Top 10 Best Waterproof Dry Bags in 2018 Reviews

Lasted updated: 01 July 2018

While we may swear by adventures like surfing, kayaking, canoeing and other water activities, we all admit that they may cause undesirable damage to the expensive gadgets you may have carried along with you. But you don’t have to turn back when a heavy downpour surprises you thanks to waterproof dry bags.

With so many options of dry bags on the market, DotBeasts has taken time to compile the detailed list of 10 best waterproof dry bags.

Top 10 Best Waterproof Dry Bags in 2018 Reviews:

What to consider before buying a waterproof dry bag:

  • Size: The sizes of waterproof bags are indicated in liters (l). Depending on how much you desire to carry, opt for a size that is convenient for you. Larger sizes are however harder to carry.
  • Material and design: The material of the waterproof dry bag determines its ability to prevent entry of water, durability, weight and enhance ease of cleaning.
  • Design: You may want a bright conspicuous color that lets you spot the bag in case of misplacement. The design features like double stitched seam constructions also play a vital role in making the bag waterproof. Another design feature worth considering is the closure system. Ensure all the features and material used are aimed at making the bag long lasting, water repellant and waterproof.
  • Extras: Extra pockets and separate phone cases are other considerations to keep in mind. They make the bag more convenient and provide quick access to your handy gadgets and personal belongings. Some options come as sets, these offer added value for money and extra packing space.

Why you need a waterproof dry bag:

  • They are safe: being waterproof, heavy storms that surprise you out of nowhere won’t limit you from hitting the road. Water sports and aquatic fun lover will also enjoy their activities with the valuables safe and protected from water.
  • They are affordable: compared to other outdoor backpacks and bags, waterproof bags are surprisingly cheaper.

10. Leader Accessories Heavy Duty Vinyl Waterproof Dry Bag

Leader Accessories Heavy Duty Vinyl Waterproof Dry Bag

  • By: Leader Accessories

Are you the type who can’t seem to get enough of outdoor adventure yet you keep worrying about keeping your valuables away from water? Thankfully, you have this waterproof dry bag. It is all you need for a day of boating, camping, water, and snow sports among others.

The company used a vinyl polyester trilaminate material with welded seams to make it durable, easy to clean and store. It will wise to make the shoulder strap adjustable, this lets you set it to your preferred size for added comfort while in transit.

This dry bag floats when some air gets captured and the closure is properly and tightly closed. This waterproof bag comes in varied carrying capacities from the monstrous 55l to a minute 5l option.


  • In case it is not what you expected, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • There is a wide variety of colors to suit your preferences.

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9. Freegrace Waterproof Dry Bags Set Of 3

Freegrace Waterproof Dry Bags Set Of 3

  • By: Freegrace

When you get bold enough to trudge through a rainstorm or kayak unstable waters, you can go ahead and submerge this waterproof dry bag yet your precious belongings will still come out bone dry. At an incredibly moderate price, you get a set of three waterproof bags.

The 35l bag features a backpack design while the 20l version comes with a practical grab handle for easy carrying and transportation. If you opt to go for the smaller 5l and 10l, they also include a shoulder strap for easy carry.

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Outdoors enthusiasts should like it even more with the extra 9″ × 6.7″ waterproof pouch that comes along with the set for storing personal items. It features an adjustable waistline that makes it suitable as a waist pack, but can still be used as a cross-body bag or shoulder bag.

The part that really impressed us is the inclusion of a waterproof phone case that can easily hold any phone blow 6.5”. It is the best value for money the market has to offer and certainly a worthy bargain.


  • The phone case is transparent and touch-friendly allowing you to take pictures and send messages.
  • There are plenty of color options to suit different styles.

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8. Freegrace Waterproof Lightweight Dry Bag

Freegrace Waterproof Lightweight Dry Bag

  • By: Freegrace

Keep your precious belongings comfy and protected from Mother Nature no matter how far you decide to venture from civilization. With this set of two, you can be sure to fight off wind and water with ease while canoeing, kayaking, or just chilling on the beach. This dry backpack is recommended for swimming, boating, etc.

The set features a larger waterproof dry bag that can vary depending on your preference; 2l, 5l, 10l, and 30-35l option are available. They employ a durable double strip lock seals for secure closure and providing easy access to all your items.

Serious fishermen can now comfortably carry their phones on their expeditions thanks to the free waterproof case that comes along with the bag. The case can hold any phone up to 6.5”. With this adorable set, you can handle literally anything when you get to the wilderness.


  • The bag has an ability to float.
  • Premium waterproof material has been used for the bag making it quite light compared to ordinary waterproof bags.
  • You get a wide range of sizes and colors to choose from.

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7. Odyssey Waterproof Roll Top Dry Bag

Odyssey Waterproof Roll Top Dry Bag

  • By: Odyssey

The Odyssey roll up waterproof dry bag is one good reason why you should get a quality dry bag for your next outing. It has been tested and confirmed waterproof meaning all your essentials and everything else you bring with you won’t get wet even when your kayak or rafts happens to flip.

How thoughtful of the manufacturer to use thick PVC tarpaulin known to take a serious beating. There is an adjustable shoulder strap for carrying.  You’ll not only retrieve your valuables safely but also protect your delicate phone from destructive water molecules.

This is made possible by an included waterproof case that can fit any screen size below 6.5 inches. The bag comes in 10l and 20l capacities.


  • It is fully waterproof.
  • Additional available colors to go for.

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6. Ultra Dry Premium Waterproof Bag

Ultra Dry Premium Waterproof Bag

  • By: Ultra Dry

Whoever said packable waterproof dry bags can’t be fashion-forward was wrong. This 100% waterproof bag comes in striking colors that stand out yet it’s still capable of protecting you from the nastiest conditions like unexpected downpours.

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It has been built tough and strong enough to endure intense use. The manufacturer provides for 10l and 20l sizes. You will find adjustable shoulder straps that are longer than other brands for added convenience.

Like other top-notch waterproof dry bags, this one also includes a separate waterproof case for your mobile phone. The company vows to attend to any complaint about the product within the first year after purchase.


  • There is a fitted metal caliper for keys or attaching the bag to the kayak, boat or canoe.
  • The phone case features ultra-clear windows for the camera if you plan on taking pictures and videos.

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5. Såk Gear Premium Waterproof Dry Bag

Såk Gear Premium Waterproof Dry Bag

  • By: Såk Gear

Those who live near a river or lake and find fun in kayaking or fishing on weekends should never venture out without this practical waterproof dry bag. Being waterproof, you can be sure that even if you are dripping like a wet cloth, you will be delighted to find inner contents dry.

This unit comes in two sizes, 10l and 20l and the best part are that each features a zippered external pocket. If you are the type who can’t do without a mobile phone or camera, you should take this detail into account. You can store all the extra items you intend to carry in the pocket.

The roll-down top waterproof seal and welded seams also add to its waterproofing capabilities. If you are still contemplating about whether or not you really needed this, we would advise you to go for it.


  • The bag ensures nighttime safety with the aid of the reflective trim around the pocket.
  • We like the Digi-camo and green color shades, they have you moving stealthier thanks to their camouflaging colors.
  • It is easy to access other personal items from the external pockets.

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4. Adventure Lion Premium Waterproof Dry Bags

Adventure Lion Premium Waterproof Dry Bags

  • By: Adventure Lion

There’s nothing quite intimidating like pulling wet clothes or food out of your backpack. This dry bag has been crafted from fully waterproof material that can last most backpackers a lifetime.

The company offers a number of sizes, the 5l River lion, and 10L Sea lion versions come with large adjustable straps. The other 20l Ocean Lion version features a handle while the 40l Safari lion dry bag comprises of two straps for more support and security.

The fact that it also floats makes it one of the most-loved dry bags in the game. The solid top closure does not just offer complete protection against water but also lets you dive quickly into your bag if you need to find anything.


  • There are 8 bright colors to choose that ensures the bag never gets lost.
  • The company offers a lifetime warranty.
  • You get discounts on any purchase of two or more bags.

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3. Outdoor Products Ultimate Dry Sack

Outdoor Products Ultimate Dry Sack

  • By: Outdoor Products

It is difficult to find another waterproof dry bags set that performs this well for a better price. In many ways, this dry sack is way above the rest of the competition. The three-piece set includes a 2l, 4l, and 8l bag.

These outdoor waterproof dry bags are coated with polyurethane and feature double-stitched seam that makes it strong enough to fight off the scariest thunderstorms while still durable enough to make it through plenty of use and abuse. The roll-up closure is also watertight so even if the rest of you is sopping wet, your essentials will still be dry.

Did we mention that the shoulder straps that are ergonomically shaped to improve weight distribution across the hips and back? It is quite an essential for an epic day outside and won’t look out of place when you get to the city either.


  • Three bags will mean more convenience and storage space.
  • Buyers get to enjoy a lifetime replacement guarantee.

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2. Unigear Waterproof Floating Dry Gear Bag

Unigear Waterproof Floating Dry Gear Bag

  • By: Unigear

Get to explore new grounds in water fun by taking advantage of the dry bag. This unit is fully waterproof so it is capable of hauling all you’ll ever need and keep them parched. The company was fair to offer a varied option of sizes from 2l to 40l.

One design feature that is beneficial is the removable and adjustable shoulder strap for easy carry without breaking your back. The bag features a separate waterproof phone case so your valued iPhone is well-taken care of. It is touch-friendly and roomy enough for a 6-inch phone plus your credit card and some currency.

There is a broad assortment of vibrant colors you can choose from. Comparing price against features, it should not be painful to invest in this product.


  • The 30l and 40l version feature padded shoulder strap that is more comfortable to carry.
  • The waterproof phone case still allows you to use the phone while underwater.

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1. Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag

Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag

  • By: Earth Pak

No one would have ever thought that such an innovation could’ve made keeping your belongings dry so simpler one day. It’s a high-quality dry bag backpack that you should bring with you to all outdoor activities. It makes carrying bigger loads a breeze, with a 10l and 20l version that feature a single shoulder strap and 30l and 40l versions that boast a backpack design with two shoulder straps that are reinforced by a sternum strap.

Along with the dry bag, you will also get a waterproof phone case. The 6.5” screen case is clear and touch-friendly too. If you prefer bright colors and loves aquatic adventures, then consider yourself covered.

Its precise performances, along with the stylish design, make this dry sack an absolute must-have for any outdoor lovers out there.


  • There is a 55l extra-large version for heavier packers.
  • It is highly reliable and has been recently ranked as a Bestseller by the New York Times.

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Final Thoughts!

Now you shouldn’t ever let water stop you from having fun. Click to purchase the waterproof dry bags you’re found suitable and you will get to confidently toss in your belongings inside the bag you will be good to go on your exciting adventures.

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