Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars (2019) Reviews & Guides

Pull up bar is a tool to perform an intense upper body workout, which you can use at home. If you are doing the calisthenics training, you are very much in need of this wall mounted pull up bar because it includes upper body workout. People who do not usually go to the gym, and only work out at home uses this pull up bars, they are most likely the people who love working out in their free time.

If you are looking for a wall mounted pull up bars, we are giving you the best wall mounted pull up bars that you can install and use to stay healthy and fit. Install them at your wall, and you can now perform your activities anytime you want.

Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars in 2019:

10. Ultimate Body Press Joist Mount Pull Up Bar

Joist Mount Pull Up Bar & Product Bundles by Ultimate Body Press

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  • By: Ultimate Body Press

The heavy-duty pull up bar that develops your shoulder, back strength and arm is easily mounted to any exposed beams at your home. If you want to bring home your exercise routine, getting this piece is a need. Made from thick wall steel, this 14″riser, and 21″ parallel wide grip with 42″ bar, the grips are made from high-density foam pads.

The lower parallel grip increases headroom and clearance. It is also very easy to install, it is already included in the package once your purchase. You can install it in your bedroom, living room, or in any room where you want to install it.

Extra Features:

  • Three Grip Positions
  • Preserves floor space in your gym

9. Merax Multi-Grip [Supports 440LBS] Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar

Merax Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar - Multi-Grip Chin-Up Bar Dip Stand Power Tower Set

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  • By: Merax

Perform a variety of exercise with one single unit. The 2 inches by 2 inches gauge steel frame with cross strutting on both sides ensures sturdiness where you can rely on during training. You can add attachable training accessories like punching bags TRX strap, Yoga straps or power ropes that are not included in the package.

This wall mounted pull up bar can take up to 440 lbs, and the 28 inches pull up bar allows you to grip with it in the wide, narrow and parallel position. The non-slip handle gives comfort when you do the exercise. It is ergonomic because it has a 2 inches back cushion support, and an armrest which reduces the pressure on your elbow and spine and also gives you comfort as you do your workout training. The total dimension of the pull-up bar when assembled is 38 inches (L) x 20 inches (W) x 23.4 inches (H).

Extra Features:

  • Ergonomic design gives comfort for back and arm
  • Yoga ring

8. BuyHive Multi-Grip Full Body Strength Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

BuyHive Pull Up Bar Wall Mounted Pull-Up Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar Full Body Strength Training Workout Bar

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  • By: BuyHive

You can easily mount this pull up bar in any wall inside or outside your home. It looks like a monkey pull up bar which allows you for a narrow, neutral, pronated, and supinated grip to give your back, shoulders, biceps a challenge. You can train your upper body and helps you avoid muscle cramps and fatigue with this wall mounted pull up bar.

The total dimension of the bar when assembled is 47.2 inches x 23.7 inches x 17.5 inches made from a steel frame. The weight capacity of this pull up bar is 330 lbs. and the package includes one pull up bar and manual instruction.

Extra Features:

  • Monkey bar style pull up bar
  • Powder coated to avoid rust and bolted flush to support the brackets

7. Iron Core Athletics Joist Mount Pull Up Bar

Iron Core Athletics Joist Mount Pull Up Bar

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  • By: Iron Core

This heavy-duty pull-up bar from Iron Core is joist mounted. Get ready to take your exercising into the next level with this pull-up bar. Build with thick powdered coated steel to prevent rust and can support up to 250lbs. You can mount this in a few minutes in any exposed beam and start your exercise.

The pull-up bar with padded handgrips comes with three different positions for you to do different pull-up styles. This product is similar to the ones you use in the gym, so now you can take home the training with this wall-mounted pull-up bars.

Extra Features:

  • Three different positions of grip
  • 5 minutes process to assemble and ready to mount

6. OneTwoFit OT066 Home Full Body Trainer Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

OneTwoFit Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Chin Up Exercise Bar Gym Dip Station Home Full Body Trainer

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  • By: OneTwoFit

The heavy-duty pull-up bar is here. The maximum capacity of this is 1100lbs or 500kg and is made of heavy-duty steel. It is also a multifunctional pull-up bar because you can use this not only for your pull-ups, but also for chin-ups, leg raises, boxing, and dip station. It is a perfect exercise for your abs, arms, triceps, backs, shoulder, and triceps. Too busy to go to the gym? Take home your exercise routine.

It features anti-slip handles to avoid slipping during the action and to give comfort while exercising. The load-bearing horizontal tube makes it more stable, and the triangle design to make it safer. The comfortable thick padding to support and gives comfort to your elbow. Do not install this on dry walls, but you can install this at the bar.

Extra Features:

  • Includes resistant band
  • There is an eyelet in the middle for punching bags and power ropes.

5. Goplus 2 Wall Mounted Pull up Bar

Goplus 2 Pull up Bar Chin up Station Wall Mounted Home Gym Exercise Workout Equipment

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  • By: Goplus

This next pull up bar is made of heavy-duty steel, with a black powder coat to avoid rust and corrosion. Constructed with solid materials to ensure to give you a stable and durable exercising. The capacity of this wall-mounted pull-up bar is up to 440lbs, and the overall size, when assembled, is 38.3 inches x 19.7 inches x 7.1 inches.

With two padded foam to give you a good grasping to the tube that gives you a good exercising experience. You can now take home your gym upper body exercise, and start working to improve your backs, chest, shoulder, triceps, arms, lats, biceps, and abs. If this is your first time to have this kind of exercise tool, you do not need an expert for installing it. You can install it by yourself with the help of the installation manual. Since it is a single piece, it will not take a large space.

Extra Features:

  • Padded Grip
  • Weight capacity up to 440lbs.

4. Ultimate Body Press Doorway Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Doorway Pull Up Bar

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  • By: Ultimate Body Press

You can install this at the top of your door, so it will not eat space on your wall. It is a single 36 inches horizontal with a slight curve pull up bar. It adds strength and muscle to your should, back, arms, and core. The gap size from wall to the bar is 4.25 inches and has a thick tubing of 1.25 inches.

You can add accessories with this wall mounted pull up bar to complete your exercising experience. Now, there is no need for you to go to the gym because you can have your own at home. The angled ergonomic bar has three grip position and a hammer tone texture finish to reduce strain so you can work out longer.

Extra Features:

  • It fits for the universal size of doorway 24-30 inches.
  • Very easy to install since it is a single piece

3. Ultimate Body Press Vertical Knee Raise Wall Mounted Dip Station

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Dip Station with Vertical Knee Raise

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  • By: Ultimate Body Press

If you want to experience the gym quality dip station at home, better get this one from Ultimate Body Press. It can easily mount to any wood frame wall. Made from heavy-duty steel with padded foam grips to secure you, and give you comfort. Do your pull ups, and other upper and lower body workouts at home because this wall mounted pull up bar can help you with that.

Your back and elbow are padded to add comfort to your exercise routine. For the price, it is just right for its worth.

Extra Features:

  • Padded back and elbow
  • Designed for easy installation

2. Iron Core Athletics Adjustable Stud Mounting Wall Mount Pull Up Bar

Iron Core Athletics Wall Mount Pull Up Bar - 16:24 Fully Adjustable Stud Mounting - Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Pull-Up : Chin Up Bar

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  • By: Iron Core Athletics

This is here for a reason, and the reason is that it is one of the best walls mounted pull up bars. It offers multiple grip positions of exercises options, and a perfect work out to your chest, triceps, shoulder, backs, biceps, and front abs. If you are unable to go to the gym, especially when the weather is bad, or you are very busy you can now do your routine at home.

The one-piece steel bar with a black powder coating that prevents the steel from rusting and corrosion with a16 inches x 24 inches stud space to offer you a great exercising experience home. Built to last long, but easy to install.

Extra Features:

  • Offers multiple grip position
  • Gym quality wall mounted pull up bar

1. ECOTRIC Workout Fitness 50” Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

ECOTRIC 50'' Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Chin Pull Up Bar Gym Workout Fitness Home Mount Fitness 500lbs

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It may look like a simple pull up bar, but the maximum capacity of this is up to 500lbs. The bracket height is 31 inches, the depth is 32 inches, bar length 50 inches, bar diameter 1.25 inches, and the material is 1-inch x 2 inches 11 gauge steel. You can install it horizontal or vertical depending on what you want.

Made from heavyweight steel that ensures the stability and durability with a solid feel like what you have on the gym. You can also adjust its base on the height of the user or the ceiling’s height. Mount this on the concrete wall with the width of up to 53 inches. The mounting materials are included in the package. That is why this is our best wall mounted pull up bars.

Extra Features:

  • Adjustable depending on the height of the ceiling or user
  • The maximum capacity is up to 500lbs
  • Set it up by horizontal or vertical

Choosing The Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar For Your Home:

Location- Since installing a wall mounted pull up bar is permanent; you have to be very serious when it comes to the location. Ensure that the location you will choose is fitted and compatible with your pull-up bar.

Check the specification of your device, and see if it is compatible with wood, or concrete, or maybe the height of the ceiling because you do not want any head knocking, right?

  • Weight Capacity – Each pulls up bar has its own weight maximum capacity, and if you think that you are too heavy, you must consider looking for the maximum capacity of your desired item. This is for so you will not waste your money and for your safety too. You are exercising to become healthy and let us focus on that.
  • Suits Your Need – Of course, chooses the right one for you. What are your needs? Every pull-up bar has something to offer, and choose the one who you think can satisfy your work out activity.
  • Specification – It is important that you look for the full specification of every item that you purchase. This is to ensure that you know every single detail of it, and not be frustrated or surprise in the future. Specifications include the dimension, package inclusion, features, and special features of the item. You can exactly know how the item is by knowing the full specification.

With the use of the wall mounted pull up bar, you can never miss one work out day. We all know how frustrating it is if we are not able to go to the gym, a workout. Now, you can start working out at home.

For the installation, you will not need an expert to assemble and install the items since it is very easy to install. This type of pull-up bar does not need a large space, so it means you can easily look for a place to install this. All of these items are high-rated, and you can assure a long-lasting use for these items.

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