What Is Special about the Painting by Numbers?

Painting by numbers belongs to the category of DIY goods, which means “do it yourself”. Originally invented more than 50 years ago in the United States, this market segment is quickly developing. In just a few years since the release of the first commercial samples, more than 12 million paintings have been sold – it was an incredible explosion of popularity in the global market.

The Special about the Patining by Numbers:

How Does It Work?

In the 2000s, thanks to modern technologies, the production of paintings by numbers got a “second wind” in Eastern Asia and succeeded. Paintings by numbers changed the attitude to fine art, giving a chance to become an artist for everyone. After entering the markets, painting by numbers brought something new and original, even replacing the classic and traditional elements of the DIY market like embroidering.

Modern producers offer a huge range of painting by numbers: various sizes, qualities, themes, and equipment. The goods are exported to most countries of the world with an annual income of hundreds of millions USD. That is why painting by numbers is currently one of the main drivers of the modern DIY market and are experiencing rapid growth. Paint by number pictures for beginners is already available on our website.

How Does It Work?

The original picture is divided into sections and color segments, which get a sequence number. Then a segmented surface needs to be painted over with the corresponding paint numbers. Almost everyone can cope with this occupation and if you have minimal painting skills, such as glazing, pointillism, and others – your work will be as close as possible to the original and have a bright personality and unique features inherent only to you!

What Is Special about the Painting by Numbers?1

What Does Paint by Numbers Kit Include?

The kit mostly consists of 2 main elements: a canvas and a set of special paints. The art canvas is stretched on a wooden frame and is completely ready for work. The canvas is made of the high-quality natural surface (100% cotton) and contains a graphic scheme with contours, made manually by experienced artists. Therefore, you are guaranteed to fully enjoy the exciting process of drawing.

The kit is completed by paints. The sets can include either basic colors that need to be mixed to obtain the desired shade and effect, or already fully prepared and numbered sets of necessary colors that do not need to be mixed independently. In these sets, colors are perfectly matched and have the right quantity, so that your future masterpiece is guaranteed to be similar to the original, and maybe even better.

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Therefore, even if at school you didn’t manage to try, you should definitely do it. Due to the numbers drawing technique anyone can create beautiful paintings while having no formal art education. Painting by numbers won worldwide recognition and give pleasure to people of all ages. Now everything is simple and affordable! Our paint by number kits will help to realize all your desires!

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