11 Best Waterproof Tapes Review in 2019 – For Home and Office Use

From DIY projects, be it at home or office, tapes have in the past proven to be quite helpful and handy when it comes to various activities. However, it is worth noting that not every type and quality of the adhesive tape is suitable for every purpose. In our quest to make the selection process easier for you and ensure you have the right brands, we delved into the market to unravel to you our esteemed reader, the top 10 best waterproof tapes in 2019.

Best Waterproof Tapes Reviewed to Buy in 2019:

1. Gorilla Crystal Clear Duct Tape, 1.88″ x 9 yds, Clear, (Pack of 1)

Gorilla Crystal Clear Duct Tape

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  • By: Gorilla

We kickstart this second to none review with the undisputed crème de la crème of waterproof tapes which is none other than the iconic Gorilla Crystal Clear duct tape. There’re various reasons why we vouch for this badass waterproof tape. For instance, the tape boasts an incredible power and strength. Given the tough and extremely sticky design, the tape seals all cracks and leaks. Of course, being waterproof means that you can conveniently use it even in the outdoors. The excellent engineering employed in the manufacture of this tape guarantees top-grade results. Also, the pleasant dimensions of 1.88 x 9 inches let it occupy a considerable fair section thus saving the time required to seal leaks or cracks.

What’s more, the adhesive boasts a double thickness which makes it perfect for tough outdoor and indoor uses. Of course, it can also be used to seal those high-pressure leaks cracks thanks to its thickness and toughness. Perhaps the most pleasant aspect is the fact that the tape doesn’t leave a mark when removed. This way, the area it had been used overstays in a perfect condition. So, when using this waterproof taper, expect to have a clean environment.

And as if that’s not enough, the tape boasts a tough butyl adhesive and an extremely weather resistant material.  Therefore, the performance is guaranteed and its ability to work on all surfaces is unrivaled. Therefore, the tapes’ prowess in withstanding even the extremes weather conditions.

  • Good sticking and very flexible.
  • It is water, UV, and temperature resistant.
  • Long-term exposure to extreme heat will cause the tape to turn to yellow.

2. Gorilla Tape Black Duct Tape, 1.88″ x 35 yds, Black, (Pack of 6)

Gorilla Tape Black Duct Tape

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  • By: Gorilla

With a long history of excellent performance, this tape yet again from the house of Gorilla comes in solidly in the runners-up position. Promising to offer you superb value for your money. It features a heavy duty and ultra-thick construction that makes it strong and durable assuring you of prolonged lifetime services. Priceless to note, this masterpiece waterproof tape is Ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses, as it can be used on wood, plaster, bricks, and stones, amongst others.

Additionally, the dual-thick adhesive guarantees that you will always achieve perfect result whenever or wherever you use the tape. What’s more, the tape features a dual-thick construction which makes it tougher and more reliable than most conventional tapes. And, the thick construction also allows it to withstand high pressure and impact thus guaranteeing efficient results. And if that’s not enough, then what about the fact that it can be used on rough and uneven surfaces without much hassle whatsoever.

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Nevertheless, the sturdy and reinforced backing adds to its excellent features making it quite reliable. Perhaps the other thing which makes this tape a real value for the money is the tough rugged construction. The tape boasts a tough weather-resistant shell which is designed to withstand tough weather conditions like strong UV rays and heavy rains. With this feature, you can use this waterproof tape to seal cranks both on the outdoors and in the indoors. Of course, the tough construction also makes it tolerant to high temperatures.

  • It’s like duct tape on steroids.
  • You can tear by hand or cut to size.
  • It isn’t quite effective on some materials like PVC or plastic.

3. Flex Tape Rubberized Waterproof Tape, 4″ x 5′, White

Flex Tape Rubberized Waterproof Tape

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  • By: Flex Tape

The Flex Tape Rubberized Waterproof tape comes in the third position. To establish whether it’s is fully waterproof, we used it to stick a few water-repellent posters on a wall then poured some water on them. Strange enough, they remained intact. One of the keys features which doesn’t go unnoticed is the excellent strength drawn from its increased thickness. Flex Tape Rubberized can help fix leaks in boats, kayaks, or other watercraft, so you know it’s capable of standing up to a little rain. Even better, it sticks to wet surfaces, so you don’t have to turn the water off before you start making repairs.

Furthermore, the tape is coated with an excellent plastic film to repel any form of moisture for added performance. This layer needs to be cut before use but it holds the tape in place even when there’re some cracks on the top section. This way, you never have to reseal cracks or leaks since the tape stays intact for long even when scratched.

  • Great for roofs and gutters.
  • Can handle wintry climates with ease.
  • Hard to tear or cut.
  • Super-sticky thus should be used with caution.

4. Gaffers Tape 2-inch x 60 yard White by GAFFER’S CHOICE

Gaffers Tape 2-inch x 60 yard White by GAFFER'S CHOICE

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  • By: Gaffer’s Choice

The Gaffers 2” Tape appears to be an ideal tape for home and outfield use. Ideal for all DIY crafting and repairing needs, this is a great tape. For all leaks or cracks, this product guarantees a long-lasting solution. Unlike most of its competitors, this tape can be used on a wide array of surfaces. This way, you won’t be inconvenienced by the change of surface. The wide design covers a large area thus saving time for the user. Again, tearing the tape is a breeze. In fact, you can easily tear it off using your hands. This way, you won’t require extra tools to cut it while working.

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Also, the tape being fully waterproof, you can use it on the indoors and also on the outdoors. It’s also worth noting that the tape features a thick layer which makes it ideal for all surfaces. The tape is fairly priced so you will definitely save some bucks. Thus, assuring you good value for your money. Being non-reflective and fully waterproof construction makes this product even better for all tough uses.

  • Moderately priced and comes with a specified guarantee making it a worthy purchase.
  • Engineered with the sole purpose of being the best in the market.
  • May loose its’ grip after a long period.

5. Gorilla Tape, Black Tough & Wide Duct Tape, 2.88″ x 30 yds, Black

Gorilla Tape, Black Tough & Wide Duct Tape

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  • By: Gorilla

This waterproof tape yet again from Gorilla prides itself of being a very heavy-duty tape that will not tear off easily even under rough usage over them. There are always specific areas on an object or surfaces that undergo continuous pressure and rubbing. Applying waterproof tape to such an area needs a thick and durable tape. That is precisely what this tape does, and it comes with a double thickness that most of the recordings available in the market lack. You can apply it to any smooth, rough, uneven and bumpy surfaces. It sticks to bricks, stone as well along with wood and plaster.

Lastly, this is a thick tape designed for tough uses. Whether you want to seal water leaks or huge cracks, the tape will work perfectly. If you’re looking for value for your money, this product is what you need. The unique reinforced construction ensures that you never have to redo the work. And, regardless of the surface, the tape works perfectly.

  • Entails within it’s crafting a rugged weather-resistant shell, which is capable of withstanding moisture UV rays and temperature extremes.
  • Crafted with high-quality materials making it very durable.
  • There’s none as of now.

6. Gaffer Power Transparent Duct Tape, Ultra High-Performance Weather Resistant Tape

Gaffer Power Transparent Duct Tape, Ultra High-Performance Weather Resistant Tape

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  • By: Gaffer Power

This high-quality transparent Duct tape from Gaffer Power is made for both professional and daily uses. What makes this tape to be truly outstanding is the fact that it features a firm grip that can hold the surface and leave no residue as well. I mean, this tape offers the strength and versatility required for tough uses. Again, the transparent construction restores the previously present features and the surface remains as it was before the repair. In fact, repairs look brand new instead of having funny colored patches. Additionally, this tape is safe to use and easy to tear at the same time. You can easily apply it on any surface to attach things.

Its surface is designed in a non-reflective manner. It can give you a better result in holding things than the ordinary duct tapes at any time. The heavy-duty yet see-me through construction gives this tape an attractive finish. And, the advanced engineering makes the tape perfect for all weather conditions. Whether there’s extreme temperatures or storm, this product will stay intact.

  • Features excellent flexibility.
  • Entails an adhesive Acrylic Resin for excellent adhesion properties.
  • Its tensile strength is 36 lbs. Per inch.
  • It isn’t the cheapest but worth each extra buck.

7. Tape Ninja Waterproof Gaffer Tape, Made in the USA

Tape Ninja Waterproof Gaffer Tape, Made in the USA

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  • By: Tape Ninja

With beautiful features and incredible services, this professional Grade Gaffer tape by Tape Ninja takes the 7th position. This is an extremely long tape which eliminates the need for frequent replacements. The easily torn material makes this tape quite handy since you won’t need to carry extra cutting tools when using it. And, the matte finish gives it an even more robust design making it ideal for all tough uses.

Also, this is an extremely versatile masterpiece which can be used for most DIY projects. For instance, the tape can be used when undertaking repairs, when painting or when undertaking any other outdoor task. Unlike most flops, the tape doesn’t leave behind those sticky and annoying marks. The tape doesn’t also catch fire and never peels out easily.

Perhaps the fact that this product can be used on any surface makes it quite versatile. I mean, you won’t be limited to the number of surfaces you can work on. So, regardless of the surface, you want to work on, this tape will prove quite reliable. This isn’t one of those cheap flops you come across, it guarantees ultimate performance and ensures that you get years of service. You won’t require to look for replacements or even undertake frequent repairs after every month.

  • Removes easily.
  • Leaves no residue or gunk, when removed from an applied surface.
  • The tape offers a 100% guarantee.
  • There’s none as of now.

8. ProTapes Pro Flex Flexible Butyl All Weather Patch and Shield Repair Tape

ProTapes Pro Flex Flexible Butyl All Weather Patch and Shield Repair Tape

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  • By: Pro Tapes

The Pro-Flex Flexible Butyl tape from Pro Tapes is made of high-quality rubber material which can efficiently hold items while giving you the long lasting result as well. To add on that, this double thick tape is easy to use on any surface you want. It can also work efficiently on the surface full of dirt and dust. Additionally, this tape has a double thick adhesive which allows the tape to stick on any surface you want comfortably. You can use this tape for repairing and reattaching things smoothly and successfully.

Therefore, it can help you to complete your DIY projects in a relaxed, efficient and quick manner. It goes without mentioning that this tape can give you a brilliant result in attaching things than the ordinary low-quality duct tapes. You can use this tape on brick, shingles, vinyl siding non-painted and painted wood, or even concrete, and every time you use it, you are guaranteed of getting the desired results. What’s more, Its UV, moisture and extreme weather resistant feature also make this brand more popular in the market.

  • It’s ideal for all types of weather.
  • The tape is flexible and comfortably conforms to the shape of the surface.
  • The tape is super sticky, and caution should be taken when in use.

9. Johnson & Johnson First Aid Waterproof Tape

Johnson & Johnson First Aid Waterproof Tape

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  • By: J&J Red Cross

This masterpiece first aid waterproof tape from Johnson & Johnson is specially engineered and designed for applying on the wounds. Thus, confirming that it is a sterilized tape and thorough hygiene should be taken into consideration when wrapped onto the exposed areas without fearing any consequences. However, you should take note that not every adhesive tape is suitable for applying on the wounds due to the presence of harmful chemicals that can mix directly with the bloodstream of the wounded victim. Nevertheless, this tape is easy to tear and serves as a perfect tape for first aid service. On top of that, it is opaque and has the saw-tooth edge. Additionally, it is water and moisture resistant and keeps the wound dry.

However, you should take note that it is also used and throw product and starting from bleeding hands and fingers or cracked heels. It is better to keep changing the tape from time to time for hygiene purpose.

  • Adheres securely, tears easily.
  • It is a moisture-proof tape.
  • Secures bandage around the wound, effectively hindering germs from infecting the wound.
  • Need to be replaced time and again for hygiene purposes.

10. Scotch Super Thin Waterproof Vinyl Plastic Colored Tape

Scotch Super Thin Waterproof Vinyl Plastic Colored Tape

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  • By: Scotch

The Scotch waterproof tape comes in a pack of 5 different colored waterproof tapes. And, the best part about these tapes is that they are super thin. This helps them to be applied to any tight corners, and they cannot be easily detected. Moreover, they feature a vinyl plastic material which is highly durable and sustainable against all weather conditions especially water. What’s more, you will be pleased with the idea that there is no chance of the tapes getting rotten or losing their adhesive property. To add on that, this waterproof tape is quite stretchy and can be used for all repairing works, decorations, and color identity works as there are five different colors available in its package.

However, it is worth noting that these waterproof tapes are capable of perfectly sticking on virtually all surfaces except the slippery ones. And if that’s not enough, you can also write on the tape for labeling purposes. To get real value for your money, then this is the tape we recommend for you.

  • They are super-thin and can work on all surfaces.
  • The stretchy design makes the tape convenient.
  • Might wear off after some time.

11. Gaffer Power Patch & Shield Power Tape Black – All Weather Patch Tape

Gaffer Power Patch & Shield Power Tape Black - All Weather Patch Tape

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  • By: Gaffer Power

Finally, we conclude the review with this iconic Gaffer Power waterproof tape. Taking after its earlier brother, this is a top-grade tape boasting some unique features and a tough construction. This tape boasts a flexible butyl construction which makes it extremely flexible and ideal for all users. The tape lasts for years and never flinches. For all DIY projects, regardless of the surface, you want to work on, this product works conveniently. Of course, the tape is also thick enough to seal all cracks and leaks perfectly. Again, the extremely waterproof design makes this a great option for most outdoor activities. In fact, one can use it as a green repair tape or even at an outdoor shade.

This is an extremely tough and sturdy tape which guarantees years of dependable service. I mean, no one wants to keep redoing the same work each day. So, with this tough masterpiece, then you can be sure to have great results.

  • Its backing features a biaxially oriented polypropylene.
  • Features an adhesive butyl rubber that plays a crucial role in enhancing its’ firm grip.
  • There is the least chance of them coming off the surface, if not correctly applied.

How to Choose the Best Waterproof Tapes?

  • Sturdiness: We all want to have a tough and sturdy masterpiece which can stand even the toughest uses. So, when making a purchase, ensure you get the toughest tapes to enjoy excellent results.
  • Waterproof:  Just like the names suggests, these are waterproof tapes. So, the level of waterproofness matters a lot. Ensure you check how effective the waterproofing properties are before buying any of the options available on the market.
  • User friendliness: You wouldn’t want to buy a tape which requires you to get a technician to help you use it, would you? So, ensure you go for those easy-to-use tapes. This way, you will save time and the extra effort you’d employ trying to figure out how to use it.
  • Marking: I have seen some tapes which leave funny marks after use. I’m sure no one wants that especially if they are using it while painting. So, ensure you confirm all those aspects when making a purchase to avoid disappointments.

Why You Need Waterproof Tapes?

  • Versatility: waterproof tapes are very versatile and can be used for various activities, for instance: they can be used for quality waterproof packaging, splicing, vinyl repair, preventing damages, bunding, color coding amongst others.
  • Cost-effectiveness: apart from being moderately priced, most waterproof comes with a specified manufacturers guarantee making them have good value for your money. Also, it enables you to effectively doing repairs without actually having to hire someone to do the work for you.

Looking for the right waterproof tape in a market full of options isn’t any easier than looking for a needle in a haystack. That’s why we have compiled this list to make your selection a breeze. Having examined each of the products listed in this review, we encourage you to grab one of them. And we can confidently assure you without any doubts or contradiction that you won’t regret making a move.

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