroque Ventaglio collection. The choice solemnly remains yours to choose.
  • Size of the journal: The size of your journal solemnly depends on your wants and needs. You may opt for a slim or mini journal due to their portability and convenience when carrying around your travel journal notebook in your purse or back-pocket during your travel escapades, or go for larger Ultra or Grande size journals for writing large or long documented pages of text.
  • Affordability: you obviously by now want the best quality travel journal at a price clause that is within your budget range; ensure you are comfortable with the price before you make your purchase.

The above mentioned best leather writing journals or notebooks are designed to unconditionally satisfy your needs. Order one today and we can proudly guarantee that you won’t regret making the move.

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