Top 10 Softest Blankets in 2020 – A Complete Review & Guide

Are you out on a picnic or just sitting around a fire with friends watching the stars? Are you taking a stroll to catch some fresh air outside?  A lovely soft blanket can make your day a memorable one. It doesn’t matter if the winter is cruel; one softest winter blanket can turn your evening into a night of unforgettable cuddling and snuggling. Do you want to try one?

Here are the top 10 softest blankets in 2020; choose one and stay happy hereafter.

Top 10 Softest Blankets to Buy in 2020:

1. Bedsure Flannel Fleece Luxury Blanket

Bedsure Flannel Fleece Luxury Blanket

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The softest blankets can become one of the best ways to enjoy your family life at home. Bedsure’s queen-size blanket measures 90 by 90 inches in size, providing you with adequate comfort. You can get under this blanket, feel its warmth and relax while watching your favorite TV channels.

The Bedsure fleece blanket features a fleece material design. It is an ideal blanket you can rely on for a refreshing sleep in the afternoon. If you are out on a chilling night camping, Bedsure keeps you warm all through.

Are you looking for a blanket that can reflect the beautiful décor of your home? The Bedsure luxury blanket is more than ready to do that. There are twelve color options from which you can choose. The sophisticated design and superior look allow it to bring out the best in your home décor.

It is time to keep your lovely bed from dirt, stains while looking fresh all day. Just spread this blanket and experience the best in material quality and comfort. The company uses a 100 percent polyester fabric in designing this blanket. The material is durable and highly resistant to wear, fade, and tear. With four sizes to choose, only the sky can become the limit to your benefits in suing Bedsure.

  • Durable design
  • Highly comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Doesn’t fade
  • None really

2. Chanasya Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Chanasya Faux Fur Throw Blanket

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When it comes classy décor and incredible softness, the Chanasya blanket leaves the rest trailing behind. The blanket comes with an incomparable luxury that matches the needs of humans and pets altogether.

Are you looking for a throw blanket while watching your favorite TV programs? Get the Chanasya now, and enjoy the best comfort and style. This softest winter blanket features a faux fur design of super quality. It doesn’t shed and is perfect in keeping your bed spotless.

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Don’t worry about damaging the surface and appearance because it is very durable and resistant to fade. You do not have a better way to get back at the cold winter than the Chanasya blanket. Just spread it over your body and mock back at “ Mr. Winter” while enjoying a comfortable feel below. This blanket can take care of your bed throughout the year.

Chanasya throw blanket features a high-density microfiber material that will last for ages. The blanket can also go through a series of gentle machine-wash and dry process without losing its form.

It is worthy of note that this blanket comes with two amazing sides: a silky fur and Sherpa sides. Both sides are soft, meaning you can comfortably sleep on either side. However, you will have to be ready to wash it often, as it can easily collect pet hairs. Notwithstanding, it does what it is supposed to do as a blanket. It’s even more intriguing that you have an array of 17 colors to choose.

  • Very soft
  • Two sides perform handsomely
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Durable
  • Requires frequent washing due to pet hair collection

3. BEDSURE Sherpa Fleece Blanket

BEDSURE Sherpa Fleece Blanket

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Bedsure returns with a philosophy that leaves other brands with eyes wide open. A thick, warm, and double-layered soft winter blanket can take you to Mars. Try out this navy blue option if you are looking for a way to brace up against the chilling winter. The flannel and Sherpa sides of this blanket possess a premium quality texture. You can expect this blanket to endure and last like Methuselah.

The Bedsure Sherpa blanket offers a powerfully thick yet soft option for your winter needs. The only challenge you will have is that your pet will want to snuggle under it too, meaning you will need another pair. Otherwise, get ready for the “pet and owner” war under a blanket of ownership. Pets love this blanket since it doesn’t hold on to their furs. Thanks to the polyester material construction, this blanket will rest comfortably on your skin.

However, the real great deal about this Bedsure model is its hypoallergenic support. In addition to the exceptional fabric design, mothers and their toddlers can now get a blanket that works. The material also resists shrinks and wrinkles while ensuring you enjoying the reason why you’re using it. The only thing is that the size is too small for larger beds.

  • Premium quality design
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Durable
  • Versatile for all activities
  • Size is too small for larger beds

4. Utopia Bedding 100% Premium Woven Cotton Blanket

Utopia Bedding 100% Premium Woven Cotton Blanket

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When you’re looking for a blanket that has medium weight and feel, the Utopian should come to mind. Unlike a host of others in its category, the manufacturer goes against the inclusion of synthetic material. Instead, the blanket comes with a pure cotton construction that’s designed to last for years.

By using a pure cotton material in place of synthetic fabric, the blanket produces excellent warmth. The construction features a dobby weave bearing square waffle technique. The cotton rate is 100%, and the weight and feel make it suitable for every time of the season.

The cotton itself is breathable, and the material construction is devoid of any chemical composition. Therefore, by the time you start using this throw blanket, comfort and warmth are what you will feel. Is it suitable for the cold winter? Yes, it is. Thanks to its breathable construction, you can use it while out on a picnic or camping.

The Utopian cotton material excels in neither quality as it doesn’t shed nor fade.  Its hypoallergenic features keep you safe from all forms of reactions. You couldn’t have chosen a better blanket.

  • Hypoallergenic design
  • Durable
  • Machine washable
  • Perfect for all season use
  • Only two color options available

5. Pinzon Velvet Plush Throw Blanket

Pinzon Velvet Plush Throw Blanket

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Imagine you have a sandy color blanket lying astride across your bed in your beautiful room. No doubt, the décor of your room will become even brighter and attractive with this blanket. Pinzon is the type of blanket you can rely on when winter comes calling. It features a polyester material construction that is 100% solid for this winter blanket.

What the Pinzon brings is extreme coziness due to the plush and enduring velvet throw it offers. So if you are out in search of a blanket that is soft, Pinzon is the one. The polyester material enables the blanket to retain heat so that you feel warm and comfortable all through the night. Whether you are going outdoor or right in the confines of your home, Pinzon is around to make you feel good.

Maintaining the blanket is not difficult. You can easily wash it using your machine, and it doesn’t shed nor fade. Plus the sandy color, you have a total of 8 colors from which you can choose according to your home décor. This particular model measures 40 x 49 inches in dimensions, which is just perfect for thy bed and couch.

Now, you can cuddle comfortably together with your partner under this blanket. Fondle each other and enjoy your holy matrimony. Did you know that the Pinzon has undergone a standard certification from an independent source? Of course, it passes a 100% standard check, and that’s why we are recommending it to you. Get the Pinzon today and pull off a stunt against mother winter.

  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Durable
  • Big and Reliable
  • Compliment home décor
  • None

6. Martex Super Soft Fleece Blanket

Martex Super Soft Fleece Blanket

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So you and your partner are looking for a blanket that can size the both of you; Martex is here for you. The blanket features a 100 polyester material that excels in quality and comfort. The Martex offer you a blanket with great value; one that can serve you through the whole season. The fantastic thing about this Martex blanket is the quality of construction. It is soft and provides excellent warmth, yet amazingly lightweight and durable.

At 90 x 66 x 1 inch in dimensions, this blanket is enormous. The designers have two people in mind when creating the Martex blanket. Being a product its the softest blankets in the world, Martex blanket offers a layer of excellent warmth for your king or queen size beds. The fleece material is incredibly soft and cozy when utilizing for indoor and outdoor porpoises.

You don’t have to pack your body full with piles of clothes anymore. This blanket from Martex is soft enough to give you the comfort and warmth you are looking for. Maintaining this blanket is like taking a stroll in the park. Martex twin size blanket is just what you and your spouse need to feel good during colder months. You can snuggle and cuddle under it while on your couch or your bed. Do you want to put the winter to shame? Get the Martex blanket today and stay defiant to the chilling winter.

  • More than wide for one person
  • Perfect for a couple
  • It is lightweight, warm and durable
  • Full size
  • Some of the colors on other color options may wash off during watching

7. HYSEAS Velvet Lightweight Plush Luxurious Throw Blanket

HYSEAS Velvet Throw, Light Weight Plush Luxurious Super Soft and Cozy Fuzzy Anti-Static Throw Blanket

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When a blanket carries certification for meeting a standard, you know there is a whole lot to gain in quality. That is what the HYSEAS represents and offers to you. The blanket features a premium polyester material design that is highly breathable.  There are seven colors options available for you to choose from. Each of these color options excels in quality, warmth, and comfort. From Ivory to Purple, to Teal, Ruby, Navy Blue and Grey, your home décor will never lack the style it needs to shine better.

To make sure you aren’t left behind, HYSEAS features four unusual sizes from which you can make a selection. Considering the breathable nature of the blanket, you can use it for any form of bedding. Also, it suits whatever time of the year you feel you will be using it.

Another good thing about the HYSEAS is that its material doesn’t contain any harmful substances. That is one of the reasons it carries OEKO Test Certification. The edges of the blanket move quality stitches that further elongate its durability. As such, the blanket can withstand shedding, resist fade and stand up to wrinkles and wears.

If for some reasons you are not satisfied with the quality of the blanket, HYSEAS soft blanket offers a 30 days return and replacement guarantee. You know you can’t beat the reach, and HYSEAS is that reach you cannot exceed in the blanket industry.

  • Large
  • 100% breathable
  • Durable
  • Very versatile
  • Some color options might fade with time

8. ZonLi Softest Weighted Blanket

ZonLi Softest Weighted Blanket

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When you come across a blanket that features 100% natural cotton material, know there is more for you regarding comfort and warmth. Precisely, that is what ZonLi brings to those who come for it.

The cotton used in making the blanket is 100% breathable. This makes it more relaxed and highly durable, compared to most other blankets.  The blanket contains durable polyester padding that is highly friendly to the environment. We like the fact that ZonLi ensures the blanket is odorless, non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

For people who have problems with back pains, stress, and insomnia, this is the blanket for you. The only Softest Blanket offers weight to support that ranges from 5 pounds to 25 pounds. The blanket size also differs from 36 x 48 to 60 x 80, meaning you have eight size options to choose.

If you have been searching for how best to relax, decrease your blood pressure and heart rate, ZonLi is the way to go. Have you ever felt being hugged while asleep? Only ZonLi can guarantee such feelings.

  • Completely hypoallergenic
  • Very natural in use
  • Helps in relieving stress
  • Perfect for people with sleeping challenges
  • Not suitable for pregnant women

9. Genteele Sherpa Throw Super Soft Reversible Ultra Luxurious Plush Blanket

Genteele Sherpa Throw Blanket Super Soft Reversible Ultra Luxurious Plush Blanket

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You just can’t start talking about quality and softness without mentioning Genteele. This is the only blanket that features the best in material construction. The softness and quality of this blanket are enough to cause the winter to stare with jealousy. As you cuddle under this incredibly soft blanket, the warmth and coziness it guarantees will flood your night with bliss.

Genteele brings this blanket to the market in style. The package is well wrapped, with ribbons making a criss-cross bound over the blanket. The blanket features a unique design on both sides of the blanket.  One side of the blanket bears a microfiber and durable cashmere velvet. The other hand brings you the best in the white faux sheepskin of excellent quality.  Both of these sides combine to give you a luxurious feel, warmth, and elegance.

The grey design of the blanket from Genteele is beautiful. It is the type of blanket that easily compliments your home décor. It measures 50 x 60 inches in size, which is just convenience as a one-size fit all.

One other thing this blanket can do for you is giving it out as a gift. Yes, this blanket is perfect as a gift for men and women on any occasion.

If you still doubt this, ask yourself; how many blankets out there carry a lifetime warranty? You know the answer already: they are hard to come by. So get the Genteele, but remember to create a cuddling space for me as well.

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  • Perfect size for one or two
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Perfect as a gift
  • Lifetime warranty reinforces product quality
  • None

10. Utopia Bedding Sateen Polar Fleece Blanket

Utopia Bedding Sateen Polar Fleece Blanket

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Rounding up our top 10 best softest blankets review is the Utopia Bedding Sateen Blanket. There are only two color options to choose from this blanket line. But then you can get them in queen size, which measures 90 x 90 inches in dimensions. The blanket features a sateen polar fleece material construction. Attached to the package is a ribbon hem that also features a sateen polar design measuring 4cm. This selection is highly definitive as it makes it possible for you to use the material on both sides.

The texture of the polyester material is soft; thanks to the inclusion of the elastic fibers derived from synthetic wool. What you get from this combination is a warm, gentle and breathable touch for non-stop use throughout the year.

The Utopia blanket is durable. It features stitches at the hems that are secured on both sides to increase its sturdiness. Considering that it is lightweight yet durable, you can use it on your sofa, couch or bed for cuddling during the winter.

  • Good quality design
  • Versatile
  • Large for two people
  • Durable and reliable
  • Non-hypoallergenic

Softest Blankets Buying Guides:

Are you looking for the softest winter blankets? Before you pay for that softest blankets, there are some few things you should first consider. These include:

The size:

Yes. You can’t find a single blanket that is perfect for every situation. Therefore, you will have to search for the size that is good for you. The last thing you want is a blanket that doesn’t cover up properly. You don’t also want a blanket that swings from all sides of the bed. So, look for the perfect size that matches your bed size, and you are good to go.

Check out the weave:

The materials used in making blankets come with a different weave. The reason why weave is important is that it affects the level of performance you will derive from the blanket.  For instance, the weave on most blankets is aimed at allowing them to be breathable. As for blankets made from heavy woolen and synthetic weaves provides better coziness and warmth.

Look at the material:

Blankets come in different materials. From fur to fleece, to polyester, synthetic, or cotton; your choice of softness will determine the material you will love to get.

Care about the quality:

A blanket that has inferior material design will shrink in size after consistent wash. If it doesn’t shed, it will pill, which occurs by forming little balls after use. Make sure you only buy blankets with a good quality design.

Our top 10 softest blankets review in 2020 is there for you to select. We have covered some of the best blankets for the upcoming winter. However, if you feel we haven’t, please leave us a comment below and help us to serve you better!