Top 10 Best Under Desk Foot Rests (2019) Reviews & Guides

Having a piece of ergonomic furniture like under desk footrest at home, and at the office is beneficial. It is a great way to improve your productivity and reduce your stress while working. Aside from that, it will also benefit your muscle and bones in the long run. You can focus on your work since it will lessen the discomfort that you are feeling while sitting on your chair for a long period of time.

It is a good investment for people who are sitting at work most of the time, which is why we are giving you these set of the best under desk foot rest because you deserve nothing but only the best.

Top TEN Best Under Desk Foot Rests in 2019:

10. HUANUO Adjustable Under-Desk Ergonomic Footrest

Ergonomic Footrest, Adjustable Under Desk Foot Rest Cushion,Compact Foot Rocker with 2 Heights for Maximum Comfort by HUANUO

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  • By: HUANUO

Free your feet from stress, and reduce fatigue from over sitting with this under desk foot rest by HUANUO. It helps your feet to move with any angles to make itself comfortable, and improve the circulation that can reduce fatigue. This will keep you energetic and helps you do more while setting and working. It has non-slip rubber traction treads that will increase the stability of the foot rest to keep it stable while you rock it.

This rocker has two different heights, and it is up to you which one do you prefer. You can choose the high setting for a more challenging motion. It has a large plate with a 17.7” x 10.4” plate that works tremendously for everybody.

Extra Features:

  • Two levels of motion
  • 1-year warranty with the HUANUO

9. Mind Reader Massage Rollers Adjustable Ergonomic Foot Rest

Mind Reader Adjustable Height Ergonomic Foot Rest with Massage Rollers, Black

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  • By: Mind Reader

Level up the under desk foot rest with the massage rollers. Working, and sitting for a long time is tiring, and stressing so to reduce what you are feeling, you can massage your feet with the massage rollers. The adjustable height will make it easy finding comfort that you are needing for your feet. You can play with your feet while working which can reduce stress.

It has a flat design so you can easily put them under your desk at home, or even at your office. Make your working more comfortable with this foot rest, and let it help you to improve your posture. Whether you are at home, or at the office this thing can maximize your comfort, and can help you to make things easier at work.

Extra Features:

  • Massage Rollers to massage your foot
  • Foot Rest flattens to make an easy storage

8. Eureka Tilt-Adjustable with Massage Surface Under Desk Footrest

Eureka Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable Footrest with Massage Surface Under Desk, Black & Gray

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  • By: Eureka

This adjustable ergonomic under desk foot rest gives you comfort while working, and helps you reduce stress, and circulate blood while sitting during working hours. You can tilt it back and forth between 0-20° and change the position of your foot on your own comfort. Too much sitting while working can lead to fatigue, and this foot rest helps to relieve and improve your work efficiency while working the whole day.

You can use this at home since it is home-friendly and easy to use because it does not eat too much space. Made from environmental rubber, it can reduce exposure to pollution and chemicals that will create a healthier indoor environment.

Extra Features:

  • Scratch-resistant rubber feet to protect your floor from scratches.
  • A sturdy frame to ensure a maximum stability experience
  • A large pedal to provide foot massage

7. Ergonomic Footrest Cushion Under Desk Footrest

Ergonomic Innovations Office Foot Rest Under Desk- New Ergonomic Footrest Cushion w:Angled Half Cylinder Design

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  • By: Ergonomic Innovation

Get comfortable while sitting, and working. The common problems of people who sit the whole day at works are soring feet, aching limbs, and poor posture. Maybe because you did not sit well, and this under desk foot rest can help you reduce that. This foot rest is high-round, resilient, and durable.

It is also suitable for short people since it has a 5″ maximum height and with the 1.25 lbs. weight to stop it from sliding while you use it. Do not worry about the sweats, and dirt because this product is sweat-proof and washable. Get a luxurious treatment while working at your office, and even at home because you can also use this while watching television, playing games, or doing nothing.

Extra Features:

  • 365-days warranty
  • Water Resistant
  • Use this barefoot, or with socks to enjoy a therapeutic massage

6. Mind Reader Adjustable Height Ergonomic Foot Rest

Mind Reader Adjustable Height Ergonomic Foot Rest, Black

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  • By: Mind Reader

Work with the comfort with this under desk foot rest from Mind Reader. It helps you improve your blood circulation and body posture, plus the fact that it can reduce stress, and help you to be productive. Whether you are at home, the office or just sitting in your living room, this product will give you comfort.

Enjoy extending your legs with different height, and angle since you can adjust this depending on where you are comfortable. When you are done using it, you can flatten it, and keep it easy because it does not eat space which is perfect even if you have a smaller leg room. It has rigid edges to avoid your feet from slipping while using it.

Extra Features:

  • Flat design for easy storage when not in use
  • You can adjust it in 3 positions

5. Office Ottoman Non-Slip Ergonomic Under Desk Foot Rest

Foot Rest Under Desk Non-Slip Ergonomic Footrest Foam Cushion - Excellent Under Desk Leg Clearance, by Office Ottoman

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  • By: Office Ottoman

The perfect solution for your foot problem when working is this. Say goodbye to the old bulky under desk foot rest of yours because this one is lower to avoid your knees from knocking the desk. Made from high-quality supportive, and soft cushion to give your foot a maximum experience of footrest massages to reduce footsore, and achy feet.

A hypoallergenic, and anti-microbial medical grade foam that you can wash the cover to maintain the cleanliness since you are using your feet with this. Relax your feet, and improve the blood circulation because sitting for a whole day can lead to fatigue. You can now enjoy working and increase your productivity because of this footrest.

Extra Features:

  • Helps you relieve numbness and tension on the lower part of your body
  • Washable Cover
  • Tilt it, and you can rock the footrest

4. Nekmit Non-Slip Half-Cylinder Ergonomic Adjustable Foot Rest

Nekmit Adjustable Foot Rest Non-Slip Ergonomic Multifunctional Firm Foam Half-Cylinder for Home and Office

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  • By: Nekmit

There is no need for you to worry if you do not want it lower, or higher because this next best under desk foot rest has a removable extended piece. The original height of the half-cylinder footrest is 4″, and if you want it to get higher, you can add the additional 2″ detachable extra foam to rise up the foot rest. You can also reverse it, and rock your feet while using it.

Wash the cover with a machine for easy cleanup. You can use it not only in the office but also at home. Perfect for people who work, and sits the whole day. Since this is lightweight, you can bring it wherever you want.

Extra Features:

  • Travel-friendly
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Includes an additional 2″ detachable base

3. Embody Care Under Desk Foot Rest with Foot Massager

Under Desk Foot Rest & Adjustable Footrest - Ergonomic Footrest

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  • By: Embody Care

Get the ultra-comfortable feeling with this under desk foot rest. Get rid of your tired feet, and sore because the engineers of this product have tested it, and they believe that this thing can bring comfort to your feet. There is no hassle when adjusting because it is very easy to adjust in any angle and moves exactly like what a great foot rest do.

No need to worry about the durability of this under desk foot rest since it is designed not only to look astonishing but also to be durable that can last for a long period of time with proper use. It is a perfect gift for your office mate, friends, relatives, and lovers. It is now time to say goodbye to your foot problems after sitting a long period of time.

Extra features:

  • They have a limited time discount
  • Includes Warranty

2. Well Desk Rest My Sole Ergonomic Cushion for Under Desk Foot Rest

Rest My Sole - Foot Rest Cushion for Under Desk

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  • By: Well Desk

This next under desk foot rest is not like your typical footstools too much tall, soft, and not durable. This footrest pillow is very comfy, yet resilient foam foundation with a height that still leaves a room for your knees on the leg room to avoid knocking the table, and will not easily wear or deform with your daily use. It can be easy to bring since it is travel-friendly and easy to carry on. Rest your feet whenever you go. Made from soothing foam, and soft fabric, you can feel the comfort that you need while sitting for the whole day.

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Your health is more important, and it can relief leg, and back fatigue, in addition, it can also improve the spine alignment and your blood circulation. Flip the footrest to enable active sitting. It also comes with a warranty if you are unhappy with their product.

Extra Features:

  • Warranty
  • Anti-Slip thread to keep stool in place

1. AmazonBasics Under Desk Foot Rest

AmazonBasics Foot Rest - Black

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  • By: AmazonBasic

It may look simple, but it can offer the best under desk foot rest for your home, and office. You can have your own foot rest for a very affordable price. The textured surface creates a massaging effect when you remove your shoes.

Using an ergonomic foot rest while working will not only give you comfort but helps you as well on your health in the long run. It will help you to improve your blood circulation, avoid getting fatigue after a long hour of works. Use this at home, or at the office.

Extra Features:

  • Free-floating platforms that tilt back and forth
  • Stays in one place

Having an ergonomic footrest at home and at your office can be beneficial. You can use it while playing games, sitting and watching television, working, or doing nothing. Office workers and people who work at home probably need this one. It is not only about comfort, but also the health benefit that it can give to you. You can avoid fatigue, stress, and improve your blood circulation.

How To Choose The Right Ergonomic Foot Rest?

All of them are right for you because it can give you all the benefits that your body needs. But, if you want something in specific, you should think about what your needs are.

  • Space- Where are you going to put this? Can your space allow you to have a larger leg room, and have this footrest? There are different sizes of the footrest, and it is up to you which one can fit the space that can still give you spacious legroom because that is what matters the most.
  • Traveling Purposes- Take note that not all of them are good for traveling. You should consider if you are going to travel with this. Get the one that will suit your traveling.

We know how hard it is to look for something on the internet since there is a lot of selections once you search for that specific item, which is why we are giving you this set of the best under desk foot rest. If you are looking for something to add some comfort to you while working, or something to gift to your special someone on any occasion this is perfect.

Prices may change it can go lower, or higher depending on the seller, and since they are the best, they can be out of stock in sometimes, and we do cannot control it. Kindly contact the seller for further information about the product.

We ensure to give you nothing but the best because you deserve it. If you are having second thoughts about purchasing items like an ergonomic footrest, think of what it can give to you in the future. It can be a good investment since it can benefit you with your health and gives you comfort that can boost your productivity at work.

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