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If you are looking for water filters, you should think of buying LifeStraw Personal Water Filter that is highly appreciated by the users. You can visit the following article for the “Pros” and “Cons”.

Pros and Cons of LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

While buying a portable water filter, you might prefer to buy the one that can meet your unique needs and can serve you for a long time.

If you are looking for such a product, the LifeStraw water filter can be the best choice for any outdoor adventure, trip, or backpacks. This product is highly appreciated by the users for easy usage, improved functionality, durability, and affordability. I find this water filter worth buying and will offer some positive and negative sides to help you to take the right decision with a well-informed mind. You can visit the following article for the “Pros” and “Cons“.

“Pros” and “Cons” of LifeStraw Personal Water Filter:

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

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  • Ease of use:

This personal filter is easy to operate. Even if you have never used a personal water filter before, you can use this one conveniently. It does not require any expertise. You just need to go the manuals to know how to use the features.

For drinking water, you just need to dip your filter into the water and then you can drink out the water from your filter like you are using a straw to drink water. You might not expect this convenience from any other cleanable filter.

It might be a little tricky to suck through your filter if the water is muddy. You might need to wait a bit as it will take time for the filtering and to come to your mouth. Once it will start moving, you will not have any difficulty at all. But the benefit is that you can use it for any type of water including the muddy one. You will never be thirsty during the traveling and exploring the wildlife.

  • Reliable:

LifeStraw water filter can effectively strain out protozoa, bacterial, fiber membrane, and cryptosporidium from the water. It is like a handy water treatment system that you can use for the traveling and adventure. As claimed by the manufacturer, it is able to filter around 1000 liters. Moreover, you do not need any mechanism to improve the functionality. All that you need to do to blow out the water that you sucked into backflush.

There will be the MSR TrailShot that you can use to drink the water directly from the water sources. The backflush will also be easy with this feature. All these improved features make it one of the best available portable and ultra-lightweight water filter in the current market.

  • Best application:

Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping

Like the usage, the application will also play an important role to influence your buying decision. You might prefer the one that you can use in the different conditions. This filter is designed to serve your different needs. You can use it for the emergencies and for the short backpacking trips. As it is designed for personal use, you can use it for one person only.

In addition, this filter can be a good option for the disaster-prone area where you really find it hard to get drinking water. You can use it for the questionable water sources. In the disaster areas, the possibility of the infection will be more. You can avoid such a possibility by using the LifeStraw water filter. Besides, you do not need to replace any battery. There will not be any moving part to wear out as well. This filter can work best as the emergency kit during an emergency.

  • Cost-effective:

People find it an affordable option. It is cheap and can easily fit into your budget. Moreover, you will not have to compromise the quality and efficiency of your filter. You can say that you can get all the improved features within your price. Normally the filters cost around $ 3x to 1xx, even more, depending on the features. But you can find LifeStraw water filter within $2x even less if you buy it with the discount. But in return, you will get a lightweight, compact, and versatile filter that you can use for a long time.

If you visit the feedback, you will come to know that many of the users have appreciated the price. They believe that they have got the best product without spending much. Moreover, you do not need to spend on the maintenance. There will not be any moving part to be replaced regularly.

  • Best treatment capacity:

Normally people think that they can use it for the contaminated water, especially for the different types of water resources. It will limit the choice. But in reality, you can use to filter any contaminated water. For example, while traveling, you will need the water most and without the water resources, you might not be able to get the drinking water.

With this filter, you can deal with this situation. You just need to hold an extra bottle to take the contaminated water. Whenever you are thirsty, you can use your filter to drink that water. But make sure that you are not drinking water directly from that bottle until it is not sterilized.

Frequent travelers normally hold an extra bottle for the emergencies. This option makes this filter versatile and helps the travelers to get the drinking water and to remain hydrated.

  • Safe drinking water:

The purpose of the filter is to offer safe drinking water. You can expect the same from this bottle. The LifeStraw comes with the best mechanism to achieve the end result. The mechanism is able to remove 99.9% of protozoa and 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria that will make the water fresh to meet EPA drinking water standards. This filter offers the best job while it comes to the filtering.

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  • Travel-friendly:

LifeStraw filter can be the best companion of a traveler. It is lightweight and compact. It will not contribute to the weight of your baggage. You can easily carry it in your bag and can use it for different types of water. It will also come with a lanyard that you can use to wear around the neck or you can tie onto a backpack to access it easily whenever required. All these features make it a good option for the traveling and excursions.

  • Durability:

Lifestraw filter is highly appreciated for the durability. Most of the users find it durable. The shelf life of the Lifestraw is not five or ten years. The manufacturer has made it clear that there will not be any certain shelf life. Moreover, the filtering system does not use any chemicals and it does not have any moving part as well. These features not only make it more convenient to be used.

Besides, it ensures the durability of the product. This personal filter is not destructible and can withstand normal wear and tear. You can use it for any adventure. There will be no expiration date and you can stock it for the future use.

You need to follow some precautions to improve the functionality. What you need to do is to flush it after every use. For this, you just need to blow the air into the straw. You can also place it under a faucet with the flowing water to clean the contaminants. By following this procedure, you can ensure the longevity of the product.

  • Taste like purified drinking water:

Taste is one of the most important factors that might inspire you to buy the LifeStraw water filter. You will not experience any difference between the purified water and this water filtered water even if you use it to filter the muddy and contaminated water. Even the kids will like the taste. It does not matter where you are using this filter to filter out the contaminated water, you will like the taste.

  • Warranty and Refund guarantee:

Last but not least, this product is supported by the warranty and the refund policy. That proves the durability of the product and the credibility of the manufacturer. The product comes with a one-year limited warranty. When it comes to the refund policy, there will be a ninety-day refund policy. That means you can consider this policy within ninety days of the purchase. The refund will be simple and hassle-free.

But the company has not received any request for the refund. If you visit the review page, you will come to know that most of the users have recommended this water filter due to its number of the benefits.


  • Drinking is not easy:

A few users are not satisfied with the drinking process. They think that drinking is not easy and it takes more time. You cannot use it when you are thirsty. The filtering process will take time. Moreover, the first sip needs to be stronger if you want proper flow through the straw. But you will notice a significant improvement after the first sip.

Once saturated, you will find the drinking easier and convenient. It takes time to filter the water, especially while filtering the muddy water that you can expect with any filter. For the proper filtering, it will take some time. But once done, you can enjoy drinking without any intervention. Yes, you will have to flush back for the better result.

  • Does not filter everything:

The Lifestraw filter does not filter everything. This filter is unable to filter heavy metals, chemicals, viruses. If there is only sewage-contaminated or salt water, the filter will be useless. You cannot filter that water and obviously, it will not serve your purpose. This feature will certainly limit the choice in some rare instances.

Besides, you can use it as a lake, river, or container. It is not effective for the water fountain. However,  you can carry the water in a bottle, and then you can use the LifeStraw filter for the filtering. An extra bottle can serve your purpose in adverse conditions.

  • Not versatile:

Some users do not find this personal filter versatile. They find that it comes with a few limited choices. The downside of this filter is that you cannot filter the water and transfer it to other containers. You can only use it for drinking water. You cannot use this water for the cooking, for your friend, and for any other purpose. This feature is not appreciated by a few users.

  • For personal use:

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

The LifeStraw LSPHF017 water filter is designed for the personal uses only. As mentioned earlier, you can use it for the drinking. You cannot share it with others. Besides, it cannot be an ideal option for an extended period. If there is no water resource, the filter will be of no use. These are a few minor things that can be easily ignored if you go through the overall benefits.

The Verdict:

LifeStraw personal water filter is one of the best lightweight water filters in terms of abilities and specifications. The steel exterior and perfect filtration make it one of the most preferred water filters available in the current conditions. It is designed to withstand rough condition and to serve for a long time. You will not damage your filter with occasional drops. You do not need to replace the parts as well.

LifeStraw filter can be the best choice for traveling, camping, hiking, and for any type of adventure. You can also use it for your kids. It is affordable and will serve your purpose best.

There are a few negative comments. You cannot use the filter for the cooking and other purposes. It is made for drinking water only. There is no doubt that it limits the choice of usages. But when it comes to the drinking water, it will be perfect. You will love the taste and easy usage. You can use it even for the muddy water.

During the hiking, adventures, and traveling, you will certainly need a device for safe water. You will not prefer the one that will serve your multiple purposes. Moreover, LifeStraw LSPHF017 Water Filter comes with the ninety-day refund policy. Therefore, you will have nothing to lose.

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