How Many Types of Keyboards? What Are They?

If asked to state the types of keyboards we have on the market, it becomes a bit tricky to give a definitive response. This is because the parameters used in the clarification can vary from one person to another. However, in this article, I shall walk you through some of the major types of keyboards available on the market.

How Many Types of Keyboards? What are they?

How Many Types of Keyboards? What are they?

#1. Backlit Keyboards:

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First on our list is the backlit keyboards. This type comprises of keyboards whose keys are illuminated for easier visibility. For gamers, RGB features make the entire gaming experience more enjoyable. Although backlit keyboards are primarily meant to offer visibility, they also spice up the experience.

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I mean, with an illuminated keyboard, you can easily work in a lowly lit room especially for gamers who don’t love bright lights in their games at night. I fall in the category of gaming enthusiasts so I personally love backlit keyboards since they make the experience even more enjoyable.

Although these keyboards are popular among gamers, there’s no harm in using them for other typical functions.

#2. Wireless Keyboards:

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Although most of us are used to the usually wired keyboards, wireless options are slowly taking over the market. This is a broad category which has three sub-categories i.e. Bluetooth keyboards, Radiofrequency keyboards, and Infrared keyboards.

These three basic connections are used to connect the keyboard to the computer and one can easily input data from the comfort of their couch even when the computer is a far distance provided the wireless connection is not disconnected. We also have an extra form of connection where one uses a transceiver although it’s not that common these days.

One thing we have to be clear about is the fact that all wireless keyboards require an external source of power to be able to function. Although in most brands the source of power comes from batteries, some models come with their own built-in power source.

Bluetooth Keyboards:

Generally, as the name suggests, those which use the Bluetooth feature employ the use of Bluetooth technology and connection. Most of them have a great range of up to 30 feet which is a considerable distance. Again, these keyboards aren’t just designed for computers alone. You can even use them with other devices provided they support the Bluetooth technology.

Radiofrequency Keyboards:

Just like the Bluetooth keyboards, radio frequency keyboards fall under the wireless category. The major difference between Bluetooth and RF keyboards is the fact that the later can only be used with a short distance. Again, Radiofrequency keyboards are also cheaper than the Bluetooth ones. They can be used at a range of up to 6ft which might not be ideal for most people. However, 6ft is a considerable distance and one shouldn’t be worried about it.

With technological advancement, the latest models of Radiofrequency keyboards are the advancement and do not present the issue of frequency disturbance. So, if you have no issue with the range of 6ft, then I’d recommend you go for it.

Infrared Keyboards:

The last category under wireless keyboards is the Infrared keyboards. This category comprises of less-expensive keyboards. However, they have a major flaw which makes them less popular amongst keyboard users. The drawback arises from the fact that one has to be in the line of sight with their transceiver.

This is a very tough task thus making the keyboard less-effective and quite difficult to use. In fact, using a mouse with this technology is almost impossible. Despite the fact that they are the least expensive in this category and also the fact that they can be used to a considerable distance of 12ft, the line-of-sight feature makes them quite ineffective and less popular. However, if you don’t mind the drawback, then please add them to your cart!

#3. Gaming Keyboards:

  • Best-seller gaming keyboard: RAZER BLACKWIDOW ELITE- Esports Gaming Keyboard

RAZER BLACKWIDOW ELITE- Esports Gaming Keyboard

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Just like the name suggests, gaming keyboards have special features which designed for gamers. They are designed to offer a much immersive experience for gamers and enhance the gaming experience.  Features like key lighting, interchangeable keys, and volume controls are included to make the game enjoy even more.

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Additionally, one also gets to benefit from features like programmable keys, touch screen, and in-built joysticks. Those people who are in gaming get to explore all the excellent features added to gaming keyboards. Gaming keyboards come in various sizes and have a wide range of prices. We have round ones, V-shaped ones, and several other shapes.

Although the shape might not necessarily have much influence on the experience. Most manufacturers prefer to offer a number of shapes as a marketing strategy and also make the users more entertained.

#4. Virtual Keyboards:

  • Best-seller virtual keyboard: Serafim Keybo – World’s Most Advanced Projection Keyboard

Serafim Keybo - World's Most Advanced Projection Keyboard

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Many of you who have used a touchscreen laptop or computer can understand what this means. First and foremost, these are not real keyboards. They are some sort of a software which opens up just like an application and allows one to control their input using a mouse or touchscreen.

The clearest example would be a phone where you see the keyboard but can’t touch it. So, they function in a similar way. I haven’t used virtual keyboards to play gamers so far but I believe it would also be a great experience.

Most of these virtual keyboards are used to save on space and especially when the device is operated is small. They are also common in places where security is of a major concern. This is because most of the keys typed on an ordinary keyboard are recorded in a key log and this could cause a security breach.


The next time you go looking for a keyboard, be sure to consider the options listed above. The types are endless but this article on focuses on the major categories. Typically, the presence of wireless keyboards tells you wired keyboards are also an extra type.

However, most of these other keyboards discussed in this article apart from the virtual and wireless options are wired.

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