Best Waterproof Labels in 2019 Review – An Expert Buying’s Guide

The best way to identify easily your kid’s items is by ensuring all of them have waterproof labels. With the use of the best waterproof labels, this will make the items look great. The writing on the labels will help in the quick organization of the items. This review of the best waterproof labels contains the best available waterproof labels on the market.

10 Best Waterproof Labels to Buy – What Should You Choose?

Why you should trust me:

For years now I have carried out research on the various waterproof labels and their functionality. I consider the functionality and durability when it comes to choosing the best. I   have also written over 1000 reviews with dozens consisting of the best waterproof labels.


10. Mudder 5 Sheet White Waterproof Essential Bottle Stickers Labels

Mudder 5 Sheet White Waterproof Essential Bottle Stickers Labels

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  • By: Mudder

We kick off our review with this mudder sticker. It comes in two shapes the oval shaped one has a size of 1.5 x 0.75 inches with the round one having a diameter of 0.5 inches. Besides both of them are waterproof enabled.

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Additionally, the stickers come with a marker pen. The marker pens can be great when writing. More so the marker pen can be used to write tags. Other items that it comes with include the round and oval shape stickers. When the time comes for you to change it to remove it’s fairly easy. Before you put it you must make sure your hands are clean.

Much more, the bottles require to be wiped with alcohol. For your information oils on the fingerprint may not give the best results on the labels. The labels are very excellent overall, more so the white color can color-code them with markers.

The stickers are very high quality as they stick well with the ink smudge free even with oil. For the best labeling experience, you have to get this label.

Extra Features:

  • The labels are high quality as they stick well.
  • It comes with an additional marker pen.

9. Lil’ Labels Daycare Value Pack Write Waterproof Label

Lil' Labels Daycare Value Pack Write Waterproof Label

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  • By: Lil’ Labels

Find it easy to label your kid’s bottles and clothing with this LIL labels. The combination of a washing machine and dishwasher is perfect for all the items that are supposed to be labeled. The labels that are dishwasher safe have some good times example and outline on them.

Its space is sufficiently huge that we can place fire so we didn’t need to compose on every one of the things we are sending to childcare. Stand the last name and furthermore a phone number. In the wake of composing on the name, you need to put the unmistakable cover.

While doing as such you need to put it down gradually and begin toward one side. The first occasion when we didn’t do it that path and there was a rise underneath. The names utilized for texture were really little. For these marks, we were just ready to fit the name on it. They are sufficiently little to fit on labels, however. General, we were upbeat to have discovered these to utilize.

Besides you can use it with either a ballpoint pen or permanent marker. With this kind of pen, the writing will not only lasts for long but also they will be clear. On the other hand, it comes with 2 free gifts that are the essential day care list and the doctor visit chart.

Extra Features:

  • The writing is very durable.
  • It comes with 2 free gifts doctors chart and the essentials daycare.

8. SOLIGT Rainbow Pattern Waterproof Essential Oil Labels Set

SOLIGT Rainbow Pattern Waterproof Essential Oil Labels Set

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  • By: SOLIGT

Get this unique label that can be suitable for labeling needs. This will enable you to organize easily and color code your oil bottles with easy to recognize label. Moreover, it comes in 27 different vibrant color groups that appear like the rainbow.

The waterproof boasts of smudge-proof ability that will ensure they stick well besides this the bottles will appear neat after use. Other items it comes with include the 8 sheets of labels that have 4 different colors in order to fit the various sized bottles.

Precisely one sheet can label most of the oil names. Additionally, it is equipped with the ink jet coating that possibly allows you to print using ink and the inkjet printer without having worries of the ink fading. It also includes the four transparent printable papers that serve to ensure the print text is accurate.

Furthermore, this one has the ability to be used in different types of bottles from the samples to the sprays. Its great performance makes it ideal for the professionals who want neat and clean labels. With this, you can be sure with one thing the labels will stay put.

Extra Features:

  • It comes with4 printable papers for accurate testing of the printable words.
  • The 9 sheets of paper of different sizes can be used in all the bottles.

7. CHUBBIEE Baby Bottle Labels for Daycare

CHUBBIEE Baby Bottle Labels for Daycare

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For short and long names this versatile label can be great for use.  With the various sizes that they come in, they will fit easily the large and small bottles. Besides this label is easy to use as you require permanent marker then confirm the ink is dry before applying on the surface.

Moreover, durability shouldn’t be anywhere near your concerns as the label is scratch resistant and safe for dishwasher and freezer. Don’t worry about glass and plastic as the strong adhesive will firmly stick on them too. When the time is right for them to be removed they don’t leave any leftovers behind.

Much more, it comes with a package consisting of 6 sheet of 64 names that is 32 large and 32 small in other words. These sheets have kid-friendly patterns that can be great for utilize by any organization. Besides the waterproof ability ensure they hold up to the daily washing by use of the dishwasher or hand.

The black color can be great for use since they are easily seen. For use, these labels are one of the best as they are easy to use and will deliver the expected result. For better labeling experience you need to get one.

Extra Features:

  • They have plenty of options with the 8 color options and 32 designs.
  • They never scratch off and when removed there is no residue left.

6. Rivertree Life 81 Kaleidoscope Oval Poly Weatherproof Essential Oil Bottle Labels

Rivertree Life 81 Kaleidoscope Oval Poly Weatherproof Essential Oil Bottle Labels

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  • By: Rivertree Life

Another excellent one in the category is this kaleidoscope that performs well in oil bottle labeling. Despite the fact that they are already printed on the poly material you can still use an ink pen and write on them clearly.

Besides this, the 3 pages of labels consist of 81 individual labels.  Each of the labels has a 1”x 2” which can be the best to write on with your hand.  Additionally, it has a blank space to write the name of the oil. For the best sticking of the label, you need to make sure the bottles have no remains of your finger.

But then before using the various labels you have to make sure your hand is thoroughly wiped and washed clean. For your information, this is one of the best when it comes to hand printing and does not perform in-home printers.

Furthermore, the patterns are great and will look fit well on the battles giving it the great appearance. The sticking ability is also great and will last for long before they start fading. Hurry and grab one while this incredible paint is up for grabs.

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Extra Features:

  • It’s one of the best when it comes handwritten labels.
  • It’s printed on a poly proof material and yet has space that you can write on with an ink pen.

5. Crinklee Waterproof Essential Oil Labels

Crinklee Waterproof Essential Oil Labels

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  • By: Crinklee

The best inks do not fade as a label. This one will last for years without fading. The waterproof nature is very significant when it comes to preventing discoloration and smudging. When tested this label looks as good as new after years of use.

Moreover, they feature an advanced coating that serves to absorb the common ink from the printers and thereafter change it to waterproof ink. Besides they can sustain smug and have can be comfortable in a temperature range of 212 F. this labels surely are made to last as they are combined with one of the best stickers. Irrespective of the weather hot or humid the labels will adhere easily.

On the other hand, it comes with blank labels that can only be handwritten with a pen. For bottle size, they fit easily on 1 ml bottle and 5 ml bottles. When you want to use it you should ensure the margin are well set.

Likewise, you need to change the paper to a photo paper for the best results. The labels will turn out to be better than you hope. When you look at the best labels that are tough, oil proof and waterproof this one is the cheapest in the category as they are pretty expensive.

Extra Features:

  • The labels even fit small bottles well.
  • It’s one of the cheapest labels that are tough, waterproof and oil proof.



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This small fish label is another label that can well be used for many items. With the crisp clean shape and the surface not shiny nor slippery, this shows the quality. Besides, the regular chalk markers and any other liquid chalk can write on the vinyl stickers.

When written with chalk it dries quickly and doesn’t flake off. Moreover, it includes two chalk pens in the package. The ink from the chalk pens is nontoxic and sticks on many surfaces like glass, wood, and plastic. In terms of cleaning the ink, it’s easy as you have to wipe it with a piece of cloth.

Furthermore, it includes eight different design that you can use for labeling. The shapes either have not been left behind as it contains oval, rectangle and square shapes. For the use you are only required to follow the 3 common steps of writing, peeling and then sticking it.

Additionally, it performs well in plenty of tasks in labeling jelly, spice, candy, and cookie can all be labeled with this label. More so there are other labels that can be good for the kitchen. For all your home projects this can be the type of label that you require.

Any doubts about its quality have been erased courtesy of the 100 % money back guarantee in the event you are not satisfied with the product.

Extra Features:

  • It can be used to label plenty of items in the house from jars, jelly to glasses.
  • It comes in different of shapes for you to choose the one that fits your label well.

3. Aromas Waterproof Essential Oil Labels 135 oval

Aromas Waterproof Essential Oil Labels 135 oval

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  • By: Aromas

When you list the best oil proof labels this SMALL FISH product cannot miss. This one performs the best when the ink jets printers are preferred to print the labels. It boasts of an ultra-strong adhesive that sticks well. After sticking it stays for long without fading thanks to the waterproof abilities.

Moreover, when times come for it to be removed you can easily remove it as it doesn’t leave any residues behind.  For sticking it the package comes with the 5 sheets of oval shaped labels and further 3 sheets round shaped labels.

Besides this it can stick in very small bottles from the size of 2” x 1” and 0.5 ‘’ inch. Both way it sticks well and its smudge proof. What’s more is the coating on the label that ensures the label capture the ink. They perform well such that no matter how many times you hand wash them they won’t fade.

In terms of appearance, the white labels appear great on the items labeled. The quality of the labels and the papers will make them a great addition to your collection.

Extra Features:

  • The special coating on the labels makes them keep the ink for long.
  • This one uses the inkjet printers to print the ink.

2. Lil’ Labels Bottle Labels, Write-On – Self-Laminating

Lil' Labels Bottle Labels, Write-On - Self-Laminating

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  • By: Lil’ Labels

Find it easy to organize your items by labeling it with this bottle label. It’s versatile enough to be used for labeling of other items such as phone chargers and other accessories. Labeling of children products will possibly prevent the mixing of the child bottles and thereby prevent germs sharing.

Additionally, the waterproof nature will ensure you can wash it for long without it peeling off. It is pretty easy to stick on items as firstly you need to write on the label .afterwards, you will stick to your bottle when it’s dry.

Moreover, after labeling it can be safe for use in dishwasher, freezer, and bottle warmers. For your different projects, this can be an ideal sticker for you. Even in outside events like parties, this sticker will do you good either.

Boasting of the 112 labels this can fit all the items with each item bearing its own label. Much more is the labels are made from vinyl that boast of great adhesive properties. Other materials that it comes with include the free markers.

Most people prefer to use the labels in their houses due to their nontoxic nature.

Extra Features:

  • The labels are nontoxic hence safe for use and food.
  • The package contains two chalkboard markers that are free for use.

1. Whoozems Baby Bottle Labels, Self-laminating – Great for Daycare

Whoozems Baby Bottle Labels, Self-laminating - Great for Daycare

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  • By: Whoozems

Lastly,  this review is this baby bottle that can provide a good alternative for your labeling needs. it can be a good option when compared to the use of tape or markers. This labels ability to last for long is the better option than the markers that last for a very short time.

In addition, it contains clear laminate that serves to protect the paints from the moisture effects. This label also resists against wear making it last for long. For very many years the label will remain clear even after consistent washing.

Boasting of the permanent adhesive this will firmly stick until when you decide to remove it. Even if you decide to wash it in the microwave the dishwasher will be safe for use. Other than the protection it serves against water it also prevents smudging. There is no doubt this will be great for labeling the baby’s bottle.

Besides its pretty easy to use them and makes the labels look great. For either baby boys or girls, this label can be fine. It’s able to label all the bays bottles from the small ones to the large ones. All is now for you to order for one for a great labeling experience to your kid’s bottles.

Extra Features:

  • The clear laminates protect it from the negative effects of water.
  • It sticks permanently until you decide to remove it.
What to the waterproof labels consider when buying:
  • Material: The type of material used to make the labels determine the durability and vision of the labels. Labels made of the best material will withstand for long without fading. Moreover, the words from the best label will be clearly visible.
  • Size: The labels sizes matters some are large others are small. You have to consider the size that you want to label before choosing one that can fit your needs. Small bottles for use by kids will require small labels that can stick very well.
  • Shapes: The different labels vary in shapes. From oval, rectangle to square shape you have to choose one. You have to focus on the items to be labeled before arriving at the best shapes to fit the item. Most commonly the shapes that are preferred are round and oval.
  • Price: Getting a tough, no spill proof label can be very expensive because of their durability. However, you will always find a fairly priced label that well fits your needs. Cheaper ones should be discouraged as they fade very easily.
  • Waterproof ability: The best labels are usually repellant to water. This is necessary to ensure they don't fade after continuous washing. The waterproof labels have their writing lasting for considerably longer.
Why you need the waterproof labels
  • For decoration: The different label contains different patterns and as much as many labels for you to have plenty of options to choose to which one you prefer best. The labels on different items make them appear great.
  • Organizing: For the baby bottles and clothes the only better way to avoid the possible mix up is by labeling. This will ensure you have easy organizing as well as finding the required items will be easy.
  • Multipurpose: The labels versatility ensures they can be used to label plenty of items. From baby items to other items like jars, glasses and much more. Their versatility ensures they can be used in many chores from kitchen storage labeling to parties.

The best waterproof labels will make labeling an easier exercise as well as ensure the labels last for long. You have to look out for the shapes, size, waterproof ability and the material used in order to arrive at the best label for your uses.

All the waterproof labels in this review are of great quality. You can choose the one that you like most from this list as they all serve the required purpose that is durable labels.

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