Heavy-Duty Commercial Paper Shredders Vs. High-Security Shredders

Paper shredders are meant to destroy confidential documents which would cause havoc if they fell into the hands of unscrupulous people. Although this might be the case, some documents require more shredding to ensure that no trace would be made, For instance, sensitive documents holding information which is vital for the security of the nation would have to be destroyed completely to ensure no one ever gets to patch them together and come up with any reasonable information.

There are various degrees of shredding as stipulated by NSA/CSS standards and top security documents have to be destroyed using high-security paper shredders. On the other hand, commercial documents which might not be too sensitive but are in bulky numbers are shredded using high-grade commercial shredders.

To fully understand the differences between the two shredders, let’s take a look at different parameters.

Heavy-Duty Commercial Paper Shredders Vs. High-Security Shredders:

Heavy-duty commercial paper shredders Vs high security shredders

#1. Size of the pieces after shredding:

Although high-grade commercial paper shredders slice the pieces into small pieces, high-security shredders are required by NSA/CSS specification to only cut the pieces to the size of 1mm x 5mm. In fact, high-security shredders have to be tasted and are required to meet a standard of 02-01. This is the standard required and it cannot be any other way.

In fact, only a high-security shredder can be used in most state security offices where information leakage could lead to serious repercussions. So, the size of shredding is one difference which exists between high-grade commercial paper shredders and high-security paper shredders.

#2. The security level of the documents:

Although there previously existed 5 levels of security, the number has now been increased to 7. Of course, commercial shredders are used with documents which don’t exceed the 6th level of security. And, one thing worth noting is the fact that the higher the level, the smaller the pieces. So, the surety of commercial shredders might not be as high as that of high-security shredders.

For sensitive documents above the 6th level of security, a commercial shredder is used. This is because sensitive information has to be destroyed completely. In a jiffy, commercial shredders are allowed to slice large pieces compared to high-security shredders. So, any paper that’s is deemed highly sensitive should be destroyed using an NSA/CSS approved high-security shredder.

#3. A number of documents handled at any given time:

On this parameter, we shall examine which of the two shredders can handle more documents at any given time. Of course, high-grade commercial shredders handle more documents at a time and are mainly used to slice documents in bulk. This is not to mean that high-security shredders can’t handle many documents.

What this implies is; in the comparison between the two shredders, the commercial one can do more work than their high-security counterpart. And again, a commercial shredder is mainly used in factories or business premises where a bulk of documents might need to be destroyed daily.

That way, they simply have to be able to work faster and handle more documents at any given time. Although high-security shredders might be used from commercial purposes, they are mainly found in offices where vital information is handled.

#4. Level of care required:

Unlike most commercial shredders, high-security shredders require more care and attention. In fact, you are required to do more oiling with high-security shredders than the typical shredders. Of course, this also means that you also have to take better care of these high-security shredders compared to the high-grade commercial options.

In fact, if you aren’t required by law to use these high-security units, then I recommend you just stick to the usual commercial shredders to save yourself the hassle of having to take care of the high-security options which are time-consuming and costly.

#5. Level of security:

While commercial shredders can be used to shred less serious documents, government documents need to be sliced using high-security shredders. Imagine a breach of a nation’s confidential information is traced back to you after an audit?

That would be quite a serious offense and no one wants to be part of such a thing. That’s why high state national security agencies make use of high-security shredders, unlike the commercial ones which don’t really have to be as small as the top security ones.

So, if you are a government official handling sensitive information and documents, then it’s preferable that you use a top-security shredder to avoid issues with government officials.

#6. Cost:

In terms of the price incurred when one is procuring any of these two shredders, there’s a considerable difference between the two. For instance, buying a high-security shredder will require you to dig deeper into your pockets as opposed to procuring of high-grade commercial shredders. This is because high-security shredders have to meet some stipulated guidelines.

And, they are mainly procured to handle very sensitive documents. Perhaps the fact that they slice and completely destroy sensitive documents makes them more expensive. So, if you are not handling top secrets, I suggest you just stick to the usual shredders since you will only spend a little amount.

Most of the times, the cost is always looked at in relation to several other factors. So, although the high-security shredders are more expensive, they are worth the extra bucks since they offer value for the extra pricing.

In Conclusion:

In a jiffy, the next time you’re looking for a shredder, be sure to make a wise decision. If you want to use the shredder for industrial purposes which do not require high security, then I suggest you just go for high-grade commercial shredders. However, if you’re working on sensitive documents which when exposed could cause serious effects, then I suggest you go for the high-security options.

This way, you will be assured of excellent results and enough safety. Armed with the information, there won’t be a reason for you to make a mistake when it comes to choosing a shredder for destroying of documents.