How to Protect Your Laptops [Ultimate Guides]

Protect your laptops in the right condition guarantees ultimate performance and also saves the frustration of having a slow laptop. In fact, studies show that a slow working computer is among the most annoying things on the planet. So, how do you ensure that your laptop is in a tip-top condition at all times?

In this guide, I shall take you through some of the basic practices you can undertake to ensure that your laptop remains in perfect conditions at all times. And, the options I will offer here will focus on both physical as well as non-physical damages. So, let’s take off!

How to protect your laptops

How to Protect Your Laptops [Ultimate Guides 2019]

#1. Use of laptop sleeves:

Use of laptop sleeves

Commonly referred to as covers, laptop sleeves are among the most trusted methods of securing one’s laptop from a plethora of physical damages. Protecting the exterior of the laptop ensures that the cover does not get scratches, water or dust. In fact, most sleeves are designed to repel dust, moisture, and scratch thus keeping the actual cover of your laptop in a perfect condition.

Of course, chances of your laptop falling off or being exposed to scratches and dust are imminent. For that reason, the best thing to do is to have a protective cover since avoiding the exposure to these elements are almost unavoidable. So, if you want your laptop to remain new, then be sure to purchase a sleeve.

These laptop skins come in a number of designs and colors. Some even have an array of graphic designs and also boast a number of sizes making them perfect for all laptops. So, regardless of the size and design of your laptop, be sure to get a sleeve.

#2. Having a top-quality laptop bag:

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Another excellent way of keeping your laptop safe is by using a laptop bag. Carrying your laptop in those funny carrying bags can expose it to a lot of risks. For instance, if the laptop falls from a thin carrying bag, the chances of it getting damaged are very high.

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However, with a nice laptop bag, the laptop would still be in good condition. This is because most laptop bags have foaming and cushioning which reduces impact thus securing your laptop whenever there an impact. Again, laptop bags have compartments which hold it in place such that even if you’re shaking the laptop doesn’t move up and down. This is a good thing since it minimizes impact with your back whenever you’re walking or even running.

Laptop bags also have other pockets for you to store the charger and USB cables or any other accessory you need to carry around for use with the laptop. That way, you kill several birds with one stone.

#3. Back up your data:

Whenever you’re traveling or just using your laptop at home, ensure you have your data backed up. I am certain most people have encountered a situation where their data could not be collected from their laptop and they had to engage the services of a professional thus incurring unnecessary charges.

So, whenever you’re having a laptop, it’s always a good thing to have your data stored in a separate location. This could be a flash disc or an external hard disk. This way, in case anything happens to your laptop, you will be able to recover your data easily.

Of course, you don’t have to back up everything. You could just store the vital and most important documents on a separate location and leave those which you won’t necessarily need in case there’s an issue with your laptop. Backing up data should be a common practice even for phones and tablets. It helps when data is lost and needs to be recovered.

#4. Ensure you have Antivirus installed:

The virus can completely damage your data leaving you with nothing. In fact, once your laptop is infected by a virus, its performance goes down and you’re left disappointed. So, what’s the solution for this? Well, you need to have an antivirus installed at all times.

This is because these virus files come from many sources and you can never tell when they are about to attack. However, with the right anti-virus, you are able to get real-time protection for your computer and most viruses are destroyed before they can even attempt to harm your laptop.

Did you know you could unintentionally contaminate the laptop just by clicking on an email? That’s how easy viruses can attack your laptop. Inserting DVDs, CDs, USB sticks all other external components can also introduce a virus to your computer. That’s why you need to be armed with the latest antivirus software.

#5. Cool the laptop down:

Using your computer for a longer house without allowing it to rest causes overheating. You must have noticed that whenever you place your laptop on your lap or on the bed and use it for hours the surface beneath becomes quite hot. That is because as the processor is running, there’s a generation of heat which can result in a crush. In fact, overheating can cause the hard drive and the processors to crush.

Again, the battery can also fail due to overheating. So, what’s the solution? Well, you might need to purchase a laptop cooling table. The tables let your laptop cool down thus staying in a perfect working temperature. You can also switch off your laptop and let it cool down for a while after use. That way, it stays in good condition.

#6. Use a screen protector:

Use a screen protector

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Just like phones, the screens of laptops are susceptible to damages from impact or falls. That’s why you will need to add an extra cover to protect the screen from damage. The protector or cover also ensures that the screen isn’t scratched or exposed to dust and water. So, to keep the screen free from all these damages, ensure you add a cover over it.

With all these tricks, you can be sure to have your laptop in a perfect condition at all times. Employ all or some of them whenever you have your laptop and you will avoid extra costs you’d incur repairing or trying to be recover lost data.

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